231 Hardcore Upgrade and the Arrival of Legendary Warriors

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Upgrading the store to the third level would cost one hundred thousand energy points.

Su Ping had managed to accumulate many energy points when the business was flourishing. He had also spent many energy points when he was upgrading the Chaos Spirit Pool for Incubation, buying nursing pens and other materials, and beast-catching rings in the system's shop.

Besides, he visited the Demigod Burial. 1200 energy points for the admission price was merely a small part of his expenditure there.

The number of energy points he had spent on revivals during the seven days was huge. The revival's energy points were 10 times the admission price. In total, he had spent over ten thousand energy points on revivals!

That was why Su Ping was afraid to go to the Archean Divinity.

He could afford the 9000 energy points requested for admission but he couldn't afford the revivals there…


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