Astral Prodigy: The Reincarnated Genius in the Shadows

An ordinary office worker finds himself reincarnated into the role of the villainous sub-male lead, Magnus Thaddeus, a young genius, in his sister's favorite novel. Magnus, now armed with memories of his past life and unexpectedly unique magical abilities, navigates through different challenges. But as the narrative goes on, Magnus discovers secrets about the place he is living in and how he ends up being attached to the Astral Realm. Magnus's past life haunts him, presenting challenges that transcend the typical hero's journey. And everything changes when he returns to his original body. It is not like your typical reincarnation.

Ranch64 · Fantasy
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78 Chs

To Protect

It has been four days, and I feel very refreshed. I went to the table next to the balcony and took out a dairy. I had to note the main events so I wouldn't forget.

My parents in this world are rich and influential, but despite this, they die when Magnus turns 15. It is truly a sad story. I resolved to keep them safe; they were the only ones who reached out. The responsibility to protect them is now mine.

I started writing down the main events surrounding my parents' deaths. First, my parents will attend the banquet held by Count Mapisto, and on their way there, they could be killed by assassins, I thought.

There must be some way to prevent this. I can't wait till I turn 15. I have to find out who my father's enemies are.

The novel didn't have many details about Magnus' parents' deaths, as the story revolved around the female lead. It then struck me like lightning.

I can go to the guild. They might provide me with information about the enemies.

I was very proud of myself since I found a solution. I rang the bell to call the maid. The maid hurriedly came into my room. I asked, "What is your name?"

She replied, "My name is Elisa, young master."

I asked, "Okay, Elisa, ready a carriage for me. I want to go to the market."

Elisa looked skeptical. "But, young master, you are still injured."

I became frustrated. "I understand your concern, but I need to leave immediately."

Elisa still had her suspicions, but she was not in a position to think about them. She replied, "Yes, young master. I will inform the butler to ready the carriage."

In a few minutes, she came back and escorted me to the carriage. I wore a moderate-looking dress to make myself look like a commoner and then wore a cape. I had to look like a commoner to avoid suspicion. When I reached the carriage, a knight was waiting for me. He looked angry as soon as he set his sights on me.

He looks like he hates me. I wonder why?

He was a tall and well-built man, his imposing frame clad in the distinguished attire of the Thaddeus House knights. The rich fabric of his garments bore the insignia of the house, a testament to his loyalty and dedication. As his piercing gaze met mine, it was evident he hated me.

"Young Master Thaddeus, I presume?" the knight said, crossing his arms.

"Indeed. And you are?" I replied, maintaining composure.

"Sir Gareth, sworn protector of the Thaddeus House," he grumbled.

"A pleasure, Sir Gareth. I trust I'm in capable hands." I nodded.

"Capable hands, aye. But I'm not here for pleasantries. Let's get one thing straight: I don't trust you," Sir Gareth said, eyeing me critically.

Raising an eyebrow, I inquired, "Is that so? Any particular reason?"

"You've brought shame to the Thaddeus name. We were once revered, and now you parade around in commoner's attire. What game are you playing?" he accused.

Smirking, I responded, "Sir Gareth, appearances can be deceiving. Sometimes, one must blend in to survive."

"Survive? The Thaddeus House has faced far worse than a change in fashion. We survived wars and treacheries, and you think a simple disguise is our key to survival?" Sir Gareth snorted.

"I don't underestimate the challenges we've faced, Sir Gareth. But survival often requires adaptation. A lesson I'm sure you've learned on the battlefield," I calmly explained.

Gareth clenched his jaw, leaning in. "Don't pretend to understand the battlefield, Young Master Thaddeus. Your games are played in drawing rooms, not on the front lines."

Leaning in to match his intensity, I asserted, "Games or not, we both fight for the Thaddeus legacy. I suggest you save your judgments until we've achieved our common goal."

The tension between us hung in the air as Sir Gareth glared, clearly unconvinced. I stepped into the carriage, leaving him to stew in his doubts.

Around half an hour later, we reached the marketplace. The market scene reminded me of the medieval times I had learned about in the history books in my previous life. Every shop was filled with life; people spoke happily, and children ran around without fear. It was a pleasant scene to look at. The happiness showed the leadership of my father, but in the future, I would have destroyed it. Thinking about this, I got down from the carriage. Sir Gareth and Elisa were with me.

"I'll be occupied with some work while you all take the time to explore the marketplace. Enjoy your time there!" I said to them cheerfully, aiming to avoid suspicion.

But Elisa said with concern, "But young master, It is dangerous."

I replied with reassurance, "Don't worry. I will be fine."

Sir Gareth looked at me suspiciously and said, "I guess you have some work to do, but don't get into danger."

Yes, my plan can be set into motion.

Grateful for their trust, I replied, "Yes, Sir Gareth."

Unexpectedly, Sir Gareth pulled me aside, placing a protective bracelet on my wrist. He seriously said, "This is a high-level artifact. It will create a barrier around you when someone attacks you. This will keep you safe."

I was surprised when Sir Gareth gave me this token of gift. It looks like he still cares for me. "Thank you. I appreciate this gift."

Sir Gareth suddenly looked flustered and said, "It was not for you. It was for the master."

So, he is a tsundere.

I was grateful that people were trusting me. But now that I am on a mission, I must protect my family, and for that, I have to find my dad's enemies who want him dead.

I explored the marketplace; I found myself standing in front of an inn named 'Devil's Slumber.'

It was a worn-down wooden structure, but it still had many customers. I thought.

Oh. I have reached the right place. The hidden section of the 'Lapis Guild.'

I put my hood on and entered the inn. The atmosphere was lively, with patrons engaged in various activities. There were a lot of people inside; many were gambling and talking loudly. No one noticed him. Suddenly, I felt that someone was staring at me. It was a girl around my age; her disguise revealed white hair.

Huh. Is there someone like me? Nevertheless, I have a job to do. I can't think about other people.

Clearing my suspicion, I headed straight to the counter. A young bartender was working there. I went up to him. At first, he looked shocked and muttered, "He looks like a kid."

To avoid any more deductions, I whispered, "Great big dog fights alone."

It was a code that was directed to the guild master only. The young bartender's eyes widened, and he quickly nodded. Without uttering a word, he ran to a door and disappeared. Five minutes later, he returned and said, without bias, "Please go to room 5 on the second floor."

As I ascended the creaking wooden stairs to the second floor of the dimly lit tavern, Room 5 awaited at the end of the corridor, and as he approached, the door swung open. A young man with red hair stood in front of him. For an extra, he was incredibly handsome. This was Alan, the guild master.

Alan arched an eyebrow as I entered the room, a smirk on the young man's lips. "Well, what brings a lad like you to my humble establishment?" Alan inquired.

I began smirking and responded confidently, "Business, Mr. Alan. I've heard you're the man to see for those in the know."

I have to pull this off, and then my parents will be safe. I thought.

Alan feigned innocence, his expression a mask of confusion. "Do I look like a gossip merchant to you?"

Leaning in, I whispered, "Mister Alan, you and I know this place isn't just any tavern. We have our ways of communicating." Alan's facade of innocence crumbled, replaced by a wry smile.

"You've got a point, lad. For a kid, you are pretty smart. What's your business then?" Alan chuckled, acknowledging the unspoken understanding.

"I'm here for information. Recently, I was almost assassinated, and I need to know who's pulling the strings. I think it is my father's enemies," I stated.

"Enemies, you say? You're just a pup in this game," Alan remarked, leaning back.

"Pups sometimes see things others miss. Now, let's not waste time. I've got a purse willing to loosen its strings for the right intel," I declared, his gaze unwavering.

Alan, stroking his temple, contemplated my proposal. "You've got spirit; I'll give you that. But why should I help you?"

Leaning in again, I lowered his voice. "Because, Mister Alan, the Thaddeus name holds weight. And I can keep pouring money on your table."

Suspicion flickered in Alan's narrowed eyes, and I decided to capitalize on the moment. "If you help me, I will fully support your guild and also protect it."

A calculating glint appeared in Alan's eyes as he considered my offer. "You're a smooth talker, lad. Fine, I'll give you what you want. But remember, favors have a way of coming back around."

I clapped my hands and said happily, "Thank you, Guild Master. Please do give the information as soon as possible."

I thought to myself. I succeeded.

That being said, after leaving the inn, I started striding around the marketplace. Suddenly, I heard a scream from the alley nearby. My righteous instinct kicked in, prompting me to rush towards the commotion. Upon reaching the location, I observed the young girl with white hair surrounded by some gangsters.

I had to help her. One of the gangsters shouted, "Little girl, you are coming with me."

OH MY GOD. What am I doing here? Screw my righteous mind. I thought.

I didn't know what was going on in my brain. I shouted, "You bastards, leave her alone!"

I corrected some of my errors. Please enjoy the story.

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