1063 Gods' Pride

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I need to train Greeny too when I have the chance. There aren't any beasts like Greeny in the Federation. They must have been by the Federation…

Su Ping's eyes glittered as he pondered.

Space around him stopped changing soon after.

The sharp spike unfolded, presenting a new scenery before him. It was a magnificent temple.

"We've arrived."

Heather moved with agility. Space around her dispersed like smoke, revealing their presence as they emerged from the void. The guards present became wary the moment they showed up, but soon bowed respectfully after recognizing Heather.

Heather walked at the front. She led Su Ping, Joanna's original self and her reincarnation to the temple through the white stairs.

Hardly had Su Ping entered the temple when he detected three indomitable auras deep within. He raised his head, and immediately saw three figures on three thrones hovering in midair.


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