5 Sacrificial Pawns

Looking at the five devil kings, Liang sneered in his heart. He flapped his hands and five old papers appeared in front of him. "Here are the contracts I promised you. With them, you would be able to replace the souls of the five people I arranged"

The contracts in front of them contained the blood essence of the five cultivators.

The devil kings looked at the contracts with glowing eyes, examining the details carefully and sensing the blood essence of the five cultivators.

For a devil soul to appear in this way without their physical body , they had to make a contract signed with the summoner's blood essence. Once the contract is signed, there's no going back. The summoner would be under the devil's control, but it's different in this case. There's a huge difference in the cultivation level between the five devil kings and the five cultivators. Through the contract, the devil kings could replace the cultivator they had a contract with whatever they wanted.

But due to the big difference in cultivation, the summoner's body won't be able to withstand the devil's soul for a long period, as it will begin to wither away. That's exactly why Liang told Li Gang that his desire would most likely cost him his life. It's a suicidal mission in the first place. Driven by their thirst for revenge, the five cultivators didn't care about the outcome of this mission.

It was clear that Liang had put a lot of effort into this plan. They each took one of the contracts, studying it closely.

"You don't need to worry, every one of the five cultivators has a True Devil innate Body. It took me over two hundred years to find them. I have even created an unresolvable grudge between them and the major ten sects."

That's right, he is the one who told the Divine Phoenix Sect elder about Li Gang Dao's companion.

As for Guan Wei, he killed some of the Heavenly Conqueror sect Core Formation Elders and framed Guan Wei, making the sect sit to kill him and avenge their disciples. But what he didn't expect is that one of the Core Formation cultivators he killed was a disciple of one of the sect's Spirit Severing Realm ancestors. Unable to find Guan Wei, he vented his anger on Guan Wei Sect.

As for Zhang Lie, it was even easier. He just delivered a false rumour to the Heavenly Thunder palace, telling them that the Hidden Moon Sect had found a heavenly thunder dao stone, which was very important to the palace's most respected ancestor.

As for Han Zhi, Liang Yifei had bribed one of the sect's elders, a Nascent Soul cultivator, to steal the artefact and then planted it in Hsn Zhi's possession. The elder framed Han Zhi for the theft, and the sect had no reason to doubt him.

As for Li Xin, he just spread some rumours about him having an affair with one of the Immortal Jade Sect's female disciples, making the sect have no other choice but to clean their reputation, as the Immortal Jade Sect female disciples are forbidden from having any relationship with men.

The devil kings nodded in understanding, impressed by Liang's meticulous planning and execution.

"Everything seems to be in order," said the fiery red devil king, his eyes glowing with excitement. "Let us begin."

The devil kings each took their contracts and disappeared back into the mirror, their devilish qi dispersing into the air. Liang watched as the devil kings disappeared back into the mirror, their forms becoming blurry once more before vanishing entirely into the mirror's black surface.

As the five devil kings vanished into thin air, Liang couldn't help but sneer, his lips curling into a confident smirk.

"Well, I hope these fools don't disappoint me," Liang muttered under his breath,Each word dripped with disdain, as if he already considered their demise inevitable.

Liang's mind wandered, contemplating the events that had unfolded and the significance of his plan.

With a tinge of self-assuredness, he thought, "And if everything has gone as predicted, nothing should be able to halt my triumph."

"As for those so-called Devil Kings and the ten major powers that had been a constant thorn in my side," Liang mused aloud, a small, sinister smile creeping onto his face."I reckon that they will simply cease to exist."

It was as if he had already orchestrated their downfall, envisioning their obliteration with a sense of detached amusement.

With a determined look on his face, Liang strode out of the room, his mind already turning to his next move. He knew that he had to be careful now, as the major ten sects were sure to come after him once they realized what he had done. But he was willing to risk it all for the chance to seize power and change his fate, a second chance that would lead him to a completely new path.

As he walked down the hallway, his mind racing with thoughts and plans, Liang couldn't help but feel a sense of exhilaration.

He was about to embark on a journey that would change his life forever, and he was ready for it. He had already sacrificed everything for this chance, and he would do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

With a final glance at Free Heart Inn, Liang walked out, ready to face whatever lay ahead.

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