ATLA: The Fire Avatar

In a world engulfed in the flames of conflict, a rising star emerges from the shadows of war. In just one year, he ascends to greatness within the Fire Nation's military, his prowess earning him the illustrious title, the "Fire Avatar." Feared by foes and admired by friends, his name was known all across the battlefield as a symbol of sheer might. Once returning from the chaotic war, the Fire Lord assigned him two tasks: Capture the Avatar. And, Marry Princess Azula. Confident in forging his own path within the Fire Nation, he sees these missions as an opportunity to secure the Fire Nation for himself. With Azula by his side, they become an unstoppable force, hunting down the Avatar group with ruthless efficiency.

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9 Chs

Fire Healing

Her previous scowl was replaced with a triumphant smile, as if her previous anger was never there.

While his expression remained plain as he responded, "What makes you think I want to marry you?"



Azula was momentarily stunned, before carrying a proud smile, "Why wouldn't you? Together we will be the strongest couple in the world! We would dominate the Earth!" Both her hands were spread out as fire emitted from them, her smile distorting into a menacing one.

Ash just shrugged, "Marriage is meaningless, without trust."

Azula rolled her eyes, seemingly unhappy, "Trust is overrated, and useless."

He smiled in response, "Perhaps your right, trust is very fickle. However, it can be a powerful tool if used properly. Which is why I think it'd be useful for us."

"What's that supposed to mean?" She questioned.

Ash continued, "It means we are both suitable to trust each other. Usually when one's trust is betrayed, it's because of another person, or because of some sort of goal."

Azula scoffed, but listened nonetheless.

"For example, you feel your mother hated you because she gave Zuko more attention, and that made you feel like your trust in her was broken, or rather meaningless, something akin to betrayal."

Narrowing her eyes at his words, she said, "What do you know of that?"

Ash simply ignored her as he resumed, "And in my situation, I have no one to betray you for. My parents are dead, no siblings, and the rest of my family is unknown. Not to mention when it comes to goals, we have the same one, which is the prosperity of the Fire Nation."

"In conclusion, we can have each other, a powerful partner, who we can trust and depend on." He finished.

Azula was expressionless, usually she would be irked by such a thought process, but the man in front of her could be very useful, so she couldn't just carelessly wave him off. To a certain extent she even had to please him.

'To think I would treat someone other than my father, as better than me...' She bitterly remarked inwardly, while outwardly, she offered a small calculated smile before speaking.

"Is that so? I suppose your right, and judging by your words you seem to have a suggestion?"

He replied casually, "It's simple, all you need to be is more open about the idea of trusting me, not that hard right?"

Rather then be angry about such a ludicrous idea, she wanted to properly use her 'husband', so she'll play along for now.

"Alright, fine, I'll bite."

Ash seemed content as he began, "For starters, how about you drop the act and let me help you?"

Before she could react, Azula's eyes widened in surprise as she felt a sudden tap on her forehead, followed by a pulse of warm energy travel through her body.

She couldn't even resist as her muscles relaxed completely, and she found herself going limp. 

"What the?-"

Azula was surprised at her body's sudden lack of control, her senses dulled as if she were floating.

With a coy smile, Ash caught her as she fell, gently laying her head in his lap with her body flat on the ground. Azula's mind raced with confusion and a hint of wariness at her vulnerability. 

"What did you do?" She asked, annoyance flickering across her features.

Ash smiled down at her, his expression calming. "All I did was relax your muscles," he explained calmly. "All that tension from the fight was making you stiff and you were purely running on adrenaline. So I forcefully removed that adrenaline, and once it was gone, your body just sort of... gave in."

As she tried to gather her wits, Ash's voice once again broke through her haze. "Just relax," he said calmly, his tone reassuring. "You're in good hands."

Despite her instinctive protest, Azula couldn't deny the soothing warmth spreading through her body. With a soft sigh, she allowed herself to sink into the sensation, her muscles gradually loosening, and the pain from the Agni Kai slowly fading into the background.

But before she could fully comprehend what was happening, she noticed Ash pulling out a few leaves from his pocket and placing them in his palm.

Azula watched curiously as he ignited the leaves, and what came forth, were surging flames dyed in a bright green color.

Intrigued by the display, Azula's gaze followed Ash's movements as he waved his palms over her body, the green flames swaying across her skin. She felt a wave of warmth wash over her, and she couldn't suppress the exhale of relief as the pain continued to fade away.

"Your technique..." Azula's voice trailed off, a mix of curiosity and disbelief coloring her words. "What is this?"

Ash's smile was enigmatic as he continued his fluid movements. "A little something I picked up along the way," He replied cryptically. "Just don't resist, and it'll heal you."

Despite her lingering doubts, Azula found herself surrendering to the sensation, her thoughts drifting away as the warmth enveloped her. For a brief moment, she allowed herself to forget the weight of her responsibilities and the uncertainty of her future, finding solace in the unexpected tranquility of the present moment.

As the healing energy coursed through her body, Azula's senses gradually sharpened, and she became acutely aware of the changes taking place within her.

The pain that had once plagued her seemed like a distant memory, replaced by a newfound sense of vitality and strength.

With a contented sigh, Azula slowly sat up, her movements fluid and effortless. She couldn't help but marvel at the difference in how her body felt compared to before. Every muscle and fiber seemed to be humming with energy, and she felt more alive than she had in a long time.

Turning her gaze towards Ash, Azula's expression softened slightly, a rare hint of gratitude shining in her eyes. "Well, I must admit, I feel much better," She conceded, her tone tinged with a hint of surprise. "Whatever you did, it certainly worked."

Despite her usual pride and reluctance to show vulnerability, Azula couldn't deny the effectiveness of Ash's healing technique. In that moment, she felt a grudging respect for his skills and her begrudging evaluation of his usefulness to her had rose once again.

A small smile tugged at the corners of Ash's lips, pleased to see the effect of his healing technique. "I'm glad to hear that." 

But Azula wasn't finished yet. With a sudden eagerness in her expression, she continued, "Since we're now husband and wife, you must tell me about all those firebending techniques you used earlier."

She called him "husband" so casually that it caught Ash off guard, but he could only chuckle. 

"Ah, diving straight to the point, I see," Ash remarked, his amusement evident in his tone. "I suppose your bluntness is kinda cute."

A playful smile touched Azula's lips as she tilted her head slightly. "Well, a husband should always find his wife cute, shouldn't he?"

Ash raised a brow, a smirk adorned on his face, "I suppose you have a point there," he conceded. "So, what do you want to know first?"

Azula's expression turned thoughtful as she considered her question. "How did you manipulate the smoke?" She asked, her curiosity evident. "I have my own theories, but I couldn't come to a concrete conclusion."

Ash leaned forward, his gaze earnest as he delved into the explanation. "You see, people tend to have this misconception that firebenders can only bend fire, but the truth is, we have the ability to manipulate heat itself. And that simple shift in perspective expands our capabilities exponentially."

Azula listened intently, her expression serious as she absorbed his words. While she was aware of this concept, she had never truly considered its implications.

"As for how I manipulated the smoke, it's pretty simple." Ash continued, "It's essentially hot, dense air. But by controlling the heat within that air, we can manipulate the smoke itself, giving the illusion of an airbender."

Azula nodded thoughtfully, rubbing her chin as she processed his explanation.

Her expression remained calm, but inwardly, she was intrigued. 'Those were one of the possibilities I thought of, but to think such a thing is really possible... Even though it may sound simple, it requires immense skill.'

Azula's eyes then gleamed with curiosity as she posed another question. "So, how did you manipulate the earth? It was lava bending right? But isn't that an earth sub-bending skill? Or perhaps you heated the ground below you to such a high degree that it turned into lava? But manipulating lava, even as a firebender, hasn't ever been heard of..."

Ash's smile widened slightly at her astuteness. "You're right on the money," he confirmed. "I heated the ground below me to such a high degree that it turned into lava. But here's where it gets interesting. I then manipulated the heat within the lava to rise up, forming a lava wall. And finally, I extracted the heat from the wall, causing it to solidify into a normal earth wall."

"However, while many things have heat in them, there's a certain amount required for firebenders to be able to control them, which is why after my wall lava solidified into earth, I lost the ability to affect it."

Azula absorbed his words with keen interest, her eyes narrowing slightly in contemplation. "So, it's not just about the presence of heat, but the quantity as well." She observed, her tone reflecting her growing understanding.

"Exactly," Ash affirmed, nodding in agreement. "It's a delicate balance. Too much heat, and things can spiral out of control. Too little, and we simply can't manipulate them."

Azula nodded with a pensive expression, the pieces of the puzzle slowly falling into place in her mind. "I see," She murmured, her expression focused. "It's all about mastering that balance."


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