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Philip Hammond, as a young child was taken from his parents and was taken care of by a wealthy family. His father trained him secretly to be a killer. Now he is a twenty one year old young man trying to live a normal life but he still suffers from the scars of his childhood as a result of being trained to become to kill effortlessly. Meanwhile, Enya Miller, a twenty year old lady and his childhood friend falls in love with him but he hides his feelings for her and on Enya's part, she tries her best to stop thinking about him but she finds herself drawing closer to him because of her unending love for him. As time goes on, he begins to unveil his hidden feelings and affection for her and he slowly falls in love with her. He finally finds out the truth about his biological parents and he has to protect his biological parents and the girl he loves from the person who wants to destroy his life. It shocked him after he discovered the person who was behind his ordeals. It was the person he thought he loved and the person he thought loved him. Who is it?


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