ASOIAF/GOT: Minecraft in Essos.

Azrael, a language teacher in his old life, transported to the world of ice and fire for no apparent reason, left in a desert near the Dothraki sea, without knowing how he got there and his purpose, must go through tribulations and trials in order to survive in a world full of betrayal, death, hunger, wars and supernatural beings, being his only weapon the little knowledge about the world and a creative Minecraft menu at his disposal. ---------------- --------- For readers who dive into my story, the protagonist will not be op, since I don't have the idea of the protagonist as such in that way, but he will have tools and methods that will make his life easier, which will be largely based on Minecraft's creative menu and his general knowledge of the world. Now, if you decide to read it, I could use your reviews, so this book can reach more people and at the same time motivate me to keep writing. Patreon if you want to help me and read ahead. patreon.com/Dreamer392 Discord: https://discord.gg/2zSPT88TdV

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Chapter One: New Life

~~~~(Point of view: Azrael Sanchez)~~~~

~~~~(Date: 275 AC)~~~~

Sand, endless sand, everywhere I looked, I only saw sand, nothing more than that, I had been under this embracing sun for about half an hour without seeing water, life and much less any town or human settlement, and well, the truth is I didn't know how I had gotten to this situation either, I was completely aware that I had gotten into my car heading to work just before I opened my eyes and described that I was with my ass full of sand. 

How had this happened to me? What was I doing here? Of course, it was becoming apparent that I was no longer in my car, nor in my comfort zone, since, well, I was in a goddamn abandoned desert for god's sake!



Beside me floated a small bucket; apparently it was made of sand, right where I had hit my fist a moment ago due to my outburst, the bucket floated freely, unconcerned with my confusion or state. 

'Yeah, I've already gone crazy; I knew spending so much time in the cathedral would do that to me' I thought, and the truth was the only answer for this, because, a while ago, I was a simple language teacher at the Indo-American university. 

Although now that I think about it, this cube looks familiar.... Roblox? No, Tetris? No, geometry dash... neither. 


"Oh shit... Yeah, I'm definitely crazy." 

Reaching out my hand to find out if it wasn't a mirage or something due to lack of water or being in the sun too long, I touched the floating cube, feeling as if it brushed against a stream of wind, only to have the cube disappear the same way it appeared in the first place. 

"Is that all?" 

No… it wasn't, since after a few seconds an image appeared in front of my retina, a row of empty squares filled my vision, with a section of five squares on the left side, where a brick wall was shown, in another a sword and a helmet, in another a bed, in the next a piece of land with a flower, and in the last a magnifying glass. 

Deciding to continue to indulge my hallucinations, and at least knowing that it was a menu of the famous Minecraft game, I touched the bedside table, where then the part of the empty squares was replaced by a long row of squares full of various objects, tools and accessories. 

But the only one that caught my attention was the water bucket, so wanting to touch it, I felt an extra weight in my hand, and wanting to take my eyes off the menu in front of me, it agreed, letting me see the yellow dessert again. 

But now it wasn't my concern; my attention was on the bucket of water in my right hand. It looked big, and contained water inside, and for its size, it didn't weigh much, so knowing that already my common sense was on the ground, I decided to scramble to sprinkle the water from the bucket on the ground. 


'It worked'; it really worked. In front of me was a small portion of water, which flowed with control, soaking the dry sand and relieving my heat a little when it touched my feet. The part where I had poured the water was still gushing, like a small endless fountain, gushing crystal clear and clean water, filling a small well on the ground. It was a complete relief for my dehydrated body. 

Knowing now that some of it might be real, I decided to open the menu again and head for the sword and helmet box. I came across several items, but the most appetizing was the whole chicken seen in one of the pictures. 

So, doing the same as with the previous bucket of water, I touched the chicken, and the familiar extra weight in my hand became present. Once my sight was free again, I spotted the meaty, cooked chicken in my hand, and without a second thought, I took a strong bite into the thigh, feeling the tender meat and glorious flavor in my taste buds. 

When I finally finished with the chicken, I felt completely satiated, although at the same time, the sun affected me more. Deciding to end it once and for all, I decided to take blocks of wood and build a small wooden hut, in order to protect myself from the sun. 

When I finished, the sun was already setting, and knowing that it was not appropriate to stay outside any longer, I decided to enter the hut. Upon entering it, I was greeted by my work, a slightly large but cozy hut, with a small kitchen, a proper dining room with eight comfortable chairs, three large rooms and a storage room. 

While I knew I could not stay long in this desert, I also understood that I had to get used to my 'power', to know its limits, its scope and all that it had to offer me. 

So without being sleepy, I decided to get to know the menu more thoroughly, starting by taking out gold, gems, food, and tools. I even took out a record player and started listening to a tender melody. 

When I got to the turn of the weapons and armor, I was fascinated. Of course, in the game, they are shown in full armor, and while Steve and the other characters looked great, that was not enough to show the beauty of the armor and weapons. 

The armors, being made of plates, had intricate designs and runes engraved all over them, whether iron or gold, with a beautiful simplicity, as well as being very comfortable and light once I put on full iron armor. 

As for the weapons, they were made with delicacy and divine hands, being all large swords, with leather grips and well-crafted pommels and crosspieces, but what most caught my attention were the weapons made of what, if I remember correctly, was netherite, since they had the smoky pattern characteristic of Damascus steel. 

After several hours of admiring and getting to know the menu better, I was filled with a beautiful experience, realizing that this brought infinite possibilities for me and my relatives, at the same time that it brought problems and obstacles. 

Just at that, I heard voices and noises outside the cabin, which sounded as if they were adult voices. The excitement filled me for the first time, since it meant that they were people who could answer my questions and tell me where I was, but just as I was about to go out and engage in conversation with the people outside, something stopped me, and that was when I saw through the black-tinted glass windows those people. 

They wore leather vests, while they all rode beautiful, strong steeds, and on them, the owners of the voices, were their riders, men with copper skin from the sun, with sturdy bodies and long braids, with bells hanging from them. 

That was all the information I needed, horses, braids, bells..... Dothrakis, Essos, Asoiaf. 

Everything I remembered from the books and the series came cascading at me, giving me an understanding of where I was and the danger I was in. 


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