Ascension of the Sylvan Cosmos

Follow the story of Tianlian Liu Shu, a tree who didn't know anything at first and struggles to survive and extend her roots through the cosmos. The World she lives in is filled with fantastic sights and strange new cultures, and there is something everybody in this World has: A system. Moreover, even while she is a tree, she has people who will fawn over her...? "Tiantian, does the Sun feel good on your leaves today?" "Liu Liu, I've found this delicious compost made of natural extract~." "Tian'er, does the wind feel good on your branches?" Tianlian Liu Shu, a female tree, didn't really know what to do with these fawning women. patreon.com/Mortrexo Uploading also on Scribblehub. Uploading also on Wattpad. Uploading also on Archive Of Our Own. Uploading also on Royal Road. Discord: discord.gg/RsEAYd6Xak Novel Cover: patreon.com/posts/ascension-of-97475506

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Chapter 75. Ant Queen's True Face.

Ariel looked at Flor for a while, and when she saw the Rose Fairy Queen staring at the materials, she asked her. "So, where do I unload these carriages?"

Flor looked at them and said. "Come with me. There is a place where we can do so. As for space…" Flor looked at all the materials and became thoughtful. "They should fit inside, although barely. I never expected the Blazebark and other elemental barks to be so big."

Ignatia asked. "Didn't you have one Gustbark piece already?"

Flor nodded. "We do, but I thought it was a bigger piece than usual."

Ignatia laughed. "You are so silly sometimes, that's cute~."

Flor chopped her head again. After all, she was seated on her shoulder. Ariel looked at them and asked. "It's quite impressive."

Flor tilted her head. "What's impressive?" 

Ariel commented. "Well, in books, it is always said that different forest races usually can't stand the sight of each other. Slaughtering each other for even the slightest grievances." Ariel pointed at the two Queens and smiled. "However, look at both of you."

Flor was about to speak when Ignatia interrupted and stated first. "Don't put us in the same category as wild beasts that know nothing and just listen to their instincts. While I can't say that we are as intelligent as races like you humans, the only reason Rose Fairies or I can't really become a "proper" race is because of the limitations we are born with." 

Ignatia sighed. "My intelligence is far above average for forest creatures; however, even if I can compare to humans, I will never be considered part of a proper race because my progeny consists of little darlings who, sadly, can't develop complex thoughts." 

Ariel listened as Ignatia continued. "Rose Fairies are similar. Their intelligence is clearly not low. Flor even broke a few barriers and is slowly taking strides to gain intelligence thanks to her recent transformation." Ignatia cut Ariel off, who was about to speak. "But she will never be considered one of the intelligent races. Even if she manages to build a country here, she won't. The reason is that her system is different. There is a difference at the core of our very beings that we can't change." 

Ariel didn't speak as Ignatia spoke fluently and with intensity. "So, Miss Ariel, while we are forest creatures who, most of the time, probably lack intelligence in your eyes and with reason, do not bulk us with those beasts that move with just instinct." 

Flor looked at Ignatia deeply, finding her words somewhat enlightening. She was a Level 12 and had recently developed a new view of the world. Her ability to think and discern situations was also getting much clearer. 

Ariel nodded and said. "Excuse me, Ignatia. I guess I unconsciously grouped you up. I've been interacting with both of you, so I should be the one who knows what you just said the best. Yet, I was inconsiderate." 

Ignatia nodded, her antennae bobbing up and down. "It's good that you know."

Flor changed subjects by pointing at the entrance of the <Lignified Vault>. "That's where we will store our items."

Robert looked at the large and heavy-looking door with interest. "Oh? You've built a subterranean nest or something?"

Flor smiled. "It's a vault."

Robert's thick eyebrow raised. "A proper vault?"

Flor nodded. "It wasn't like this at first. However, after we built it near Liu Shu, she somehow assimilated it with her roots and reformed it. The vault is not only spacious and secure, but it is also protected by Liu Shu. It is the most secure place for us."

Then, the Rose Fairy Queen's wings buzzed as she floated off Ignatia's shoulder and approached the vault's door.

Grabbing onto the hidden handle, Flor slowly pulled upward. Her strength was exceptionally high, even for her petite body, and soon, the heavy door began rising. From the depths of the entrance, a dense aura of pure Aether Mana and Anima Energy slammed onto them, creating a suffocating area around them. 

Maley asked with a loud exclamation. "W-What's that!? What is this aura?!" 

Flor pondered. "Hm… Perhaps Liu Shu is doing something down there?" She looked at the tree, but the tree's voice reached her first. 

'Flor, close the vault. I'm losing mana density. I can't work well if I lose too much.'

With a quick motion, the Rose Fairy Queen closed the door, creating a loud bang. The powerful sound startled the rest, and Ignatia asked. "What's wrong? Is it too heavy?"

Flor shook her head. "We can't open it until Liu Shu finishes with her things, I guess." 

Ariel asked with a frown. "And how much time will that take?"

She couldn't help but feel awkward as she answered. "I don't know."

Ariel, Maley, Doley, and Robert couldn't help but feel helpless as they looked at the World Tree. Being so close, they could feel the sheer magnitude of the energies being manipulated, so it was clear that she wasn't doing something that would be finished in a few hours.

Flor commented. "How about you leave all the materials here and then leave? It's not like it will matter much whether they are inside or outside the vault. Moreover, the space around Liu Shu is free, so dumping the materials there won't bother anybody."

Ariel found no better option, so she agreed with it. "Sure, we can do that."

For the next two hours, they worked together to unload both carriages. There was always someone around the <Centirage > so that it wouldn't flee from Liu Shu's presence. However, other than that, there were no problems unloading all the items. 

Looking at the wide array of building materials, Flor couldn't help but feel happy. 'With this, we'll be able to build quite a few things.' 

Flor then spoke. "Wait here, I'll come back quickly." 

The humans saw Flor fly away into the forest with curiosity, but they didn't bother following behind her.

Robert looked at Ignatia and spoke seriously. "Ant Queen."

Ignatia's compound eyes didn't move, but Robert felt that even when Ignatia kept looking forward, she was looking at him thanks to the complex layering of her eyes. 

Robert commented. "You know how your race is usually classified, right?"

Ignatia nodded faintly. "Intelligent Ant Queens like me are usually classified as a big threat, right?"

Robert shook his head. "If a beast tide and the birth of an ant queen are discovered simultaneously, guess where the top levels of that place will go. Will they go defend their country from the approaching beast tide? Or will they leave everyone behind in that danger and go hunt the recently discovered ant queen?" 

Ignatia turned her head and looked at Robert. Being stared at by those compound insect eyes was pressuring, as reading emotions from them was impossible. While Ignatia looked mostly human, her long antennae, compound eyes, large thorax-like tail, and the aura around her highlighted her lack of humanity. "They will hunt the Ant Queen."

Robert paused, and Ignatia smiled. "Do you know why I'm as intelligent as I am? After all, I'm just a monster born in a cave that has been surrounded by ants since birth. Even if ants can communicate, it doesn't make sense that my intelligence and vocabulary are as developed as they are."

The four humans tensed, many ideas flashing through their minds.

Ignatia laughed. "Well, I will leave you with that itch. However, know that I understand how dangerous I am. My existence is one that most other creatures hate." Ignatia looked toward the forest where Flor lived. "While not for the same reason, I've always been hunted. The only race that actually let us live in the forest without problems was the Rose Fairies."

Ignatia's throat made strange clicking sounds that sounded like laughter. "In truth, even before the World Tree appeared, I was never going to antagonize the Rose Fairies unless they made the first move. Thankfully, I avoided a life full of fighting for survival alone because I was patient and didn't start expanding as soon as I had the chance." 

Ignatia smiled. "Before Flor became as strong as she currently is, who could stop me if I wanted? Froorar? Ha!" Ignatia laughed mockingly. "My numbers are in the thousands, while those of any other race in the forest never exceeded two hundred. I could stomp them using tactics, and I could stop them with raw power. Regardless, no one could stop me." 

Ignatia spoke. "But if I did that, I knew that eventually, someone who is much stronger than I am would appear to stomp me into the ground," Ignatia enunciated mockingly. "Like the ant that I am."

The four humans didn't feel relieved hearing Ignatia's self-reflection. Quite the opposite, their sense of alertness was at an all-time high. The intelligence shown by the Ant Queen made it quite clear why they were considered a threat. 

As monsters, every ant acted by pure instinct and followed the queen's orders. However, the leader was not as stupid. On the contrary, a humanoid Ant Queen was as intelligent as any other human. Ariel and the other three realized it now. Ignatia was, by no means, stupid.

If anything, she was even more wise, intelligent and cunning than most humans they'd met. 

If someone tried to trick this creature, that person falling to the ant queen's mandibles would be much more probable unless the difference in strength was too high. 

Ignatia commented with a smile. "So, dear humans. Flor is relatively naive and knows almost nothing about negotiation and everything, but I do." A menacing clicking sound escaped Ignatia's throat as she articulated. "If you think that I don't know that you've kept a few of the gains for yourselves from selling the berries, you are mistaken. Do not try to scam Flor or that little tree she adores again, understood?" 

Ariel's smile faltered as her heart rhythm accelerated. As Ignatia said, they hadn't been completely honest. In truth, they spent just 60% of their earnings on buying these materials. With the other 40 percent, buying another <Centirage > and carriage and filling it with more materials was not impossible. 

They just thought that, since forest creatures were clueless about pricing and other things, they would be able to earn a little extra while taking advantage of them.

Ignatia looked toward the forest and saw Flor returning with a large sack full of berries. "She is about to give you an even more valuable resource and trust you once more." Ignatia warned. "I, the Ant Queen, am protecting this grove. Don't you dare try and pollute it with your human culture of dishonesty." 

Ariel and the other three felt chills rushing through their bodies, even when the pressure from Ignatia had disappeared. 

Flor arrived with a smile. "Oh? Why are you so serious? Did I take too long?"

Ignatia smiled and picked up the bag while placing Flor on her shoulder again. "Don't worry, Flor. We just had a small conversation. How about you show them those berries? I'm sure they will be able to buy many more materials." 

Flor nodded a few times. "Right? That kind of berry is very valuable, after all." 

Ignatia looked at the humans and smiled. "You'll work hard, right?"

The four humans nodded solemnly, their faces carrying a smile uglier than crying.