2 Forced Migration (2)

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Unexpectedly, such a thing really happened to their family.

"How could we be so unlucky…"

Zhou Jing's heart sank.

He understood that although human civilization had left their home planet, how the present glorious civilization was created by the many interstellar immigrants. The current inhabitants of all colonial planets had been immigrants many generations ago… But that was about the glory of civilization, and it wasn't always a good thing for the interstellar immigrants.

Those interstellar immigrants were not allowed to leave the new planet within a certain time limit. Also, the communication and transportation technology of human civilization had not improved by leaps and bounds even after many years. So, to ordinary people, each new colonial planet was like being stranded on a deserted island, isolated from all communication.

Currently, only the most advanced technology could allow inter-planetary communication. However, it was not easily accessible to ordinary people, and civilian base stations could only be connected to the Internet within the planet. This was equivalent to a regional network with the planet as its unit. Ordinary people on two planets could barely communicate.

In addition, due to the restrictions of spacecraft and transportation technology, traveling across planets was often too expensive for normal civilians. So, although human civilization had entered the interstellar era for many years, there still wasn't much communication between the interstellar residents. Usually, only when new planets were developed would there be large-scale immigration from various countries.

In the lives of ordinary people, interstellar migrants were cut off from their past lives—they had to leave their familiar planet behind and come to an unfamiliar world. They were separated from their friends and family, isolated from each other, and had no one to rely on.

Unless they had no choice, most people would only live on one planet for the rest of their lives.

The fact that his family had been chosen to forcibly migrate meant that one of them would be leaving this planet. It would be difficult for that person to meet the rest of the family members for the rest of their life. From Zhou Wei'an's words, it seemed like he was the one chosen.

Zhou Jing took a deep breath. "So… I was the one selected?"

Zhou Wei'an knocked on the table and said solemnly: "That's not important. The problem now is that our family needs to send someone out for forced immigration. We have already discussed this, and you are the only one most suitable to take on this quota."

"…But you didn't discuss it with me."

Zhou Jing pursed his lips, his feelings complicated.

He had lived on this planet for 20 years and had never thought of leaving. Even his family shouldn't make decisions for him on such a big matter that concerned his future.

"But other than you, who else is suitable?!"

Zhou Wei'an's voice grew louder.

Hearing this, Zhou Jing turned to look at his eldest brother.

His big brother looked like a professional elite. He adjusted his gold-framed glasses and calmly spoke,

"Thirdie, you know me. I've worked at the Grand Silver Group for a few years and developed a few new projects in the Financial Products Department. Logically speaking, it's not worth it for me, who already has a certain standing on this planet, to take on forced immigration. I can't put down my career to help you… Do you understand?"

"I understand."

Zhou Jing nodded and turned to look at his second brother.

Second Brother felt like he had been set on fire. He almost jumped up. He quickly waved his hands and spoke incoherently.

"Thirdie, you know my circumstances! I took the national examinations for three years before I was accepted by the state-level higher education institute. Next year, I'll go to the capital institute to further my studies. After I graduate, I'll find a high-paying job there, and I'll be able to live in the capital institute! The government must have made a mistake. It can't be my turn to force me to immigrate. How can they make me give up the great future that I've painstakingly obtained!"

Zhou Jing pursed his lips and looked away from his second brother.

He turned and glanced at the other three underage siblings. The oldest was only ten years old, and the youngest was five years old. These three brats obviously didn't meet the standards of mandatory immigration.

That's right. Everyone has a reason to stay. Then, I'm the best candidate…

In this current interstellar society, almost all adult children were separated from their families. His Big Brother and Second Brother had their own futures, and only he was stuck in a position that was neither high nor low. He had not graduated for long and had not found a job as well… The Interstellar Immigration Bureau definitely liked young and tender laborers like him who had no stable career or job in the local area.

Zhou Jing fell silent as he pondered.

He was originally unhappy that his family did not discuss it with him, but after looking around, he did not know who to be angry at.

Can I split my parents up and convince one of them to immigrate? D*mn, what a splendid show of filial piety that would be…

Moreover, his father also had his own career and connections in the local area. If he could, he would definitely have chosen to immigrate as a family, not push someone to take on forced immigration.

The whole family couldn't migrate and live together on another planet. Everyone had already expressed that they were not willing to give up the future on this planet and would not accompany him to leave.

It seemed that he had no choice but to sacrifice himself for his family.

Zhou Jing suddenly thought of something and immediately felt hopeful. He hurriedly asked his father, "By the way, you are a public employee and have special treatment. Can you submit an application to the Interstellar Immigration Bureau to cancel our forced immigration quota?"

Although there were many children in the family, they were not considered a "common" family in interstellar society. Their father, Zhou Wei'an, had a job in the public service and was a small officer within the Scarlet Nation. Although he didn't have much authority, he was still an official.

According to the rules of forced immigration, those who served in the Interstellar Joint Government could submit a waiver application to the Interstellar Immigration Bureau if their family was selected for immigration. As long as some conditions and standards were met, they could legally waive the quota for forced immigration.

In Zhou Jing's eyes, the best outcome would be to directly waive the quota. That way, no one would have to leave… and only Zhou Wei'an had the right to do so.

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