Assassin's Transmigration: Second Life, Second Chance

She had been an orphaned bastard at birth, but was raised by an assassination organization. Trained and learned as a genius from childhood, she thought the organization her family and used all her abilities for it. Only to realize that it had all been for nothing, as they only feared her abilities but didn't see her dependence on them as her family. In the moments of her death, she realized how truly alone she was and only wished for a family in the next life. He had been born in the palace as a prince, with a golden spoon in his mouth. Only to be hated by his own mother and ignored by his father. Forced down a path of bitterness, he strengthened himself to not care about them and became a willful and useless prince as a façade. With a second chance given at life she fights for it with all she has but meeting that flirty, bipolar prince, she can't do anything but give him a cold face. When he meets the stone-faced her, he can't help but want to put a crack in it. Will it be a happy ending for this cold faced assassin and bipolar prince or will fate snatch away that as well. * I do not own the picture above and if there is any problem please let me know. I am also open to constructive and helpful criticism.*

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24 Chs

Secret Weapon

What surprised her though was the fact that her older brother, who was only 15, was also going with them. Although she had already been a pro assassin at the same age in her previous life, that was the life she had been enslaved into by the organization but this life was completely different from her previous life. 

Thinking about it though it did make sense, her family was a martial family and her eldest brother was set to inherit the mantle of the Feng Family when his time came.

This was perhaps the most silent meal she had ever had with her family. The silence was uncomfortable and an air of sadness that filled the room, unfamiliar. 

Her grandfather stood up solemnly and opened the old wine bottle and poured a single cup of wine out and placed it in front of her older brother. Everyone else was given the normal wine and even the children were given tea in a small cup.