493 Promotion and Declaration of War (1)

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Western Region Thunderball? Such a thing actually existed!

Looking at the explosion in the field, many martial artists exclaimed in fright.

Most of them had only heard of this, but such an item was not something ordinary people could obtain.

As for these few people, they rushed forward and perished together, not caring about their lives at all. Clearly, they were death warriors. Now that the dust had settled, there seemed to be no need for the people in the martial world to deal with Chen Feng like this. The origins of these few people were obvious…

It was most likely someone from the Imperial Court!

On the other side, the dejected survivors of the various sects widened their eyes in excitement. There was only one word that could describe their excitement — When one was stranded without any roads to follow, at their darkest hour, a ray of light appeared to guide them!

Blow him up!

Countless people shouted in their hearts.


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