Ascension of the Sylvan Cosmos

Follow the story of Tianlian Liu Shu, a tree who didn't know anything at first and struggles to survive and extend her roots through the cosmos. The World she lives in is filled with fantastic sights and strange new cultures, and there is something everybody in this World has: A system. Moreover, even while she is a tree, she has people who will fawn over her...? "Tiantian, does the Sun feel good on your leaves today?" "Liu Liu, I've found this delicious compost made of natural extract~." "Tian'er, does the wind feel good on your branches?" Tianlian Liu Shu, a female tree, didn't really know what to do with these fawning women. patreon.com/Mortrexo Uploading also on Scribblehub. Uploading also on Wattpad. Uploading also on Archive Of Our Own. Uploading also on Royal Road. Discord: discord.gg/RsEAYd6Xak Novel Cover: patreon.com/posts/ascension-of-97475506

Mortrexo · Fantasy
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105 Chs

Chapter 61. Bloodbath.

Liu Shu, with her <World Tree Eye> that absorbed information from the entire battlefield, looked at the low-level beasts with pure indifference. Even as she was under attack, she remained unfazed, focusing her attention on enemies of higher levels.

Her ethereal branches swung around like deadly whips, killing left and right and slicing the enemy's numbers much faster than they could ever kill the ants and Rose Fairies.

By now, casualties on one enemy side had risen to a staggering 140, while the number of fallen creatures on Liu Shu's side remained a reassuringly low 17. Of them, 12 were ants, and the rest were Rose Fairies.

As Liu Shu's Aether Mana and Anima Energy rapidly diminished, and her Phoer Body Shards were sliced off at a slow pace, she pondered her next move. 'All Level 9s and 8s are dead. The Level 7s are also rapidly dwindling; if I continue attacking after the Level 7s, I will likely exhaust my Aether mana and Anima energy before the Level 6s are defeated.'

Her strategic mind was at work, calculating the best course of action.

With a cold, calculating gaze, Liu Shu surveyed the battlefield of the Level 10s. 'I'll use my roots to entangle instead of directly killing them and aid the group. That will be a more efficient use of energy. And I must not forget to eliminate all the flying creatures that are attacking the Rose Fairies.'

Her decisions were crucial, and the battlefield would soon reflect their impact.

Soon, the Level 10s were surprised when the floor below them burst with roots and tried to attach themselves to their legs. They were quick to fight back, and some of them managed to destroy those roots, making Liu Shu feel an incredibly sharp pain.

Her roots were sensitive and full of receptors, so their destruction was uncomfortable and painful. Her ability to withstand punishment on her main body was superb, as her trunk was created to resist nature's whims and man's actions.

To destroy her trunk, a creature would need a lot of effort.

Meanwhile, her roots acted as her receptors toward the world. They were naturally strong, as they would need to pierce through most materials as she grew in size and her roots dug deeper. However, that didn't mean that they were as pain-resistant.

They were sensitive on purpose so that Liu Shu could quickly identify where her roots were being attacked. If she didn't know an attack was happening on her underground, then it could get dangerous really quickly.

While Liu Shu was angered and impressively focused, she was still a youngling who didn't know pain.

She could not resist her roots being ripped to shreds without reaction. Not to mention, those attacks hurt her Phoer Body Shards by a decent chunk, leaving her at around 60% of her initial Phoer Pool.

As Liu Shu's pain-filled aura burst filled the area, many became enraged. However, one particular Sylvan had a thread in her mind snap as an unrivaled fury rushed through her body like an unstoppable inferno. "YOU DARE MAKE HER CRY IN PAIN!? YOU IGNORANT AND FILTHY BEAST SHALL LEARN THE MEANING OF DEATH TODAY!"


Her aura burst into a fire tornado as she unrooted her feet and charged forward with explosive speed. Her three-and-a-half-meter-tall transformed body lunged forward like a flaming meteor, instantly crossing the distance between them.

The two Level 11s that destroyed Liu Shu's roots were a large magpie-like bird and the Thornstride Froorar. Froorar was fighting tremendously efficiently, giving Cinderielle some trouble. However, in Cinderielle's mind, this kind of fight was much more welcome than her fight with the murderous Rose Fairy Queen.

Meanwhile, the magpie that swooped down to prevent Froorar from being entangled felt extreme danger approaching from the Fire Aether Mana burst. With the quickest reaction it could muster, its wings flapped, trying to retake flight and continue to harass the Sylvan with the Thornstride, but it was too late, the furious Sylvan was right beside it.

A large yet slender hand with fingers that looked made of smooth and beautiful red bark-like skin latched around one of its wings before the magpie could leave the ground completely. "COME DOWN HERE YOU BEAST!"

A terrifying pulling force shot the bird downward, cratering with tremendous force. Cinderielle's over 50 points in Physique were brutal for the creature made for flight, which had finer bones with more fragile structures.


The shock of the attack sliced a significant portion of its Phoer Mana Shards, leaving the bird's mind confused as an impossible sharp pain burned throughout its body.

Its wing was broken together with many of its bones, while many of the organs had been ripped open from the impact of the blow. Until now, Cinderielle hadn't managed to land a clean attack on it because she was playing the long run. However, when she felt the painful aura coming from Liu Shu, her desire to burn every single beast down to ashes filled her mind, and she stopped caring about her own safety.

Meanwhile, Froorar, who had been overcome by Cinderielle's sudden speed burst, instantly turned around and jumped at Cinderielle's tall back. 'Since you've dared ignore me, give me your arm!'

His jaw opened wide as the powerful bite attack was released.


The sharp teeth pierced through the terrifyingly sturdy skin and even cracked the shoulder bone with a sickening sound. However, to Froorar's confusion, Cinderielle didn't react by flinging him away while being filled with pain.

Instead, Froorar could feel his body being closely held by the Sylvan. 'What is she doing!?'

Cinderielle's hoarse and powerful voice spread around once again. "BURN FILTHY CREATURES!"


A pillar of flames surrounded Cinderielle and swallowed all three of them.

The piercing screech of the bird and Froorar's shout echoed around as their bodies were cooked alive under the Flame Sylvan's powerful flames. Froorar's mind instantly activated as pain receptors shook his mind, and his mouth opened wide to release a sharp, painful scream.

Trying to escape, the bird and Froorar fought for their lives, attacking Cinderielle with whatever they could. Their claws, talons, and teeth scratched her continuously, creating serious wounds around her and making her 9000 Phoer Body Shards plummet.

However, Cinderielle's face remained ruthless and murderous as she increased the potency of her flames. "DIE!"


Everything around her was engulfed in flames that swallowed even the sound of the creatures inside.

Soon, the struggles ceased as the flaming vortex of fire disappeared, revealing Cinderielle, who was covered in the ashes of both creatures who had died and were utterly carbonized.

Cinderielle stood there, breathing raggedly as her Phoer Body Shards had been reduced to a little more than 1000. Her transformation was also about to end, as the five minutes had almost gone by. However, she wasn't done yet. Her Aether Mana and Anima energy was still at 4000 points.

Turning around toward the mass of beasts, she rushed forward and picked up her fallen staff, pointing toward several groups where beasts fought Liu Shu's roots. "EXPLODE!"

Fireballs flew across the battlefield, impacting creatures gnawing at Liu Shu's roots. Their explosions weren't large, but they had terrifying piercing power. So, they managed to kill the beasts without hurting Liu Shu, as their insides were cooked by a concentrated explosion.

Cinderielle didn't care and fired indiscriminately, aiming at the beasts and killing around 30 more of them before her transformation ended.

Once her body returned back to normal, her heavy injuries stopped being supported by her transformation's natural regeneration, and she fell to her knees as a spurt of blood left her mouth. Thankfully, she was not critical, but these injuries were almost worse than Flor's neck injury. 'T-This place is going to be my death. I almost died twice in less than a week after arriving here.'

However, there was no regret in her mind, only wicked joy as she looked at the dead creatures. Her orange eyes glowed sinisterly. 'Since you dared to attack my Tiantian, Death is your only way.'

Cinderielle's battlefield was not the only one that ended; Flor also had help from Liu Shu's roots and finally managed to finish off her enemy. The power of the Rose Fairy Queen was profound, as her tier was one above the rest at E- Tier.

With Flor being freed, she first looked toward Liu Shu and inspected the situation. Seeing Liu Shu being attacked by several beasts while helping the rest of the creatures with her branches, her heart ached. 'That little one, she was born not too long ago for a World Tree and she needs to bear a battle like this.'

When looking at those beasts and remembering Liu Shu's cheerful way of calling her, anger rushed toward her head, and her wings buzzed loudly as her body shot toward that area.

With a Level 12 joining the battle, the tides were spectacularly overturned. Flor's presence was like a hurricane of death as her attacks slaughtered at least two creatures each.

Of course, the first thing she did when arriving was kill all the beasts around Liu Shu and then join the battle.

Moreover, as a Level 12, while her focus was on Aether, her Physique stat was more than enough to exchange blows with a Physique-focused Level 9 beast, not to mention the weaker Level 7, 6, and 5s that were left alive.

She was mowing the creatures, and nothing could stop her.

Meanwhile, Ignatia and the four humans were still going at it with the other Level 10s. However, seeing the dire situation, the Level 10s that were still alive couldn't help but grow apprehensive. It was the truth that every enemy was exhausted, but that was their case as well.

While they didn't want to believe it, this war was utterly lost. Because of their increased intelligence as Level 10s, they realized that staying any longer would be dangerous.

With quick judgment, one of them turned and left, prompting the others to follow behind right after. Sadly, these creatures attacked a World Tree, and World Trees didn't like leaving behind anyone alive between those who attacked them.

So, when Liu Shu saw that they were escaping, anger almost blinded her. 'You dare attack me, and now, you FLEE!? DO YOU THINK MY DOMAIN IS YOUR NEST!? SINCE YOU'VE COME, STAY FOREVER! <ROOT MANIPULATION>!'

Around 80% of her remaining Aether Mana and Anima energy flowed through her roots toward that area, nourishing her roots and allowing her to control them. Like earth dragons rushing out of the ground, the several dozen roots in their area burst from the ground with incredible speed and tightly coiled around their bodies.

The beasts struggled, wanting to get free, but the roots around them were much sturdier than before, and their blue energy veins glowed with ethereal light.

Ignatia and the humans didn't lose the chance presented, and all of them went for the kill.

The remaining Aether Mana and Anima energy inside Liu Shu was almost completely depleted from holding the four Level 10s down for a few moments, and right after she saw them die, her <World Tree Eye> instantly shut down as her entire body entered a dormant state out of exhaustion.