1 Young Master of the Longinus Clan

Continent of Dawn

On the Empire of Dawn's Capital City, the City of Cloud, numerous people could be seen, holding flags engraved with the symbol of the Empire; their faces painted with excitement and joy as they cheered in praise of the victorious return of Zaramias Longinus.

This Zaramias was considered as one of the strongest cultivators of the Empire of Dawn, he protected the empire's border from its enemies so that they wouldn't dare to invade. Because of this, the neighboring empire; the Empire of Eternal Faith attacked in anger but was quickly subdued by the Fiery Blood Army that Zaramias himself, raised on his own.

Upon hearing his success, the Emperor himself gave him his rewards and commendations along with a blank Imperial Decree wherein he could write whatever request that he wanted.

But when he arrived, he didn't answer the Emperor's summons. Instead, he frantically ran towards the Longinus Clan's Estate. Every servant present in the area knew the reason why the mighty commander was so frantic. It was all because of the young master.

It was said that while Zaramias guarded the border, that bastard actually tried to take advantage of the Batian Clan's Young miss. And when he was caught, he even refused to offer his apologies, but instead, acted arrogantly and domineering all the while insulting the Clan of the latter.

Because of this, the Clan Chief of the Batian Clan became unable to hold his anger as he viciously attacked the young master, causing the latter to fall down on the ground while coughing litters of blood.

However, instead of regretting their actions. The Batian Clan righteously declared that it was not their fault that the young master of the Longinus Clan fell unconscious. Fortunately for them, the young master didn't die, which prevented a huge disaster happening to their Clan.

The young master of the Longinus Clan was not only known for being arrogant but also for being a womanizer. It was said that one's hands and toes wouldn't suffice to count the number of women that he had deflowered.

Sitting under a tree trunk was a young man whose visual appearance looked to be of sixteen to seventeen years old. His expression devoid of any ripple as he stared at a thick book that he held in his hands.

Occasionally, his eyes would flash in excitement and sometimes it would shine in anticipation. But mostly, the light within his eyes looked dull and bored.

For the past two weeks, the so-called Young master of the Longinus Clan had been collecting books regarding history and cultivation and have been earnestly reading it by himself

However, little did they realize that he was not actually reading it. Instead, he was integrating it into the database of the peculiar system that he had obtained.

The Assassination System

After collecting all sorts of information these past days, he finally became bored as he yawned. Tilting his head towards the skies, his eyes shone in a melancholic light as he remembered the on-going anime and doujinshis that he would never be able to watch once again.

Back then, it was already the year of two thousand ninety-five and One Piece was finally about to end after twenty thousand chapters. Sadly for him, he never saw through the end since he died from feels after reading his favorite novel.

Sighing in his heart, he reorganized his thoughts as he remembered the information that he obtained regarding this body's previous owner.

The identity that he assumed right now was the Longinus Clan's Young master, Dan Longinus. This Dan Longinus was a well-known trash and tumor of the entire city. Not only his talent in cultivation was garbage. And despite the fact that his cultivation was quite good thanks to the resources that he enjoyed inside the Clan, his attitude didn't make him worthy as a cultivator since he disliked violence and murder the most, to the extent that he would endlessly fawn over someone just to have them spare his life.

In this world where the strong was respected, someone like him would never amount to anything and would surely die early without a proper burial. But even though he had garnered the ire of literally everyone in Cloud City, no one dared to openly attack nor despise him.

After all, the huge name of the Longinus Clan stood behind him as his bastion.

However, by the time that Dan Longinus returned to the Estate in an unconscious state, nobody knew that he was already dead. And now, it was actually the soul of another person inside the body of the former.

Closing the book, Dan stood up, carried the book with him as he mumbled, "Since the sun is shining this bright and its angle has considerably changed in compared to daybreak, It should be the time for me to eat some lunch."

He walked towards the mansion, but before he could enter, a frantic maidservant greeted him as she said, "Young master! Your father, General Zaramias is here!"

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