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Asgardian Royalty


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A lost soul being reincarnated by the most supreme of beings, has a new and fulfilling life by her own design. Follow as she finds out what it means to have gods as parents and siblings and some of the dangers that follow with that outcome. Auriel must grow into her own person and overcome some of the challenges presented to her, with some future knowledge about what might come and how things may turn out, will she leave events to transpire as they should? Should she intervene when moments are most crucial? Or should she change the outcome completely? Being an Asgardian princess and knowing what’s to come, what would she do? ****************************************************** This novel is purely written for my enjoyment, I get nothing from writing it. There may be some inconsistencies coming up, I will try to explain everything as best as I could without a massive info dump but please keep in mind I am still human and will make mistakes. I have no editor besides myself. I will try and keep things clear and readable. English is not my first language so some spelling or manners of speech may be different than what is shown in either the MCU or Comics, again I am only human. I will try be as consistent as possible with chapter release as possible but please understand that I also enjoy other fan-fics and novels as well as draw inspiration from different sources. Please leave ideas in the comments, differing points of view is always welcome.

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