Ashes Of Me - The Night of The Rape Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Ashes Of Me - The Night of The Rape


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  • 24 Chs

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WARNING - EXTREMELY triggering content - contains VIOLENCE, ABUSE and RAPE Abby has always felt like the problem child. Now amidst the budding angst and confusion of her teenage years, trouble finds her when she falls hopelessly in love with the handsome and mysterious Chris, a man she saw occasionally at school and knows virtually nothing about. What starts out as harmless infatuation materializes into something more concerning when she builds a lie or two to try and get his attention, starting with her age. Pretending to be older to tickle his interest, Abby is about to find out how dangerous it can be to play games with a such a captivating adult, one more than capable of beguiling her into surrendering all control. It's enough to make her wish she had never crossed his path, but now it's too late: with her lies, she's created the perfect condition, the perfect scene... the perfect victim. This is a story about innocence, infatuation, obsession, and ultimately, trauma.

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