478 Becoming A Leader (3)

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"So it's Brother Chen Feng. I've heard a lot about you. No wonder you have such ability! Brother, please accept my bow!"

Seeing this, the other bandits on board also threw down their weapons and knelt down.

Zhou Jing looked around and raised his eyebrows, "Oh, you know my name?"

The bandit leader's tone was excited, "Everyone in the Green Forest knows Brother's deeds in Jiangchun. We all admire him. Some time ago, I heard that Brother had left Jiangchun, but I didn't expect him to come to Huyang. It's my honor to see Brother today!

Why didn't Brother report your name earlier? We almost committed suicide by facing you at your forte! Previously, we faced each other with blades. I hope Brother won't blame us. If Brother doesn't mind, why don't you come to my stronghold to drink and let me welcome Brother?"


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