1093 Su Ping's Action

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"So, you were the champion of the last Universe Geniuses' Contest; the Fate State warrior who condensed a small world… That's quite rare."


"He's already able to fend off Kepaf's attack easily, even though he's merely in the Star State. He can probably catch up with us in a thousand years."

Everybody glanced at Su Ping with great interest.

Not all of them had been training in seclusion all year round; some of them had been active, and had recognized Su Ping.

The rest of Shen Huang's disciples had been injured by the previous blast, while Su Ping and the members of the Loulan family he protected emerged unscathed. It was certainly unusual.

Loulan Lin and the others became nervous as they heard their discussion.

Shuai Qianhou, their stronger ally, was not present at the moment. There were a dozen enemies who were even stronger.


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