1049 The Divine Dome Academy

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Once he arrived at the Celestial Court, Su Ping was shocked at the splendors he saw again.

The court shined as brilliantly as the sun in the middle of space, driving all cold and darkness away. Many planets and celestial bodies surrounded the Celestial Court, yet they were much smaller in comparison.

That was the place where the Celestial experts lived—the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Su Ping saw that the Dark Dragon Hound and his other pets were curiously sniffing out everything they saw on the street, so he quickly called out to them. "Stop running about. Dark Dragon Hound, I'm speaking to you!"

The two sides of the streets were filled with stores and supermarkets that were famous across the universe. Their owners were at least lords of planetary systems.

The stores located in prosperous regions were even related to Ascendants one way or another.

"Humph. Where is this bumpkin from?"


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