354 Jumping Down (4)

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Seeing that Zhou Jing was silent, Magistrate Lin thought that he was hesitating, so he softened his tone and used a stalling tactic to persuade him,

"Chen Feng, I don't think you're an unreasonable person. There's most likely a reason for you to do such a thing. If you confess, I can consider your difficulties and grievances and even seek justice for you."

Hearing this, Zhou Jing came back to his senses and finally made up his mind.

He held his spear and pointed at Magistrate Lin, then at the window. He emotionlessly spoke,

"You, jump down."

Magistrate Lin was stunned. He pointed at himself in disbelief, "You… want me to jump out of the window?"

Zhou Jing nodded,

"I didn't intend to kill you today, but it's not my style to let you leave in one piece after falling into my hands, so I'll give you a way out. If you jump down from the building and don't die, I'll let you off."


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