ASOIAF/GOT: Minecraft in Essos.

Azrael, a language teacher in his old life, transported to the world of ice and fire for no apparent reason, left in a desert near the Dothraki sea, without knowing how he got there and his purpose, must go through tribulations and trials in order to survive in a world full of betrayal, death, hunger, wars and supernatural beings, being his only weapon the little knowledge about the world and a creative Minecraft menu at his disposal. ---------------- --------- For readers who dive into my story, the protagonist will not be op, since I don't have the idea of the protagonist as such in that way, but he will have tools and methods that will make his life easier, which will be largely based on Minecraft's creative menu and his general knowledge of the world. Now, if you decide to read it, I could use your reviews, so this book can reach more people and at the same time motivate me to keep writing. Patreon if you want to help me and read ahead. patreon.com/Dreamer392 Discord: https://discord.gg/2zSPT88TdV

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Chapter three: Khal

~~~~(Point of view; Amanda)~~~~

~~~~(Date: 275 AC)~~~~

"Hurry Amanda!" I heard my companion shout, who was with me helping me hoist up a small tent. 

The Khalasar who had enslaved me years ago, had stopped marching, causing the whole mob to stop and start setting up the small huts, setting up the pen for the ducks and chickens, and feeding the horses. 

Fortunately, I possessed knowledge of several languages, which at the same time was bad, since I was forced to go to the front and be the Khal's translator every time the Khal entered a city where he would be given tribute; it almost always happened in Pentos. 

Now, being the translator offered me improvements in that I didn't have to do forced labor, and at the same time, the Ko 'protected' me to a certain extent since I was important to their Khal. 

However, today I was not in the Khal's service, but traveling behind with the other women, children, and elders, as the Khal did not need me for the moment, giving me freedom for the time being. 

But just as I was about to pitch my tent, a Ko approached me, and knowing that I could not rest well for the day, I resigned myself. 

"The Khal is calling you; stop what you are doing and follow me," the man said to me, giving me no time to answer him or complain, although, even if he gave me time, I wouldn't, unless I wanted to end up dead at the end of the day. 

After walking for a few minutes, we finally reached the Khal, who was already in the company of his faithful blood riders. 

Moving away a little, I managed to see a modest construction in front of me, made of wood and stone, which seemed very nice to look at and cozy it seemed. 

What looked like a hut, was only one floor, with several windows of what looked like glass. The owner of this house is surely very rich, considering that the house had several dark windows that did not let you see inside the house, not to mention what looked like torches made of glass with a kind of fire inside, giving light and clarity in the night. 

After several seconds in which the Dothraki savages surrounded and inspected the house, even breaking one of the torches in their eagerness to touch them, the heavy door of the house opened, from which a man came out, dressed in full plate armor and a great sword in his hand. 

To be shocked would be an understatement, not at the person, but at what he wore, for before I was a slave to the Dothraki I lived in Pentos, a place from which I was sold into slavery as a gift when the Khal once visited the city, and during my time there and, being the daughter of merchants, I had books and teaching at my disposal, and one of those things I learned from a merchant father was to distinguish things of value from things of no value. 

And boy did the armor and sword have value, and how could they not? If they were made of Valyrian steel, poor man, if anyone else realized what he was wearing and told the Khal, the Khal could kill him and sell the armor and sword, managing to get as far as the city of Pentos itself with it if he wanted to. 

While I was lost in my thoughts, the Ko who had brought me closer to the front, where I could see the man more clearly, along with his expensive robes, which looked more beautiful stood closer. 


A loud knock brought me out of my thoughts, causing me to stifle a scream. Watching as the Khal waited for me to start speaking, and so I did, I began to say greetings to him in Ghiscari, Lhazareen, a bit of the common tongue, and even Low Valyrian, until the man answered me in perfect High Valyrian, surprising me a bit. 

"Hello, I am Azrael. I don't know what your purpose is here, but I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone," he told me, and it only made me feel sorry for him. I was about to be killed if I relayed his words to the Khal, but that was no longer my problem. 

Once I knew he would say no more, I relayed his words to the Khal, and as I guessed, he did not take it well, telling me to tell him that he was now his slave and would have to surrender his armor and sword. 

The man, full of courage he drew from somewhere unknown, became elated and blurted out: "You can tell your master to go to hell; if he doesn't know how to go, I will gladly create a door for him; I will not be his slave," he said as he gripped his great sword tighter. 

When I said that to the Khal, he ordered the man killed, leaving me to watch as the Dothraki approached him and tried to cut him down, but only for me. In an amazing display of speed to evade his arakh, and swinging his sword with mind-blowing speed, he cleaved the arakh of the savage Dothraki with a single blow. 

And if that were not enough, in one haphazard motion, he raised his sword and almost completely severed the neck of the one who had challenged him. 


That alone could be heard, with the atmosphere full of tension and the iron smell of blood in the air, with the unknown man and the Khal in a harsh war of stares. 

"Tell your Khal to bugger off, unless he wants to die and have his Khalasar be mine," the man spoke to me, surprising me even more at his bravery or his stupidity, whichever he had in greater quantity. 

Already knowing the man would not back down, I left his words to the Khal, who himself got off his horse and drew his great arakh he was willing to kill the man himself, and judging by his expression, he thought the man would not give him defiance.

Only for the Khal to frown as the man raised his sword in defiance, ready to duel the Khal to death. 

~~~~(Point of View; Azrael Sanchez)~~~~

~~~~(Date: 275 AC)~~~~

Looking at how things had ended, I was a little surprised. The truth was that I was not willing to murder anyone; however, once I felt threatened, I did not hesitate to raise my sword and end the life of the man now lying in the sand. 

At first, I wanted not to fight the Dothraki, let alone the Khal, which is why I had insisted that they go their way and leave me alone, not because I was afraid since I had tools to defend myself, but because the potions had only four minutes of use remaining. After that, I would have to drink others, and I knew that during that time, many things could happen that would get me killed. 

So it was a blessing in disguise when the Khal decided to fight me himself, since if I killed him, his Khalasar would be mine, making the Dothraki not bother me. At the same time, I would have a whole Khalasar at my disposal, and I didn't know so far if it would be good or bad. 

But all those thoughts I cast aside when the savage Dothraki swung his arakh in front of me with a speed that caught me off guard and even surprised me in the process, since even with the speed potion, the Khal was not far behind. 

Concentrating hard, I was able to parry several of the Khal's blows. At the same time, I saw that he had learned from the previous Dothraki since he did not let me hit my sword directly into his arakh, but deflected it as much as possible, avoiding it to split like the one I had killed a few minutes ago. 

But in his attempts to deflect my blows, he took advantage of that and raised his arakh, crashing it directly into my chest, causing a shrill sound to be heard, and although the arakh did nothing to me, not even to the armor, it did manage to distract me, giving him enough time for him Khal to raise his arakh again and manage to make a large cut on my left arm, causing me to briefly lose control of my arm. 

So knowing that I could not defeat him with one arm, I stepped back a bit to give myself time, and without letting him go, I pulled out a weakness splash potion, just as the Khal was about to meet me again, I quickly ran towards him and stopped his arakh with my sword, at the same time throwing the potion on his chest. 

The Khal, seeing that I had thrown something unknown at him, became a little alarmed, but seeing that it did him no harm, he continued to struggle for the next three seconds, until his movements suddenly became sluggish, and at the same time his complexion turned dark, as if he was dizzy and felt like vomiting. 

Seeing that this was my chance, I approached him again, and taking advantage of the fact that the Khal was no longer defending himself as before, I was able to start wounding him in various parts of his body, until the Khal could no longer take it anymore and fell on his knees in front of me, to which I just took my sword and buried it in his chest, piercing the body and letting my sword out of his back. 

When the blood riders saw that their Khal was dead, they tried to pounce on me, to which I threw poison splash potions at each of them, managing to see how the warriors fell with their skin being corroded. 

When it was all over, I didn't have the mental strength to continue fighting, and seeing that no one was going to stop me, I grabbed my sword and went back into my hut, long enough for all the potions I had taken to lose their effect, leaving me with a severe headache and slight dizziness. 

After I recovered a bit, I took a health and regeneration potion, to see my wounded arm heal and the skin close up, leaving only dried blood and smooth skin, and then fell to the floor tired, ready to sleep.

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