4 Training a Maid

What Lingxi did next has baffled me, the girl did that deep bow where her forehead touched the ground. This was the first time I saw this. 

"Lingxi agrees with your request. I shall do whatever you ask of me." 

Third person AND innuendo! Damn!

"Alright. I accept. Now get up." I said with a sigh, motioning for her to stand up. These girls are all hardcore.

I even have an Ancestral Goddess begging for power… Internally I rolled my eyes. This is what happens when you wipe your memory and SIMP someone like that guy.

Xiao Lingxi got up, she had a small smile on her lips.

"Now, why do you want me to specifically train you?"

Hearing the question I could see Lingxi develop quite a murderous look, she was thinking about doing something extreme.

"I wish to…punish Xiao Yulong!"

In other words, beat the shit out of Yulong until he dies from internal bleeding like how Yun Che died?

Though won't he return because of the treasure…

Wait… isn't he already buried?

Well, whatever.

"He is quite weak for you to sell yourself to me, that's quite cheap. But since this is what you want." 

She stiffly nodded her head. 

"Good now join me in eating this food." Once again she got stiff and didn't know what to do. 

"Your Young Master commands you."


After dinner, I took her outside. There is a practice area dedicated to Profound cultivation and martial arts.

"How much do you know about cultivation?" I asked her with crossed arms.

This was where the girl blushed like a tomato.

"...Lingxi slept through most of the lessons about cultivation…" She said that with a deep embarrassed blush.

I blinked my eyes upon hearing that. This girl…

"...You truly are naive…"

She blushed quite hard being called that.

"A mistake I won't do again, Young Master." She said while cupping her hands. 

I rolled my eyes this time without holding back.

"It's a good thing that you were able to sneak into my services. Other clan members are not as friendly as I am." I said with a sigh. I am pretty sure that she would end up someone's toy quite easily, she is behind with her cultivation compared to even an average cultivator of our clan in her age category.

The girl had a nervous look, before seriously nodding.

"Then let's start with the basics. Each individual has Profound Veins. There are 54 Profound entrances in these veins. They are used to absorb Profound Energy from outside. 

Though not all of them are open. For example…" 

As I said that I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder. I quickly checked later. I found out that she had 13 entrances. 

'This is enough to reach late [Sky Profound] to early [Emperor Profound].'

'Ancestral Goddess or not…she wasted years…' 

Internally I groaned thinking about this.

"You have 13 opened Entrances. You are quite talented, more so than Xiao Yulong." It's not a hidden secret that Yulong is a 'Genius' with 12 entrances. But that Genius halo slowly went away as his cultivation speed disappointed a lot of Elders. They all talked behind their backs about how he was slow for someone who should reach Late [Earth Profound] to early [Sky Profound].

The secret is his stupidity… 

"...How does this work? How do we know one is talented and the other one is not."

She asked with a curious look. I could only sigh in tiredness. Imagine talking about how the sky is blue and the grass is green. This is why everyone learns about this in their early years!

"The amount of opened Entrances dictates your cultivation speed and your potential limits. 11 entrances which I started with made my potential late [Spirit Profound] to early [Earth Profound], then 12 entrances could potentially be Late [Earth Profound] to Early [Sky Profound]. So on and so forth. This is information gathered by Xiao Sect and other Sects and Clans."

"...I see…so it's a potential growth curve…" She processed the information.

"...You said it started with…" Her eyes widened as she understood something.

"I indeed started with 11 Entrances."

She looked at me with an unreadable look. Before gathering courage.

"Then…how many do you have now?"

"...I have it all."

Her body for a second got limb, 

"...This…how did you do that?" She asked with extreme curiosity.

"I started practising Alchemy," I said with a shrug.

She looked dumbly at me. Xiao Lingxi's eyes were deadpan. 

"Isn't it extremely difficult to be an Alchemist? There is not a single one on this side of the Blue Wind Empire." She said with a thoughtful look. She was remembering something.

"Indeed." As I said that I summoned a small leather sack and showed it to her. It was full of green pills.

"So far I have developed two types of pills." After showing my pills I stored them back in my storage ring.

"I-I see…this is incredible…" 

It appears she finally grasped it.

"Yes. I will help you as long as you are helpful to me." 

Once again she cupped her fist. At least she is no longer bowing. Wait! I think cupping a fist is a quicker version of bowing.

Well, whatever.

"Of course, Young Master."

"Good, then let's start with what is [Elementary Profound]."


There is a certain amount of satisfaction in watching how beauty is training hard. 

And Lingxi is a beauty. Though there is a certain issue. When I scanned her there was nothing special about her. She is a pretty girl with 13 opened Profound Entrances.

'Nothing makes sense in this place…'

After teaching her how to swiftly start training and reach that [Nascent Profound] I went back to my mountainside and started to look for the Profound Energy sensitive grass. 

The issue was that I am starting to consume everything there is in this place. Though I don't remove the grass with its roots, only the tops.

They regrow quite quickly. 

"Hmm…what is this…" 

I said curiously as I walked over and inspected the grass. It was not the Sensitivity grass. But it was radiating pure Profound Energy.

"...Oh I see…"

Mentally I did a few combinations of grasses. This thing has a pure amount of energy it has accumulated. 

"I guess I found the second ingredient I will be adding to the purification pill." 

Cutting down the whole stack I proceeded with my collecting journey. 

The next one I found is a basic antitoxin grass the clan has been using since its founding three generations ago. 

For a second I stroked my chin. The pure profound energy grass I have could potentially work as a catalyst to strengthen the effects of base grass.

Everything is empowered by Profound Energy in this world. So just stacking and Profound Energy could work. But then again, it depends on the refining process. Turning grass into the essence and then bonding them together. 

After looking for a bit more I went back to the cave and proceeded to make pills and then cultivate.


Xia Hongyi massaged his forehead, he was tired. His daughter was on a mission. It appears when she wants to do something truly she will take an extra mile or even league to do it.

At first, he was confused about why she was so insistent on marrying Xiao Long. But now he knew… he was the new Young Master of Xiao Clan and even an Alchemist! 

Such a thing is rare! Even for him as he trades with other Empires from time to time. 

They are sparse just like Medical Saints who are less rare but their quality can be questionable. 

Though this time around he is relieved. He can marry his daughter off to someone who can take care of her.

But…before this, he needs to satisfy her need for the perfect wedding dress…wedding preparations… his money is slowly getting chipped away… thankfully Xiao Clan is fully supporting this marriage preparations.

"So these are the pills you want to sell?" The Xia family Patriarch asked as he was stroking his beard and looking at the green pills on the table, he could smell medicine of some sort coming from them.

"Yes. They increase one's sensitivity towards Profound Energy. For a short while one has a sensitivity or a higher rank cultivator than he is, allowing one to cultivate faster."

Hearing his explanation he can see the perks of such a pill. Thankfully he can sell these to his guild instead of some random client.

"Father, I already tried these out. They work splendidly!" Xia Qingyue added from her side. Which made Xia Hongyi have an exaggerated look. The girl is already defending him as much as she can…not that there is a need in the first place!

"As you say, daughter. Now if you excuse me I need to arrange a few things."

The Patriarch of the Xia family then left the pair alone. Xia Qingyue looked at her future husband quite happily. She was happy that her cultivation speed went up considerably. The girl was burning through the pills at extreme speed.

She will soon reach [Second of True Profound]. At record time as well!

Now that her father left the girl slipped in to get all of his attention.

"Those pills are incredible. The range where I can absorb Profound energy increases by several times." She said with an excited tone. Anything related to fastening cultivation is a win in her eyes.

And what Xiao Long creates is just that. Her choice to take him over the Frozen Cloud started to pay off. This is just the beginning, she wonders what else he can do!

"Yes, well, I had to fight my average talent in some way. These pills were one of the answers."

"...Average?" She asked with a baffled tone. He is saying average!?

"Yes, I started with average talent. Elders told me I will end up as Late [Spirit Profound] just like my grandfather." He said very simply.

"...But you didn't… cultivation is greater…" She said that with a strained look. It appears she has slipped…

"Oh? Does Qingyue know something I should know?" He said that as his hand went on her cheek and made her look at him. She looked like she was caught red-handed doing something.

"...I saw you in the mountainside with much higher cultivation than the one you are showing to the public… I tried to copy some of your methods meant for hiding…" The girl was trying to keep her gaze straight at him.

"Oh, I see…" 

After saying that she felt like she was going to suffocate… he revealed his cultivation base which made her knees slightly get heavy… this was more than she was expecting…

This was most likely [Spirit Profound]... She didn't expect him to be a whole Greater realm higher than her! 

If this is true then he already surpassed his elder's expectations!

"I can see that my cultivation is higher than you have expected?" He said that while reeling in his power base and returning to [Third of Nascent Profound]. 

"...Y-Yes… this is incredible…" She said while panting and sweating…just standing next to him was taught…

"If my Qingyue says so." As he said that he then started to think… it's time he gets something back from her. She cost him nearly a decade of hard work in trying to be average. Time to get some of it back.


"... let's go. You will come with me. Let's explore the city for a bit."

Her eyes gleamed with happiness when she heard that. Are they going to spend time together!?

When Xiao Long saw her happiness he could only sigh…it appears he is just doing what she wants.

"Yes! Qingyue is all up for this!"

The girl offered her hand which he took. Moments later the pair proceeded to explore the city and maybe find something interesting to do.

As the pair walked out from the Xia Manor and towards the streets they saw Xia Qingyue's burly younger brother packing things on a wagon it appears he is moving somewhere.

"Where is your brother going?" Xiao Long asked curiously.

"To New Moon City, he will join the Profound Palace there. Xiao Che's death has affected him considerably." Xia Qingyue explained to him.

'Ripples… they are everywhere…' He thought to himself as he saw how Xia Yuanba was storing his things in the wagon.

The timeline is all over the place by this point…

'Why doesn't his father give him a storage ring?' He thought for a while before shrugging and motioning his Fiance to walk with him. They have things to explore.

He is feeling embarrassed that he was living here for nearly 16 years but still hasn't seen jack shit. Same with Xia Qingyue who is embarrassed to tell him that!


"...This incredible…It took just a few days to have a breakthrough!" Xiao Lingxi said with wide eyes. She looked quite happy with her progress.

Just like that, she had a breakthrough to [Seventh of Elementary Profound].

"Cultivation in the [Elementary Profound] is not difficult as the speed depends on the physical effort you put into it. Your cultivation is to make your body burn from exercise." I said while enjoying the sunshine and feeding my fish.

"...If it's true…then Xiao Yulong wasted most of his youth away." The girl said with some glee. She truly is obsessed with killing that fool.

"That he did. It was embarrassing to watch." I said while finishing feeding the fish and the focus on her.

"Since you had your breakthrough, you will come with me. I will take you to my training grounds."

Lingxi seriously nodded at me. Her obedience slowly went up after figuring out that my teachings work.

"As you wish." 

I nodded at her and proceeded to walk. She started to follow right after me.

"M-May I ask what are we going to do?" 

"I will cultivate and you will train. But before that, we will explore the mountainside, you might as well get some actual combat done."

"...Actual combat?" She repeated with a small gulp.

I nodded at her and summoned a simple sword.

"I assume you know basic Xiao Clan sword style?" 

She once again stiffed me.

"...You serious?"


"You were just waiting for someone to kidnap you and do things to you?" I asked with a baffled tone.

"N-No…nothing like that!" She swiftly shook her head. There was a heavy blush on her cheeks.


"Fine… this is just great…" I said while messaging my forehead.

"...Lingxi is promising to work hard…"

"I am not questioning your work ethic. I am more concerned about wasted time."

The girl didn't say anything to his words as they proceeded to enter the mountainous area just outside the city.

Walking through a familiar pathway the pair of us arrived at my cave.

"This is where I cultivate. The cave works like a Profound Energy net. I leave it overnight to accumulate Profound Energy."

As I was walking towards it, a wolf growled from the cave.

"Quite a common occurrence is that someone tries to occupy it when I am gone." As I said that I did a hand motion. A hand thrust and a screeching Hawk exploded from my hand. It was created from condensed wind and was on fire. The bird rushed into the cave. 


Then it was quiet. 

I turned my gaze and looked at Xiao Lingxi who was looking at this with a wide open mouth.


"It works as a death trap for beasts as well," I said with a shrug before walking into my cave.

There was only charcoal left. 

'Not even [Nascent Profound] If I continue this I won't get a Profound Core anytime soon.'

I thought with a frown.

"...Y-Young Master, how powerful are you!?" The girl finally snapped out of her shock.

"Powerful enough, Lingxi."

I said with a casual tone as I pulled out the carcass and took it out from my cave. I took it to my usual location and put it on fire.

It burned away in just a few moments as the flames were considerably hot.

The girl looked at the burning carcass with some dread. 

"Now you know where the cave is, let's proceed with exploration. I will teach you about certain grasses. I would appreciate it if you could collect them for me if you can."

"U-Understood! I can do it for you."


A pair of crystal-clear eyes were looking at the pair close to the cave.

The girl was biting her lower lip from frustration when she saw him with another girl.

'That's that Aunt girl who was attached to Xiao Che to an unnatural level. Now she is becoming something similar to my fiance!?'

At that moment Xiao Qingyue realised that she will most likely need to employ weapons only available to females. 

She remembered learning things from Dongling and other maids about battles waged by women.

It's different from battles waged by men. 

Thinking deeply about this the Black-haired girl swiftly returned to her pond.

"...Mistress you returned early… Did something happen to the Young Master?" Xia Dongling asked curiously. 

"...Dongling, I will need your help when I move out from Xia Manor." 


"Xiao Clan is moving in to have him surrounded by Xiao Clan women. I need someone who can help me to reduce that number."

"...Mistress…are you sure you want me to stay with you in Xiao Clan as well?"

Xia Qingyue didn't answer immediately. She recalled how that Aunt of Xiao Che looked with awe at Xiao Long's power and techniques. It was just like how she was several years ago.

"Yes. I am very sure, you will take care of him, if you need anything you will answer and will do it without complaint." 

Xia Dongling blushed like a tomato when she heard that… she was always a maid who took care of the females of Xia Manor. She started to serve Xia Qingyue's mother when she was just a small girl…

This was the first time she will need to take care of a man… 


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