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A secret hidden right under their noses A young Jon Snow realises his worth in the world and vows to make something of himself. People always did wonder what unknowns existed west of Westeros.... Author: DerkAndFullOfErrors AO3 . . https://archiveofourown.org/works/15845781/chapters/36904053

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The dragon's Interest


"Where've you been?" He heard Arya say loudly as Jon walked into camp. She sounded annoyed even if it was muffled by the bread she'd just shoved into her mouth. Ned and the children were sat together as they ate their breakfast, Catelyn had taken Sansa to the Riverlands camp to meet with her brother and uncle, what she wanted to speak to them this early in the day for, he didn't know.

He looked up at Jon and realised that Arya had a point, where had he been? From his attire, it looked like he'd been out all night. He nearly jumped when Ghost padded into view from behind him, tongue lolling out and panting liked he'd been running around. The wolf lifted its snout into the air, obviously detecting a whiff of sausages and bacon that were being served up for everyone around camp.

"Looks like a dirty stop out to me HA!" He heard Greatjon bellow out from across the camp, a few people chuckling and groaning with the volume of the man's shout.

Jon just sat down next to Bran with a groan, he ruffled the boy's hair as he reached for the jug of water on the table. He poured a generous amount into a mug and necked the whole thing before filling it back up again, he looked up at everyone as he finally finished pouring.

"I've just been out, that's all. Been out in the woods with this one." He said as he nodded towards Ghost, the wolf currently sat in between Bran and Rickon receiving ruffles of his fur from the two boys. Jon grabbed a sausage and tore it in half before giving a bit each to Bran and Rickon, he nodded towards the direwolf.

After the wolf practically inhaled the two halves of sausage, Jon filled his own plate and tucked in. He obviously thought he'd got away without giving Arya a suitable answer but the little she wolf had other ideas as she glared at her brother. Ned just kept quiet and watched on, Jon was more receptive when it was Arya poking, he just closed up whenever it was him.

I suppose he had an excuse for that. I'm the not the most open when it came to Jon poking around either.

Arya stabbed her fork into her food as she looked at her brother. By the looks of it, she didn't look best pleased about something, something Jon had done.

"You never came back after you left with Ser Jaime, I thought we were gonna spar after dinner but nobody knew where you were." She said. Jon winced in response as Ned's blood froze.

Ser Jaime!? Why was he with a member of the Kingsguard? Who did Ser Jaime take him to?

So many questions running through his mind, so many possibilities to choose from. His inner turmoil must have been all over his face as Jon looked at him for a second, huffed, then looked back at his sister.

"Sorry little wolf, we'll spar after breakfast to make up for it, is that fair?" He asked as he mopped up his runny egg with his bread. He turned and looked at his two brothers "You and Rickon can join us as well if you want?" He said to Bran as he winked at Rickon who was sneaking Ghost another sausage.

What was he doing with Ser Jaime? He kept asking himself.

"Sorry Jon, uncle Blackfish is training us after breakfast." Bran replied, looking genuinely disappointed that he couldn't train with his brother. He thought the name he gave Ser Brynden was amusing, regardless of his mind being elsewhere right now.

"I get him all to myself then!" Arya exclaimed as Jon smiled at her in response "If he can teach Ser Jaime a couple of things then think what he can do for me." She seemed to say to herself as she shoved another piece of bread into her mouth, eager to finish her meal and drag her brother off.


He turned to Arya and patted her on the back as she started coughing with how quick she was eating "Slow down Arya, you'll choke to death then they'll definitely be no sparring at all, mmm?" He said, waiting for her to recover before asking her "What's this about Ser Jaime?" He said to her, looking back and forth between her and Jon. Jon was too busy cleaning his plate with a piece of bread to acknowledge him.

"Jon beat him in a spar yesterday." Arya answered, straight to the point as she reached for her cup of water.

Jon beat a Kingsguard!?

He looked at Jon with wide eyes "You beat a Kingsguard?" He asked. Jon just shrugged his shoulders as he put the last piece of bread in his mouth, brushing his hands together to clear them of crumbs as he chewed away.

How can he be so nonchalant about that?

Bran looked like a ball of energy as he bounced in his seat and nodded "You should have seen it father, Jon beat him fair and square! He's really good, you should spar with him." Bran suggested, he saw Rickon nodded in agreement as he reached for another sausage to feed to Ghost. He pulled the plate away from him after he grabbed one, a look of innocence on the boy's face when he realised he'd been caught.

Jon placed his mug back on the table after he'd taken a sip "I don't know about that Bran, can't have him getting hurt now, can we?" He said as he looked directly into Ned's eyes.

That felt like a threat.

He knew Jon was gifted with the blade but he didn't know he was that gifted. A seasoned knight from White Harbour was one thing, a member of the Kingsguard and one of the most revered fighters in the realm was completely different.

People will talk. That was the last thing he wanted concerning Jon. It would attract a large amount of attention if the wrong people found out.

...and the Royal family were the last people he wanted to find out about this.

"Finished! I'll go and get my sw....cloak." Arya said as she pushed her plate away from herself. Jon smirked at her when her eyes went wide.

He was too distracted with his thoughts to even realise what she'd nearly just said, she took advantage of this and bolted off towards her tent, a guard following her as a precaution.

His eyes jolted forward when he noticed Jon getting up from his chair, lifting his arms in the air and stretching out his back. "I best go and keep an eye on her before she runs off without me." Jon said as he ruffled both Rickon and Bran's hair again. He nodded towards Ned but that was as much as he was gonna get, Ghost followed him out and towards where Arya had run off to.

He sat their lost in his thoughts as Bran and Rickon talked to each other. Jon defeated a Kingsguard in a spar, it was only a spar but he knew it would spread like wildfire when somebody found out. People don't just beat the Kingsguard, whether it be a real battle or a training session. It took something pretty special to beat one of the sacred order and people always took an interest in special things.

He closed his eyes and sighed, by lunch it could be the talk of the tournament, the only thing he could appreciate was that Jon didn't seem that fussed, like it was just some common occurrence, the last thing he'd be doing was shouting it from the rooftops unlike a lot of men who would be basking in it right now.

"Lord Stark!" He heard somebody say as he opened his eyes. He looked to his left and saw Catelyn, Sansa, Jeyne and the person who had called out his name, the Blackfish. Bran and Rickon looked Ser Brynden's way as well and he saw them both smiling.

He stood from his seat and held his hand out, the experienced knight grasped it and gave him a strong handshake as the girls sat down at the table. Catelyn was eyeing the plates that had been left by Jon and Arya with annoyance as she stacked them and moved them to the end of the table. Sansa and Jeyne seemed to be having a conversation all to themselves as they sat down at the other end.

"Ser Brynden, nice to see you again." He replied to the man's greeting.

"I won't keep you Lord Stark, just come to fetch these two. I'll have a pair of worthy knights returned to you in no time." The man japed as he winked at his two sons.

He nodded as he looked at Bran and Rickon "You best be good for your uncle, do you hear?" He said as the two boys nodded an affirmative before bouncing up from their seats.

"I would have also trained Arya as well, but my niece doesn't approve. She's gonna be a handful when she's older Cat." He said as he smirked towards his wife.

Catelyn pulled a face and glared at her uncle before looking around "That's a point, where is Arya? Ned?" She asked.

The last thing he wanted was a fight with his wife. He knew she would be far from happy with who she was with and what they were doing.

Rickon answered before he could open his mouth "She's gone with Jon, he's gonna teach her sword just like uncle Blackfish is with us." He said as he bounced up and down with excitement, unaware of what he'd just started with the adults.

Bran seemed to lay it on even thicker as he spoke "He beat Ser Jaime in a spar and now he's teaching Arya some of the moves he used on him." He said as he looked at Ser Brynden. The veteran knight held a passive face in response but Ned could see the annoyance behind the man's eyes. He didn't dare look to his right where Catelyn was sat, he could practically feel the heat of her ire coming off of her.

It really didn't help his situation out when Bran was telling everybody about Jon defeating a Kingsguard either.

"Good for him, now let's go you two, I wanna see you sweating like pigs by the end of our session." Ser Brynden said to Bran and Rickon. The two boys started walking off as the Blackfish followed them out of the northern camp.

As soon as they were out of sight, Catelyn whispered in a harsh tone, probably so Sansa and Jeyne couldn't hear her "I can't believe you let Arya go with that boy without asking me! He's getting his claws in, Arya is becoming more and more difficult the long she spends time with him!" She growled.

He sighed, he wasn't having this conversation for the thousandth time "Calm down Cat, he's helping her learn how to use a sword, its fine." He said, unwilling to even entertain her when she was like this.

"Calm down!? I won't calm down, this boy is hell bent on ruining our daughter, how will we ever find her a husb..."

"I said enough!" He said in a harsh whisper, loud enough for Sansa and Jeyne to sneak a look at them.

He needed to clear his head, and get away from her relentless hatred.

"I'm going for a walk, I'll see you later." He said as he stood up and walked off, his personal guard, Ser Rodrik in this case, following him out of the camp. He didn't see the death glare his wife burnt into his back, or the concerned look on his daughter's face.


The sun was high and bright as it beat it's rays down on them, the sky was clear and blue without a cloud in sight. It was the perfect weather for a picnic and Margaery completely agreed with her. At the Rose of Highgarden's suggestion, they decided to invite a couple of ladies that were present at the tourney.

So, currently, it was her, Margaery, little Alysanne, Lady Sansa and her friend Lady Jeyne, Lady Myrcella and last but certainly not least, Lady Myranda. The seven of them were making their way down to the edge of the god's eye where Margaery had already spotted just yesterday, a lush green field dotted with fully bloomed trees, perfect for sitting under to shade them from the sun.

With them were two Kingsguard that were assigned to the three princesses, Ser Loras and Ser Jaime were the chosen one's for this outing, especially since Ser Jaime owed it to her. The rest of the ladies had their own men, each from their respected household guard, two of which were carrying the baskets full of everything they needed for their outing.

As they walked towards the field, she heard Lady Myranda talking to Lady Sansa, almost like she was sharing a secret.

"I hear that brother of yours is entering the grand melee, Lady Sansa." She heard the buxom lady from the Vale say. She looked towards the two and noticed the smirk on the woman's face.

Lady Sansa nodded and smiled at the woman "That's correct, Lady Myranda. Jon didn't seem all that bothered about competing but it would seem Lord Umber twisted his arm." The young red head from the North replied. When she sent a message to the northern camp enquiring whether or not Lady Sansa wanted to join them, the message also included Lady Arya, or just Arya as the wild girl preferred to be called. Unfortunately, Arya wasn't in camp at the time and was busy with her brother.

The same brother who had disappeared for a few years, only to return a few months ago.

She heard Lady Myranda huff in reply as they finally made it on to the grass, there were only a few people there and most of them seemed to have had the same idea as her, sprawled out on their own blankets, enjoying the weather they'd been gifted today. She saw both Ser Jaime and Ser Loras scan the area for any potential threats.

"Please, call me Randa, Lady Sansa." Lady Myranda replied as she chuckled "And I imagine it didn't take too much convincing for Lord Umber to get your brother to compete, he seemed in his own element yesterday from what I saw, isn't that right Ser Jaime?" She said, the last part spoken louder and towards her knight.

She quirked an eyebrow and looked at Ser Jaime in confusion. The man had managed to escape any sort of questioning about yesterday's little situation before leaving the castle earlier. Lady Myranda's comment only struck up even more questions for her to ask later.

The Lannister knight coughed as he looked at her before looking towards Lady Myranda to reply "Lady Sansa's brother is very gifted my Lady." He said.

"In more ways than one." Came her quiet reply but it seemed like she was saying it to herself more than anybody else.

She walked a little closer to Ser Jaime as they walked further along the field "What was she talking about Ser Jaime? Have you met Lady Sansa's brother?" She asked in hushed tones. She looked over towards Lady Myranda who was now chatting with Margaery, Sansa was currently talking with Lady Myrcella and Lady Jeyne.

Jaime nodded and if her mind wasn't playing tricks on her, she was sure she saw a small smirk on the man's lips. "I have your grace, we had a little spar yesterday." He replied. She heard Ser Loras snort.

"If it's what I caught the tail end of, it was more than a little spar as he likes to put it. Although I'm not surprised Ser Jaime would refer to a spar where he lost as 'just a little spar', the less it's talked about the better eh Ser Jaime?" Loras said as he smirked in his direction. The Lannister knight glared back at his brother in arms.

"Wait, it was Lady Sansa's brother you were sparring with?" She asked, she heard Alysanne giggling as Lady Myranda tickled her.

Ser Jaime looked in the direction of Alysanne who was currently in her mother's arms before looking back at her "Yes, your grace. Jon Snow if you were wondering." He answered.

Jon Snow.


Oh Rhae...

Her niece would swoon over a bastard, something her parents wouldn't even entertain the idea of.

She would have to talk to her about it later on.At the moment, Rhaenys, along with her mother and brother were visiting the dornish camp that had arrived just an hour ago.

She heard Ser Loras chuckle, as she looked at him, she noticed him nodding his head towards something in the distance before looking at Ser Jaime "Do you mean that Jon Snow?" He said as Ser Jaime looked down the field where Loras was nodding.

Obviously, she looked down the field herself and noticed two figures in the distance at the edge of the lake, one was bigger than the other and they both had a sword each. As they got closer, she heard Lady Sansa say 'oh no' under her breath, Lady Myranda seemed to reply to that with an 'oh yes' of her own.

As they settled under a tree and laid their blankets down in the shade, she eyed the pair of figures, mainly the bigger one and couldn't help but agree with Lady Myranda's reply to Sansa.

Oh yes indeed.

The two figures were obviously Arya and this brother of hers, this Jon Snow. From what she could see from under the shade of the tree, her niece had very good taste. He was exactly what Rhaenys had described him as, even all the way down to his arse, something she couldn't look away from as it strained against the black leather breaches he was currently sporting. The way he moved as he showcased his moves to his sister was almost sinful to watch from behind.

She was allowed to look, that wasn't a crime.

"Is that your brother Sansa?" She heard Lady Myrcella say as they all looked on at the scene in front of them. Arya managed to slap her thin sword against her brother's thigh as she laughed.

The girl was completely different to the one she'd met at Winterfell a few months ago. The angry scowls seemed to have been replaced with joyous laughter, all because of her brother it would seem.

She heard Sansa groan as she replied to Myrcella's question "Yes, that's my brother and sister," She said before looking towards her and Margaery "I'm so sorry your grace, I wasn't aware that this was what Arya was doing instead of joining us." The Stark girl apologised.

She waved her hand in response "Oh that's absolutely fine Lady Sansa, to be quite honest with you, I'm not sure this would have been something your sister would've wanted to do in the first place, that's if she hasn't changed since the last time I saw her." She said as she sent Sansa a smile to show that she really wasn't offended in the slightest.

She saw Loras elbow Ser Jaime in the side of his breastplate "I'd be worried if I were you Ser Jaime, if he's teaching Lady Sansa's sister all he knows then we might be seeing you lose to a little girl soon." Ser Loras japed. Unfortunately for him, nobody found it very funny, especially his sister.

"You say that like it's a bad thing brother dearest." Margaery said as she sent a perfectly groomed raised eyebrow his way. The smile on Ser Loras' face slightly died as he saw the rest of their group weren't impressed, well, except from Alysanne, she was too busy destroying a grape within her tiny fist and laughing manically.

Maybe something to worry about at a later date. She mused.

"If I was a betting woman, I would say that Ser Jaime could best you rather easily in the yard. And if that's the case, then Sansa's brother over there could probably do it with his eyes closed." She added with a grin, Loras had gotten a little gobby yesterday with her and Rhae so he deserved a little humbling.

"He can do me, preferably with his eyes open and on me during." She heard Myranda utter to herself. Thankfully, it looked like she was the only one to hear her. Either that or everybody was pretending they didn't hear what she'd said. Gods, it was almost as if the woman was in heat with half of the things she was coming out with.

Ser Loras cleared his throat and looked at her "I very much doubt that your grace, I have a feeling Lady Sansa's brother was quite fortunate yesterday, merely a fluke if you ask me." He replied.

"Hang on, how would you know? You weren't there, you were assigned to Princess Rhaenys yesterday afternoon." Ser Jaime said as he looked at Loras in annoyance.

Well shit, well done Loras, way to sell Rhaenys out.

Loras just looked at Ser Jaime and then looked at her like he realised what he'd just done.

"Go on then." Margaery said to her brother as she nodded towards Sansa's brother and sister. Thankfully, Margaery had diverted Ser Jaime's question and possibly saved Rhaenys' skin.

Loras looked at his sister, brow furrowed "Go on what?...your grace." He replied, realising last second that he was talking to a princess and not just his sister.

"Go and see if Sansa's brother will entertain the idea of a spar with you. You said so yourself, he only beat Ser Jaime because he was fortunate. Go and beat him in a spar yourself to prove it." Margaery suggested with that little smirk she seemed to easily wear.

Now Loras was looking torn as he looked at her then back at his sister before looking at everybody else present. He finally settled his gaze in the direction of Sansa's brother before looking back at Margaery.

"Okay, watch me. By your leave your grace." He said as he nodded towards her and his sister before, to everybody's amusement, taking a deep breath before striding towards his potential sparring partner.

From under the shade of the tree, they could just about see what was happening, it would also seem like the tree had given them enough cover to stay out of sight as Sansa's brother turned abruptly when he heard Loras approaching.

She had to avert her eyes momentarily when she finally saw the face that had made an impression on her niece. He was everything Rhae had described and then some, it was the eyes though, his eyes were beautiful. Even from where they were sat, she could see his silver pools that anybody would drown in if they ever stared too long.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, this man was trouble, the good kind of trouble, but she was a princess of the realm, the blood of old valyria, she wouldn't be affected this much by a pretty boy with pretty eyes.

Pull yourself together woman.

She opened her eyes and sneaked a look at everybody else in the group, Marge had a look of interest, no doubt interested to see if her brother could actually beat the man who'd beaten Ser Jaime. She hoped that was what that look was.

Alysanne, who was sat in the middle of the blanket her and Marge were sat on, was in a world of her own as she played with her mother's slipper she'd somehow managed to get off her foot. Completely oblivious of the effect Sansa's brother had on some of them.

Ser Jaime had a straight face but she could see he was interested to see if Loras would be humbled or not, Sansa looked a little worried, Jeyne was smiling wistfully, Myrcella looked on with a smile playing on her face and Myranda, well, Myranda looked borderline predatory as she looked towards Jon and Loras who had just struck up a fighting stance each. Both of them clutching a wooden sword each.

Didn't take much convincing from Loras it would seem.

Who was she kidding, he probably said something to antagonise the man if Arya's scowl that was aimed at him was anything to go by.

As someone with very limited knowledge on the art of swordplay, even she furrowed her brow when she saw Jon's stance and the way Sansa's brother circled Ser Loras. Even Loras looked confused at the way he moved.

"I should've told him to watch his legs." Ser Jaime seemed to say to nobody in particular. She looked at him as the first strike of wood on wood could be heard.

"Why's that Ser Jaime?" She asked as a gasp was heard from her left, Margaery with a look of astonishment on her face.

She looked towards the scene in front of them and was amazed to see Loras on his back, Sansa's brother with a knee pressed against his chest and his wooden sword pointed at Loras' exposed neck.

She heard Jaime chuckle "Because of that." He replied as he nodded towards the two sparring men. She saw the look of shock on Loras' face as he was helped back to his feet by the man who'd just beaten him with shocking efficiency. She also saw the proud smile Arya had on her face as she looked on at her brother beating yet another Kingsguard.

She can't believe she missed it, she turned her head away for barely five seconds.

"What happened?" She asked to nobody in particular.

"Jon didn't even give Loras a chance to swing his sword a second time. He used his large frame and, quite frankly, frightening speed to force Loras on the back foot, a foot that was already being taken from underneath him. Again, I should have told him to watch his legs but I doubt it would've made a difference anyway. Jon is something special if you ask me, the spar was unfair before it even started." Jaime answered. She saw the smirk on his face and something else as well, it looked like pride from the Lannister knight.

Something special indeed.

She saw Loras heading back towards them as Jon and Arya picked their stuff up and left. She was annoyed with herself that she felt disappointed that they'd left.

That he'd left. Her mind rectified.

Ser Loras had a look of shock and disbelief on his face as he finally arrived back under the shade of their tree. He quietly moved behind them and stood next Ser Jaime without saying a single word. He wasn't the only one who was quiet after what they'd just seen.

Ser Jaime planted a hand on the Knight of Flowers in reassurance "Don't let it get to you lad, it happens to the best of us." He said as he gave Ser Loras a small smile. They both jumped as Margaery's slipper was hurled at Loras' legs. Alysanne the culprit, laughing like a manic.

"Boob!" She shouted in the direction of Marge's brother.

Oh gods.

She picked up the giggling girl and sat her on her lap "I think you need to learn how to behave you little monster!" She said as she tickled the little princess. Margaery looked at the pair of them with a grin on her face before shaking her head and placing her slipper, that Jaime had handed back to her, back on her foot. The rest of the group looking at them with amusement on their faces, mainly aimed at the little girl in her arms.

It kept her mind occupied from the thoughts of a certain man, for now.


Jon Snow.

The boy made quite the impression on Ser Jaime when she finally heard what the Lannister knight had to say about him. It would also seem that he'd also made an impression on Lord Tywin, and that in itself was some achievement based on the lord's ruthless reputation.

The surprises kept coming and coming whenever Ser Jaime spoke, informing her on the boy's prowess with the blade, on the unbelievable journey he'd made across the Sunset Sea, the revelation that he'd lived with Jaime's uncle, Gerion Lannister for the past few years, the fact that Gerion was in fact alive and not dead as most people were led to believe.

She'd questioned Ser Jaime of course, on the validity of these claims. She was shocked yet again when he supported the boy's stories, that he knew things that only his uncle Gerion ever knew. And the fact that he'd actually presented Brightroar to him and his father, even handed it back over to them on behalf of Gerion without asking for any fee or reward. These were some very convincing ways to prove the boy's claims.

After all was said and done, she'd decided that she needed to meet Jon Snow, she just needed to come up with an appropriate way to do such a thing. Luckily for her, the current topic of conversation at the high table during the evening feast was exactly the boy she was intrigued by.

And by the way her daughter and granddaughter's conversation was going, she wasn't the only one with an interest in the boy.

"Did he say anything to you?" Rhaenys said as she tucked into her apple tart. Daenerys shook her head as she enjoyed her own dessert.

"We didn't even meet. As soon as Loras made a show of himself, he left with his sister. To be honest, I don't think either of them were best pleased when he disturbed them." She replied.

"I can't believe he's done it to Jaime and now Loras as well. I wonder if he's going for the whole lot of them." Rhaenys japed.

Daenerys chuckled herself as she polished off her tart and dabbed the corners of her mouth with her napkin "It wouldn't be the most farfetched thing to happen, Ser Jaime and now Ser Loras were child's play for him, even Jaime would agree that it was way too easy the way he brushed past the two of them. Bear in mind that's half of the crowns team for the melee."

"That's a point, who's filling up the other two spots? I know uncle Oberyn and Obara are competing for Dorne, Ari said Daemon was as well." Rhaenys asked before putting a spoonful of her tart in her mouth.

"Your brother is one and the other is Ser Arthur. Rhaegar managed to convince him, especially with the whispers about our northern friend slowly spreading. Apparently, Ser Jaime has already had a small word with Ser Arthur about him." Daenerys explained before sipping from her goblet.

Now that was something interesting to Rhaella's ears. She wasn't aware of Jaime and Arthur's conversation, it would be very interesting to see what the famed knight of Starfall would do with this information.

Rhaenys sighed "Does it make me a bad person because I want to see Jon beat Arthur? Imagine the reaction." She said as Daenerys shook her head.

"Not at all. I for one want to see just that, I think Egg would be fine with it as well, he's always been annoyed with how good Arthur is, bringing him down a peg or two would do your brother just fine I predict." Her daughter replied.

"Maybe Ser Gerold will see something in Jon, he could return to the Red Keep to train as a future Kingsguard, who knows." Rhaenys suggested to Daenerys, but the way she was looking into the distance, she was mainly saying it to herself.

It would seem that her granddaughter already had a plan brewing in her head, a plan that had Jon Snow returning to the capital with them, something she wasn't sure how to feel about. She wasn't stupid, she knew why her granddaughter wanted the boy to return back with them if their current conversation was anything to go by.

"Careful Rhae, you're playing a dangerous game." Daenerys warned when she realised what Rhaenys was thinking about. And how couldn't she, it was written all over her granddaughter's face.

The girl was smitten.

Rhaenys turned to Dany and smirked "Aren't the dangerous ones always the most fun?" She replied. Dany smiled and shook her head as she looked out to the sea of people present in the great hall of the newly renovated castle.

"You're wasting your time, he's not here." Rhae said.

Dany turned back and looked at Rhae. From the corner of her eye she caught her daughter looking over Rhaenys' shoulder in her direction, almost like she'd only just realised that her mother was sat quite close to them.

Daenerys underestimated her mother's good hearing, even the quieter voice she replied to Rhae with could be heard "Who's not here?" Daenerys replied but she wasn't fooling anybody, especially Rhaenys who gave her an amused look.

"You know exactly who I speak of, don't play that game with me. He never entered the hall when the northern lords arrived from what I saw and I haven't seen him throughout dinner. Trust me, I've been looking." Rhaenys said as she took a generous gulp from her goblet.

That would explain why she couldn't pinpoint the boy. She expected him to be sat with his family but the boys who were sat with them were clearly too young to be Jon Snow, they were more than likely the two youngest sons of Lord Stark and his wife.

She thought it was rather odd for the boy not to be present, it wasn't like his baseborn status kept him away from the feast, Prince Oberyn's brood were prime evidence of that as she caught one of the older ones laughing at something her cousin, Princess Arianne had just said.

Her son's wife, her daughter in law, something that had completely slipped her mind. It didn't help that her son was dead set on ignoring his wife for the whole duration of the feast, he was more interested in his brother in law, Prince Quentyn than her.

With the amount of time he seemed to spend with the dornish Prince, she wondered if there was more to it than friendship. Whatever it was, she would make sure to keep a close eye on it, although from what Elia had told her back in the capital before they departed, we'd be seeing a lot less of Prince Quentyn. What that meant, she wasn't sure.

She was taken from her musings by the sound of tables and chairs being dragged across the floor, the sound of musicians testing instruments making it obvious that it was now time for the dancing. She saw lords approaching ladies in the hopes of a partner, ladies playing the role of the shy maid as they fluttered eyelashes and nodded at their requests.

It was all just a game, it always had been. In her older age, she'd become tired of it all. She knew there was a bit of bitterness there, of a childhood crush being denied by her father in favour of marrying her brother.

Fuck it, there was a reason to bitter. She thought to herself as she rose from her chair. Rhaegar looked at her in confusion from where he sat.

"This is a surprise mother, I was led to believe you weren't a fan of dancing?" Her son japed as he smiled her way. She didn't see him smile often but when he did, she remembered it to the finest detail.

She cleared her throat and smiled as she smoothed down her skirts, from the corner of her eye she caught a few brave young lords heading towards the high table towards the two unwed princesses, she didn't miss the small groan that her daughter made.

"I'm still not a fan of them my dear. I was hoping Ser Barristan here could escort me outside for a bit of fresh air, it's gotten awfully humid in here." She explained to her son as she looked at the reliable knight.

"Of course, your grace." Ser Barristan answered with a bow.

Rhaegar looked at her with slight concern "Are you okay mother?" He asked. Her son was always worrying about her.

She patted him on the shoulder as she walked past him "I'm fine, stop worrying. When you get to my age, you'll understand the need for a bit of respite from these sorts of events." She explained to him. Her son nodded but the look of concern didn't leave his face. She didn't give him a chance to fret over her as she made her way through the hall and towards the main doors to the courtyard, Ser Barristan by her side as lords and ladies bowed and curtsied for her as she passed.

There was a humid feel to the evening due to the warm weather they'd been lucky with throughout the day, the small breeze that accompanied the night sky was perfect to deem it comfortable. The lake was only a couple of minutes away from the castle and it seemed like the ideal place to clear her head.

"A lovely evening for a little walk wouldn't you say Ser Barristan?" She said to the bold knight.

Ser Barristan nodded his head "Most satisfactory your grace." He replied as they headed towards the lake.

She side eyed the old knight and smiled at him "I have a feeling the fresh air will do the both of us some good, they don't realise that it's a chore being old." She japed as Ser Barristan chuckled in reply.

"Only one of us here is old your grace." Ser Barristan replied with a smile.

She smiled back at him "You don't need to flatter me Ser Barristan, I'm well aware of my own age." She replied back.

She saw the knight reply with a smile but noticed it completely drop as he looked in the distance. She looked down the field of grass along the side of the lake in the direction Ser Barristan was looking and noticed what had just wiped the smile of her knight's face.

"Would you like me to get rid of them your grace?" Ser Barristan said as they slowly approached the culprits.

"That won't be necessary Ser Barristan, they were here first, it's only fair." She replied as she eyed the man and beast laying down in the grass. It looked like the man was looking up at the night sky, at the numerous stars on display. The big white dog wasn't interested in the slightest however as it snoozed away, she could hear it loudly snoring even from where they were stood.

As they got closer, she noticed the dog slowly wake from its slumber and open its eyes, they were met with blood red orbs that were rather unnerving to say the least. Ser Barristan had his hand firmly on his sword as he subtly moved in front of her. The dog however, didn't budge from where it laid, just lifted its nose in the air before staring at them. The man laid next to the beast hadn't budged yet.

That's when she noticed it, something very odd indeed, something that had Ser Barristan on edge as he held his arm out in front of her to prevent her approach. She was too busy staring at the man's eyes to reprimand the knight for his action.

Milky white eyes devoid of anything.

Was he blind or...

It clicked like a finished puzzle, the white dog on closer inspection was clearly a wolf of some kind, the man was dressed in northern garb and the fur cloak he was using as a pillow for his head was also northern.

Stark colouring...


This had to be the man the two girls were talking about, this had to be Jon Snow.

...and he's a warg? A skinchanger?

That was the only explanation. She eyed the wolf again, it hadn't stopped staring at them. Was he warging into the wolf? She didn't know, as a matter of fact, she knew very little of the ancient magic of the north, she was unaware of how to proceed from where they were.

Should she wake him up? Was it dangerous to do so? She didn't know.

Luckily for her, she didn't have to do anything as the boy rapidly blinked his eyes, turning back to their normal state, and she had to admit, they were a sight to behold, a lovely shade of grey, like pools of silver. It was then, the boy realised he wasn't alone as looked in their direction.

"No sudden movements there's a good lad." Ser Barristan said as the young man slowly rose from where he was, a pair of sheathed swords left on the ground next to where he was laid. Jon made no attempt at grabbing them as he stood at his full height, taller than his father it would seem.

He bent down and grabbed his fur cloak and tossed it over his shoulders, making him look even bigger than he already was. The wolf seemed to know his master's intentions as it too rose from where it was laid, it too was taller than expected. She could practically feel Ser Barristan stiffen as the boy bent down to retrieve his swords.

"I'm warning you." Ser Barristan said in a stern voice as he slightly unsheathed his sword. This was answered with a deep grumbly growl from the wolf as it eyed the white knight. Jon, for his part, picked his sword belt up, along with the two swords and tied them to his back in an unorthodox fashion. He ruffled the wolf on the head to calm it down she guessed before replying to Ser Barristan.

"Calm down Ser, I was just leaving." He replied with his deep northern burr. He looked at her and she saw the small change in his face, something like recognition on his admittedly, handsome face. She wasn't the biggest fan of facial hair but it seemed to work on the boy.

Man, he was a man. Boys don't look like that.

"Show some respect young man, you're in the presence of Queen Rhaella of House Targaryen. Its customary to bow to royalty." Ser Barristan explained. He still hadn't taken his hand of his sword.

The sword was almost unsheathed as Jon delicately grabbed hold of her hand and kissed the back of it as he bowed at the same time. When he looked at her through his lashes as he rose back to his height, she understood the fuss the two girls made over him.

Seven hells, you're old enough to be his grandmother, pull yourself together woman. She chided herself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, truly." Jon said. The way his features soften to a more natural state showed that he was being sincere.

What was that? What was that feeling?

"The pleasure is all mine Lord..." She replied, making sure she didn't give away that she already knew who he was. That odd feeling didn't go away as she stared at his face, waiting for a reply.

"Just Jon your grace, Jon Snow." He answered as he ran his hand through the fur of his wolf.

She looked down at said wolf and smiled "And who is this handsome one?" She asked. She saw the tail of the wolf slightly sway after her compliment.

Intelligent creature.

Jon patted the wolf on its flank "This is Ghost, he's a good lad when he wants to be. Aren't ya?" Jon said as rubbed Ghost's face with both of his hands. The wolfs tail started wagging a little more aggressively as he started happily panting. She had to admit, the change between the cold stance the wolf had to begin with compared to what she was seeing now was truly incredible.

Jon looked back up at her from where he was knelt with a smile on his face.

It was like a kick to the gut.

She knew that smile...

That's what that odd feeling was when she looked at him, like she'd somehow met him before even though she knew she hadn't.

She hadn't met him before...

He just looked like somebody that she had met...

Somebody she birthed from her own womb...

The cheekbones...

The curvature of his nose...

The jawline...

The smile...

... why?

Why did the man in front of her share so many features with her own son, her Rhaegar?

She looked back at the man in front of her after getting lost in her own thoughts, now that she'd made the connection with her son it was difficult not to see those shared features.

Why? It didn't make sense.

She was too stunned and affected to get herself through a full conversation with him, it was almost unnerving as she looked at him.

She needed to regroup, put the whole of tomorrow into working out whatever this was. A plan to tackle this confusing development.

She cleared her throat "Well it was nice to meet you two, if you would excuse me, I think my bed is calling for me." She explained to Jon, still fazed by the whole situation.

Jon looked almost disappointed by what she'd just said but nodded in reply "It was nice meeting you too, sleep well your grace." He replied. She nodded at his reply and with one final look at his very familiar face, she turned away and headed back towards the castle. She took a steadying breath to calm her heart.

It was safe to say, she wouldn't be sleeping well tonight, there were too many questions that needed answers to allow such a thing. She had a feeling that she'd just uncovered something she wasn't supposed to.

The elusive bastard of Winterfell. Crazy stories of adventure, valyrian swords and defeated Kingsguard. The man was like a book she couldn't put down, and she was determined to read the whole thing.

She was determined to get to the bottom of this.

Oh dear Ned, Grandmama has the scent :)

Don't worry if you thought the conversation was a bit short at the end , Jon and Rhaella will be having a full blown conversation next chapter. They'll be tea and everything ;)

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