Astral Prodigy: The Reincarnated Genius in the Shadows

Author: Ranch64
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What is Astral Prodigy: The Reincarnated Genius in the Shadows

Read ‘Astral Prodigy: The Reincarnated Genius in the Shadows’ Online for Free, written by the author Ranch64, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: An ordinary office worker finds himself reincarnated into the role of the villainous sub-male lead, Magnus Thaddeus, a y...


An ordinary office worker finds himself reincarnated into the role of the villainous sub-male lead, Magnus Thaddeus, a young genius, in his sister's favorite novel. Magnus, now armed with memories of his past life and unexpectedly unique magical abilities, navigates through different challenges. But as the narrative goes on, Magnus discovers secrets about the place he is living in and how he ends up being attached to the Astral Realm. Magnus's past life haunts him, presenting challenges that transcend the typical hero's journey. And everything changes when he returns to his original body. It is not like your typical reincarnation.

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Shameless Author review here. Every writer needs to give their book 5 star, because they know how much time it took to get an idea and implement it. I consider everyone's reviews as constructive criticism. I can see that my writing skills are lacking so I will improve my writing and deliver a great book. Anyways, everyone should enjoy reading and writing books then only you can move forward. Thank you reading my short review.


Great start. Its good and fun to see a author point out the common troupes in reincarnation series. Premise is good cant help but read other good upcoming series from a fellow writer. Keep it up👍


I love these kinds of stories where people get reincarnated into books they didnt even read but their siblings or friends read. the writing is good i can actually imagine whats going on (smtn im rlly bad at) it reminds me of a webtoon where the ml gets reincarnated into his sisters novel but i forgot what it was called. good job!


The premise of being transported into another person's favorite novel is a really great premise. It not only serves as an unfamiliar setting for the protagonist but also as a means to bridge the mc and the reader with the one who favors that book. I highly recommend this based on the premise alone.


I love the story. Not because I'm writing in a similar genre. Your style is solid and your plot captivating. Keep up the good work


Really interesting novel! There are a lot of reincarnation novel themes but this one is on the next level. Looking forward to the next chapter!


This is a very well-written novel for sure. It is exciting and great to read, I love the pace its going at right now. Keep up the good work!


This is very well-written and I hope you continue with it. I really enjoyed the magic system and the characters are fun. Will definitely add to my Library!


The writing is really solid, and allows you to have a smooth reading journey, with a pretty interesting plot that keeps you occupied for a good amount of time.


The writing is good so the story flows smoothly. It is also able to maintain the tension of curiosity. Time passes without you feeling it while reading it. Of course there are some short comings, but instead of that, it's better to focus on the reading experience so that people are interested in checking it out.


Really interesting story. Loved how the mc isekai'd into his sister's favorite novel - really different from most stories. I'm also excited to see how the mc will deal with this situation.


This novel offers an engaging fast-paced narrative with an intriguing reincarnation theme that's filled with potential. While the writing is solid, it could benefit from addressing grammatical errors and deepening emotional depth in dialogues. Early chapters show promise in story and character development, though it's still early for full judgment. The vivid descriptions and unique character appeal make for an immersive read. The work is commendable, and I'm eager to see how it evolves. Keep writing, author—your story has great potential!


The writing quality is solid, but there are some readability issues. Some dialogues are dull but still get the purpose straight. Story and world background development are limited with only 10 chapters, so there's still not much anything to say. But I'm sure it's going to get a lot better, keep up the good work!


The quality of writing in this novel was pretty solid there were a few readability errors but It can always be improved on, Also the dialogue kind of feels lacking like the emotion wasn't there with interactions with the gangsters and the main mc. Story development can't be said as much since there are only 10 chapters after all and the same thing goes with world background. But as an author myself I'd like to say just keep writing! Great Job Author!


A fast paced work with an interesting setting. Filled with great potential! Each chapter leaves you with a craving for more! Looking forward to read more and more. Please keep updating!


I love the concept of the novel, I eat up genres like this every single time and can't wait for more updates... the reincarnation into the sister's novel is cool!


Your writing style is good but please work on your grammar, read it few times before publishing or play it on some kind of txt to voice, for me it was the best choice. Your vivid descriptions make visualizing the action and environment effortless. The pacing is spot-on, allowing the story to unfold naturally and engagingly. The characters are well-crafted and memorable, each with their own unique appeal.


A few gramatical errors but overall good. The isekai theme very present and I can’t wait for more chapters. ✌🏻


The story has great potential, but the author should refrain from using the old cliche scenes lol. The writing is not bad, maybe some grammatical errors. Other than these small things, the story looks awesome. Keep up your good work, author.


The story really isn't that bad. A few mistakes here and there but it doesnt disrupt the plot at all. What does disrupt it is the grammatical errors. It's obvious that the author had not proofread it enough. Nonetheless, this has potential. I like this tale.


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