"... Why would the Brahma Heaven God Emperor's direct disciple be here?" There was a slight tone of fear in his voice.

"Valid question, Mr Moon God Emperor." Rokas nodded. "The truth is that I'm from a simple planet and so, my intentions don't exactly align with the identity that I've been given. As for the precise reason… well, I am Qingyue's husband."

"Husband!?" Yue Wugou seemed as if she had a heart attack. "You… how?"

"You're acting like I'm mad ugly." Rokas scratched his hair, raising an eyebrow. "Even Ying'er calls me cute so something ain't adding up…"

"How could she have married someone like you?"

[System: Skull moment.]

'What's that supposed to mean?'

"Let's not be too quick to judge people, alright?" Rokas raised an eyebrow. "The only reason I… you know what, think what you want. I don't really care."

"Give us a moment…" The Moon God Emperor stepped closer to Rokas. "Come with me."

Rokas shapeshifted back to Chaddius Maximus, putting on his helmet and bringing the Blitz into his Inner World. "Sure."

"The Brahma Monarch God Realm… how did you find yourself tied in with them?" Yue Wugou questioned.

"I didn't… he did trying to bring me here. It was the Brahma Monarch Goddess who took him away against his will. We knew each other far longer than that." Xia Qingyue answered. "Ke'er may seem disrespectful on the surface but he is truly a good person at heart. He is… very blunt at times."

"The white lightning… it has only appeared in the wake of Long Ke's… your Divine Heavenly Tribulation Lightning." Yue Wuya stated, frowning slightly as he looked into Rokas' helmet.

"I took him out before he caused trouble for me and dug himself a grave regardless." Rokas replied, shrugging his shoulders. "Besides, your true heir has arrived. For a man with so many children… one lost son shouldn't mean much."

"My true heir?"

'Yes, this fact literally invalidates all the ATG fics I've done under the assumption that she was Xia Hongyi's daughter.' Rokas thought to himself. "Your daughter. Very beautiful lady and just as talented."

"... How could you know?"

'Do they have DNA tests here?'

[System: Why are you asking me? Ask him.]

'Does he even know what DNA is? These man don't bother with science.'

"Well, did you… stick it in before? Before her mother was attacked and you were separated, I mean." Rokas questioned, tilting his head.

"Yes… we did embrace several times."

'Embrace? This man.' Rokas chuckled. "Well, there's certainly a chance she's yours and I just had the feeling that was the case. If so, happy family reunion for you all."

"I must hear your story." Yue Wuya replied, facing Rokas with a look of interest. "It is truly strange that I find the Brahma Monarch God Realm's direct disciple hiding in my halls."

"Yeah… it's a tad bit complicated."


Rokas went on to explain the meat of his story, intentionally removing people like Jasmine who he didn't want to mention. In the end, Yue Wuya commended his ingenuity and dedication to see his wife reunited with her family. He even made the poor boy drink… something he rarely did. The Moon God Emperor had confirmed that Xia Qingyue was his, making her his heir right after.

"Think you could make some of those Gundams for the Moon God Realm?" Yue Wuya asked, his warm smile turning to a serious expression "The growing power of the Brahma Monarch God Realm is rather concerning, given their past. If they turned their blades at us…"

"I've deactivated all the Gundams practically the.moment I left." Rokas replied, grinning slightly. "They'd be mad to start invading King Realms without them."

"Oh… I see. No wonder why you were so intent on hiding your identity." Yue Wuya remarked. "That Brahma Monarch Goddess would've dragged you back the moment she knew."

"The craziest woman in my life…" Rokas sighed. "It's funny how so many other men would do anything to be with her. Here I am, running away. Or rather, she let me go. But… I had to fight for that right."

"Do you not love her?"

"I… don't know. We had our moments and then we didn't. It doesn't help that she made so many enemies along the way. Enemies who are my allies…" Rokas honestly replied, sitting back. "Must be strange for you, knowing your son-in-law is also supposed to be her future husband."

"It all depends on where your heart lies. Is it with them?"

"No… my heart is with those whom I love. The Brahma Monarch God Realm is nothing but a stepping stone for power."

"Good… keep drinking!"

"Trust me, you do not want to see me drunk-"

Long story short, Rokas ended up getting drunk and very expressive. He had practically made friends with damn near everybody in the Moon God Realm's court within a single day. The ladies swarmed Maximmus Chaddius and the men admired his sheer gigachad energy, taking notes of his endlessly inspirational quotes. He even introduced everyone to the Moonwalk and his passionate singing which left many in awe. Eventually, night came and he was left alone with Xia Qingyue in her bedroom.

"Ah… why'd you drag me away? I was having so much fun." Rokas chuckled, stumbling his way into the room.

"You were embarrassing yourself."

"And what are we to do here…?" Rokas questioned, grinning.

"You are going to sleep."

"I have a better preposition!" Rokas raised his index finger slightly. "Why don't we, husband and wife, sleep together?"


Rokas approached Xia Qingyue, moving in for a kiss but he was denied. He didn't fight for it, dropping himself into bed.

"We once were as one but nothing remains. Even in twilight, the colors have all changed. Tell me the the reason I gave you my hand and you took it, only to push me away~"

Rokas' singing of the English version of Gundam Seed's very first ending song was unironically fitting.

"..." Xia Qingyue sighed. "Why did he make you get drunk?"

"Soon your heart will be cold to the touch, frozen over, and you'll be drifting astray."

[Playing Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni, english ver by AmaLee.]

"We once were as one but nothing remains. My other half has become nothing but a stranger. Still, we are pulled by a force that we barely remember… forever riven with mistakes." Rokas was vibing to the tune, bopping his head. "Haaaa-haaaa-haaa…"

"Life goes on, so passionately. As long as I am alive and breathing. Even if I lose sight of who I am, I will continue on so it all can start againnnnn."

Rokas went on to finish off the whole song as Xia Qingyue simply observed.

"Gundam Seed… the song I just sang was the first ending song in the series. It highlights two best friends turning against each other as they continue fighting on separate sides of a war. I … didn't even get to finish watching it with my uncle." Rokas remarked, frowning slightly. "We barely started it, even. I didn't get to see my little sister grow up. I didn't do shit for my mother, just wasting away my time. I didn't get to finally beat my dad in an arm wrestle. I…"

A few tears streamed down his eyes.

"I didn't even finish school. I had so much damn coursework to do… man, I was such a lazy fuck." Rokas chuckled, sniffling slightly. "I've been working my ass off for ages in this life, exerting myself again and again and again… risking my damn life for dumb shit which shouldn't even be my problem. And despite all that hard work, I still feel like a fucking loser. I have no control over anything… I love to think that I do but I fucking don't."

"What is it all for?" Rokas questioned, wiping away his tears. "I just… want to be happy and free from all the bullshit. Why can't things be the way they were before, Qingyue? My love for you has never waned… I always did what was best for you, even if it meant throwing myself into the fire. So why… why do I feel as if you are against me?"

"Against you? You misunderstood me…" Xia Qingyue joined Rokas' side on the bed, laying beside him. "I only want the best for you, always. You made the impossible possible so many times… and managed to reunite me with my mother. I cannot even put into words how grateful I am. I love you more than you love me… even if it may not seem like it sometimes."

"That's a lie… I love you way more." Rokas smiled.

"Believe what you will." Xia Qingyue nestled his face in her chest, smiling slightly. "The only reason Cang Yue and I may seem harsh on you is because we want you to understand that Qianye Ying'er is a terrible match for you."

"I… want to move past all of that." Rokas replied, frowning slightly as he looked up. "Can't we?"

"... Of course."

Xia Qingyue (Hanged Man XII): 9 → 10 (MAX)! Congratulations, your luck has drastically improved [C → A] and Xia Qingyue has become overpowered (even more so)!


Rokas woke up to see himself all cuddled up with Xia Qingyue like it was a cold night and she was his only source of warmth. He couldn't help but smile a little.

"Looks like I sorely missed your warm touch, Qingyue." Rokas rested his head in her chest. "Uh… why is your hair purple?"

Xia Qingyue opened her violet eyes and didn't act surprised at all. Her black hair had turned more alluring, taking a dark violet tone. She sat up, smiling slightly as she spun a few strands of her hair around her finger.

"Isn't it your ideal colour?"

"I'm not complaining…" Rokas chuckled, glancing away slightly as he began to feel starstruck. It felt like he had fallen in love again. 'Man… God is testing me today.'

[System: Considering your simping for Raiden Shogun, your newfound desire isn't all too surprising. The Moon God Emperor's inheritance is purple orientated as well… so it isn't all that off the mark.]

"Tell me I didn't do anything foolish yesterday…" Rokas stood up, cleaning himself up. "There's a reason why I avoid drinking."

"You turn into quite the entertainer." Xia Qingyue remarked, tilting her head slightly. "Instead of keeping everything to yourself, you let your true self free. I believe it did more good than bad in this case…"

"Getting caught crying my eyes out isn't something I'd call good." Rokas stated, frowning slightly.

"You don't need to put up an act of being strong in front of me…" Xia Qingyue stated, standing up beside him and wrapping her arms around him. "Because I know that you are. You've always been."

"You flatter me." He chuckled.

"I'm not allowed to admire my husband? Maybe you're not so used to it since being with Qianye Ying'er, who only sees you as a tool to further her interests…"

[System: The Ying'er slander is crazy.]

"Maybe not…" Rokas grabbed Xia Qingyue's hands and moved them away, turning to face her. "Speaking of which, you look lovely today. Even more so than usual…"

"I can not get used to your new 'appearance'." Xia Qingyue remarked, raising an eyebrow. "You look ridiculous."

Rokas chuckled. "It's not that bad, surely? Chaddius Maximus is quite the popular man, so I've heard."

"Not popular with me… I've only ever known Rokas."

"How could I deny you?" Rokas turned to his true self, stepping forward and slowly removing Xia Qingyue's robe. "It's been too long…"

"And you're the one saying that… didn't you have Qianye Ying'er for all those months?" She grabbed hold of his hand. "You seemed quite passionate with her."

'Wifey is strong, goddamn.'

"She hardly compares to my Qingyue." Rokas refuted, raising his other hand to caress the side of her face. "No need to be jealous of her… one is a moment of lust and the other is true love. I've been lonely without you."

"Why don't you prove it?"

That's all Rokas needed.

[System: Man took it personally.]

Xia Qingyue let go of his hand and held his face with her hands, moving forward to press her lips against his. Rokas entertained the idea, pushing his tongue out to hers, before lightly pushing her down the bed.

"Always so eager." Xia Qingyue remarked, chuckling slightly as her violet eyes glowed with an inviting glare. "Why don't you take it slow, captain?"

"Only for you…" Rokas descended upon her, exchanging some kisses before sliding down. "You won't need these fancy robes anymore."

With a simple clothes beam, he changed her into black lingerie.

"You never went down there yourself…" Xia Qingyue remarked, observing with a slightly surprised expression.

"There's a first time for everything."

'Ayo, System, how does man do this?'

[System: Trust the process.]

'I ain't no Sixers fan… it's Championship or Bust here.'

[System: Get that chip then.]

For the first time in a long time, Rokas felt unsure of himself when it came to sexual intercourse. And yes… he hadn't eaten any pussy in all this time. Why? He recalls watching a Youtuber speak of their terrible experience. Sounds rather silly but he didn't quite see a point in it either. If he could make his woman orgasm through the great dragon rod, why did he need to give head?

Alas, he braved the dangers… and suddenly realised how foolish he had been..

The first lick was like tasting nectar of the gods.

[System: You are what you eat, pussy.]

'Shut up… this is way too good.'

Rokas followed it up with several more, going so far as to extend his tongue through shapeshifting. Meanwhile, Xia Qingyue was already beginning to tremble and even let out a moan. Seeing this, Rokas only felt more motivated to keep going… beginning to use his fingers.

[System: This is the critical hit spot.]

'Man said critical hit…' Rokas felt like laughing as he moved his finger there and did a bit of tomfoolery. It worked, in the end.

He kept up his pussy pleasuring activities, eventually seeing Xia Qingyue on the very cusp of an orgasm. It was all nice and wet, trembling for some real action. Rokas briefly paused, sitting up.

"You're such a tease." Xia Qingyue raised an eyebrow. "You knew right when to stop, didn't you?"

"I wasn't quite brave enough to take on the waterfall that was approaching." Rokas chuckled, tilting his head as he whipped out the legendary dragon rod and slowly dipped it in. "But… it shouldn't make much of a difference-"

And then he went straight in… catching XIa Qingyue off guard.


She orgasmed, letting out a loud moan as she trembled.

'Huh, that was easy.' Rokas remarked, pausing. 'It feels nicer inside now, too.'

After recovering from her long moment of pleasure, Xia Qingyue looked up at Rokas… her eyes glowing with a deep violet lustre.

"Why'd you pause?"

"Looks like you're finished already." Rokas grinned slightly. "I wouldn't want to exhaust my dearest wife."

"I'm no Qianye Ying'er." Xia Qingyue replied, tilting her head. "If you think this alone is enough for me… ah-"

"Let me show you just how passionate I am."

Rokas' golden eyes glowed as he took it slow, building up again.


They ended up in the same bedroom for a whole week straight. Yes, an entire week. Though, it wasn't all sex. There was plenty of cuddling and bonding. From it, Rokas had gained the reassurance he needed to move on and completely regained the clarity he once had. Xia Qingyue had also convinced him to fortify the Moon God Realm's defences… which he did in the form of a colossal GN drive. It served as a formation which continued to absorb the profound energy around it, capable of drawing in the strength of profound practitioners like a normal GN drive. It had many utilities, from creating a peerless barrier to annihilating any targets. It was even capable of empowering a Peak Divine Master past their limits.

The only bad thing was that it could not affect anything outside of the Moon God Realm… as intended.

"Why do we need to hide from the Brahma Monarch God Realm? The Moon God Realm serves our best interests… we can make it more powerful than the Brahma Monarch God Realm." Xia Qingyue suggested.

"What good is a weapon against a target which it cannot see?" Rokas questioned, shaking his head. "If Ying'er wants to get to me, she will do so with ease. I… have to be stronger than her. That's the only way."

"And how do you intend to do that?"

"There's one surefire way." Rokas smiled slightly. "I just need patience."

'Ze Eternal Heaven Pearl…'

[System: Ahem, the Trial of Space?]

'I'm working towards it.'

[System: There is a reason why you're the Heavenly Procrastinator.]

"So… are you fine with staying here? I'm planning on returning home as quickly as I can." Rokas stated, glancing at Xia Qingyue. "Since you're the Crown Princess and all that, I doubt you're interested in following me around. Besides, you just got reunited with your mother."

"I have many things to figure out…" Xia Qingyue replied, nodding. "You do, too. My presence would only impede things."

"I hope you don't get too lonely without me." Rokas smiled.

"I hope you don't either… or do something foolish in my absence."

"Define foolish."

"You know what I mean." Xia Qingyue smiled as well. "Although, given your cautious nature… the only thing that can get you to slip up is a beautiful woman."

"Mhm… I find it a little ironic that you're the one to say that." Rokas chuckled, nodding. "I'll be sure to visit when I have everything sorted on my end."

"You're welcome anytime… but don't strain yourself thinking about me."

"Things like that can't be helped sometimes." Rokas replied, giving Xia Qingyue a silver ring with a beautiful purple gem. "You might've spoiled yourself by watching me… but this ring contains Gundam Frozen Virtue, rebuilt anew. Its performance is top-of-the-line and completely adjusted to you."

"A parting gift?" Xia Qingyue accepted it, kissing Rokas on the lips "You're too sweet."

"Be safe." Rokas embraced Xia Qingyue. "I'll keep in touch through Gundam Virtue."

"That's a thing?"

"Mhm… all the Gundams are connected to each other."

Rokas parted ways with Xia Qingyue, leaving the Moon God Realm with Blitz.

[System: Where are we heading to now, OG?]

'Home… home sweet home. That's all I want.'

[System: No little adventures? You're getting old.]

'... There'll always be time for that.'

Rokas headed straight for Blue Pole Star.

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