1 The So Called Light

The darkness around me is cold... Very cold I try to move my body but only pain is what I feel. Somehow my only heat source is within my chest. Most likely my heart but I died... I don't know how but I know for sure I died. I remember snippets of life before I died and my last memory is rapidly approaching concrete then nothing. So I committed suicide but afterward, I felt nothing but what felt like millennia all I felt is the piercing cold. There is a faint memory of an entity I came across but it's been so long I have long forgotten the conversation.

So am I alive? I don't know... Even though im cold this warmth in my chest feels so foreign but familiar its as if my body finds salvation in it. I thought about moving this warmth to the rest of me and the unexpected happened it spread across. I felt relief, I felt-



"Get up you little shit!" shouted the slaver.

On the ground lies a 5 year old girl with long ash grey hair that seemed to reach her ankles and she wore basically wrags. Cuts and bruises adorned her skin, any decent person from earth would beat the hell out of the abuser and then call the authorities. The people here however only had eyes of pity, uncaring, or disgust. The pity came from slaves that felt bad for the little girl who just started life. The uncaring came from the villagers that simply walked passed as if this is a normal occurrence. The disgust came from the slavers, and noblemen who were currently present looking at the little girl before them.

"Sorry about that I didn't expect that little girl to drop like that," said the slave leader that adorned an eye patch.

"Hmph... It is expected of these leeches to society to suddenly drop. They are worse than the rest of you common trash" said the Nobleman.

The Nobleman here adorned a fancy medieval times suit with flamboyant colors. Had slick back brown hair that had way too much hair gel. He had a benevolent look of a person looking down upon ants.

The slaver leader took no offense to the noble's words caused he is used to their mindset toward commoners. The other slavers had irritated looks on their faces but couldn't act. Attacking a noble means you and anyone related to you are good as dead.

"I thought she dropped dead for a second" said the Slaver Leader.

"It rarely happens but we feed them enough so they won't die but passing out is a normal occurrence. Found out this whip here comes in real handy. Costed me a lot but I even got a nonlethal lighting enchantment on it" said the slaver who just whipped the little girl on the ground.

"Well she hasn't gotten up yet but I saw her jolt which means she is awake but hasn't gotten up" said one of the other slavers.

Suddenly the Slaver Leader started to clutch his left eye which had the patch over it. It hurts whenever when there is danger. He started to look around while on guard but suddenly he heard a soft thud.

He turned to see his second in command head on the ground. Looking at his facial expression he didn't even know he died.

"Aaaaaaaaah!" Yelled the Slaver Leader gripping the left of his face

Suddenly his left eye hurt so bad it caused him to fall to his knees. He looked up and he swear is now seeing the "Devil"...

The Slaver Leader looked at the grey hair girl that was sitting up. Her long grey hair is covering her face but 2 eerily blue glowing eyes were staring at his very soul were penetrating through her metaphoric veil.

The Slaver Leader wanted to end this pain he felt. He obviously knew that his left eye throbbed whenever there is danger. The origin is coming from this little girl but he knew she wasn't a threat so he bit his lip drawing blood. Distracting him from his throbbing left eye. He grabbed his knife and charged the girl but before could get too close his head left his body.

All this happened so fast no one could react to what just happened. The slavers were shocked not one but both their leaders were dead. The noble however pissed his pants cause he realized how much danger he is in. He is just a rank 2 in magic cultivation but the slave leader and his second in command is rank 4. Both of them got beheaded before his very eyes and he didn't even see who did it. He had to run or stay and die. So he ran away like a little bitch...

Just after the noble ran away a burst of smoke appeared in front of the little girl. The smoke dispersed revealing a man wearing a hood and decrepit armor. With two daggers in his hand. The remaining slaver look at this man in fear but one wasn't afraid in fact he is fuming with anger. He wanted revenge so like an idiot he rushed the newcomer with a war cry.

This act caused the other slavers to rush the man who killed their leaders like they were nothing. How could they lose there are 15 of them while the man is only one person. Surely they would win right?

Wrong... The man before them is the warframe Ash. A warframe that could kill you before you could even blink. A master of assassination techniques. Ash simply looked at the 15 men approaching. He simply turned around and picked up the little girl who oozes the aura of death like a baby.

Ash turned around and the men were at least 10 feet away but before they could come closer. 15 shadowy figures that resembled ash dropped on each slaver. A slaver either got beheaded, throat slit, or received a shadowy blade to the heart.

There was nothing but silence in the area as villagers and slaves looked in awe and fear for what just happened. A man showed up made a noble run away in fright and killed a notorious slaver group as if this was a normal Tuesday. Just as he appeared in a smokescreen, Ash left in a smokescreen that quickly disappeared revealing nothing but empty space. He and the little girl both disappeared as if they weren't there in the first place.

That day will be remembered by both the villagers and slaves that were present during the massacre. No... Slaughter would be more accurate. As for where Ash and the little girl went not a single soul knows.