514 Win-Win and Scheme (1)

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The heavy clouds hung low, and the wind howled angrily. The tornado reached the sky, and waves surged.

The world-destroying scene shocked everyone on both sides into retreating, not daring to approach the battlefield.

Although Lu Longchuan and the others were battle hardened veterans, they had never seen such a scene before. They were also frightened and hurriedly retreated.

The people from the Heavenly King Stronghold in the pass threw down their helmets and armor and hurriedly went down to take refuge. For a moment, the city wall was in a mess, and almost everyone had left. The fleet of the Dragon King Stronghold on the water also hurriedly pulled their oars and retreated, afraid that they would be sucked in by the "azure dragon".

From afar, both sides only saw Chen Feng jump onto the wall with all his might and crash into the tornado.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Immediately after, the sound of fighting continuously sounded.


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