2 Chapter 2 The Wishes


As Kypher was pulled into the sea of memories, the wheel had finally stopped, and there on the light grey tag, was...

ATLA, Avatar: The Last Airbender.


After a while, a cough pulled Kypher out of memory lane.

In the unlikely scenario, where this was a mistake, it was a mistake he was grateful for. A small change occurred inside of him that would soon bloom and while his mind in disarray, his eyes unintentionally gazed over to the only place they could in the dark room.

Surprisingly, the moment his eyes brushed past all the hundred of different worlds, and fell upon the name of the world where he will spend his next life, he froze.

ATLA was one of the many cartoons he had watched as a kid. And throughout his childhood he could confidently say that it was one of his most favourite ones. It was a favourite past time of his to rewatch Aang's mission in saving the world. He watched as the character changed throughout the cartoon, became better or worse versions of themselves, how his favourite character, Toph, helped the avatar establish peace in the 4 nations, how she taught him to earth bend. Sometimes he even wished to be part of the Gaang just for the sole reason of hanging out with her. In short he had developed a little childhood crush on her.

"I see you are satisfied with the world that was chosen for you. Are you ready to tell me your 4 wishes?" Titan finally said.

After a few moments, curiosity got the better of him

"What was that thing with the thing?" he asked, not knowing how to express what he was after hoping Titan would understand.

"That was the T$%!#d!@ #L@# E#@" Gibberish was what Kypher had heard

"Wha-"He tried to question

"Do not ask if you did not understand. Now, have you decided what are your 4 wishes? If not, take some time." The figure cut him before he could finish a single word.

Seeing Titan change the subject, Kypher wisely set aside the topic and focused on the issue at hand.

"My first wish is to be able to bend all of the elements like Aang did" He tried to ask with some hope lingering in him.

"No." The word was harsh but expected for. But Titan did not disappoint him "If you wish to become and avatar like Aang you must first convince Vaatu, to fuse with you. By doing so you will have access to all 4 of the elements, similarly to Aang and Raava."This caused Kypher to shudder, it would be impossibly hard to do this so he to cross the bridge when he gets there.

"However, I will allow you to pick 2 elements. So, which ones do you wish to be attuned to?"

"Fire and Air." Kypher's reasoning was not complex. He was given a chance to fly and control lightning. Of course he would choose those 2 elements, in comparison to blood bending and lava bending, although the prospect of levitating like Magneto did sound entertaining, Kypher decided to go with the path of least resistance.

"Very well" Titan responded

"For my 2nd wish 1 want to become a master of all weapons and have the ability to implement them with my bending" The scene from demon slayer popped into his mind. Kypher hoped to be able to fight with not only bending but to implement bending into tactical swordsmanship like in the anime.

"Done" was once again the response

"For my 3rd wish, I have a map that tells me important and secret land marks like Omashu, Wan Shi Tong's library and Roku's island" This wish was more self-explanatory. Who wouldn't want to know the location of famous landmarks and secret libraries filled with endless knowledge.

"You will have a tattoo of a compass on back side of your hand what will point to the place you seek. Underneath the compass will be a ribbon contain numerals. That shall the distance from desired location. I will also allow you to know the location and distance of the main characters only. And it will appear when you begin your adventure." Kypher eye's twinkled in the practicality of having such a tattoo. He started imagining all of the possibilities, he would have time to prepare as well as know how far the Gaang has progressed. But he'd have to wait till he gets it first.

"For my last wish, I want to be born in Ba Sing Se, to a high-class noble family, 4 years before the Gaang." Kypher attempted again still having some slight hope in having a good starting point and family and not angering the figure he was bartering with.

"You wish" Titan retorted, with slight amusement in his voice.

"Low-class noble family?" He asked this time, sounding more desperate than he had hoped to sound. He really wished for a noble family that would back him up, in case he ever got in trouble.

"Fine" The silver being sighed and agreed.

Suddenly Kypher a strange thought. "Can I ask for a favour?"

"Depending on what it is." Titan said more tired than curious, obviously already knowing what he wanted, but still gave Kypher a chance to say it.

"Can you make me handsome?"Kypher asked shamelessly while batting his eye lashes, trying to make himself look as agreeable as possible.

Titan sighed once again and snapped his fingers.

Almost immediately, a dark purple portal appeared out of nowhere and started sucking Kypher in.

"BUT I WANT TO BE PRETTY!!!" His voice becoming quieter the further down the portal he went.

After standing or floating there for a while, Titan finally said something out loud.

"The world he was destined for... oh well. I hope that was a wise decision...



All the while Kypher was flying through the long purple tube when all of a sudden, a bright, white, light appeared, blinding Kypher's eyes. And in addition to the light, a sudden urge overpowered Kypher. An urge to scream, and scream he did.


But in a voice that was not his...


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