Ascension of the Sylvan Cosmos

Follow the story of Tianlian Liu Shu, a tree who didn't know anything at first and struggles to survive and extend her roots through the cosmos. The World she lives in is filled with fantastic sights and strange new cultures, and there is something everybody in this World has: A system. Moreover, even while she is a tree, she has people who will fawn over her...? "Tiantian, does the Sun feel good on your leaves today?" "Liu Liu, I've found this delicious compost made of natural extract~." "Tian'er, does the wind feel good on your branches?" Tianlian Liu Shu, a female tree, didn't really know what to do with these fawning women. patreon.com/Mortrexo Uploading also on Scribblehub. Uploading also on Wattpad. Uploading also on Archive Of Our Own. Uploading also on Royal Road. Discord: discord.gg/RsEAYd6Xak Novel Cover: patreon.com/posts/ascension-of-97475506

Mortrexo · Fantasy
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Chapter 50. Bandit Attack.

As Cinderielle was traveling, their caravan approached the wilderness. It was a dirt path with clear wheel traces and footprints, created by people with innate affinities for manipulating dirt, earth, rocks, and similar materials in general.

The state of the road was a stark contrast to the untamed wilderness that surrounded it. It was solid-looking and firm, meticulously tended, with clear lines that separated the road from the natural, wild expanse.

As the caravan trod the path at a gentle pace, Cinderielle talked with the woman who approached her. "So, Cinder, if that's even your real name, hahaha. How does it feel to be a Sylvan?"

Cinderielle looked at her as if she were stupid. "What kind of question is that? Miss Ariel, I recommend that you don't speak nonsense."

Ariel smirked. "So scary. So? You can't give an answer?"

Cinderielle rolled her eyes and looked forward. "Who could? It's not like I know how a human feels about things. The only things that I know are different between us for certain is our System, innate affinities, lifespan, and our look on the World's beings."

Ariel lifted her eyebrow. "What do you mean with that last one?"

Cinderielle spoke flatly. "You don't perceive the flora's beauty past its superficial appearance."

Ariel paused and asked. "Are you speaking about tree-loving?"

Cinderielle gave her a side-eye. "That's a disrespectful way of putting it."

Ariel laughed again and asked with a smirk. "What's the 'respectful' way of putting it then, miss?"

"Don't act stupid. You could say 'love for trees,' 'appreciation of flora,' 'interest in nature,' and many more." Cinderielle sighed. "Well, it's not like you can understand."

Ariel nodded. "That's true. I just can't seem to understand what you see in trees or other plants. What is it that attracts you, Sylvans, to such creatures who, most of the time, can't even properly communicate?"

Cinderielle shook her head. "It's not about appearance, Ariel. Do you think Sylvans would get together with humans at all if we were speaking about appearances? Human males are not exactly attractive except for a small minority. Even intercourse is not as pleasant from the accounts of most Sylvans."

Cinderielle concluded. "We, Sylvans, look further into their beings and feel the connection with our partner-to-be. We focus on the feeling and understanding of the target's nature."

Ariel wanted to ask more, but Cinderielle lifted her hand. "No need to discuss further. Do you want anything else?"

Ariel shook her head and sighed. "I actually do."


"Well, the leader asked me to communicate with you because he felt that talking with a woman would be easier for you. Can I ask for your objective in going out of the city this time?"

Cinderielle had nothing to hide since the mission she took to investigate was very common. With just that information, the existence of her <Sylvan Quest> wouldn't be discovered.

"Yes." Cinderielle nodded and continued. "There were a few missions regarding the investigation of the Golden Sap Forest. It seems that creatures have been moving strangely recently, so the higher-ups are fearful of a beast tide happening. My current objective is to see if I can find any indications of the tide happening."

Ariel realized and sighed with a troubled look.

"What's wrong?"

Hearing Cinderielle's question, Ariel commented. "Well, if a beast tide is really about to happen, our business will take quite a hit. Caravan traveling is usually the most prosperous and safe during peaceful times. It is true that during war times or dangerous moments, the profits increase. However, so does the risks."

Cinderielle could understand. There was a high chance of being asked to carry out dangerous jobs if there were emergencies. Being emergencies, they would be paid generously. However, it was during these perilous times that risks increased. If, for example, someone didn't want you to deliver something, they could send people to get you.

While Cinderielle thought of these matters, the caravan advanced quite deeply through the path. Ariel spoke with her. "We are about four hours away from reaching the Golden Sap Forest."

Cinderielle nodded as she sat in one of the carriages, holding her staff between her arms and leaning on the side of the open door. 'Hm… This is quite peaceful.'

The sound of the beasts' feet touching the ground and reaching her ears was accompanied by the clatter of the items around her making sound, creating a peculiar atmosphere.

There was sudden movement at the roadside, alerting the guards. Soon, without much of a warning, a group of people wearing dark robes appeared on the roadside. Cinderielle frowned and quickly looked around, trying to check their systems.

However, as she checked, Cinderielle saw a flash of light and quickly dodged to the right. Right after she moved, an arrow with a white aura shot right where her forehead was. 'This precision… They are not normal bandits.'

With the first attack shot, the entire place got heated up as everyone lunged at each other. Cinderielle lifted her staff, and her Aether Mana surged crazily as plumes of fire surrounded her.

Then, she waved it, and several fireballs streaked across the air, landing on distant enemies between the bushes. Ariel saw that and asked, worried. "Do you want to light the entire forest in flames?!"

Cinderielle spun her staff and lifted it, creating one bigger ball of pure fire and shooting it again.


An enormous fire explosion swallowed a large area as numbers of damage flooded her vision.

Ariel looked on with a speechless look, not understanding what motivations Cinderielle had. 'Aren't Sylvans allies of nature, this can-huh?'

Ariel stopped herself from speaking after the flames subsided, revealing an intact patch of forest that had been damaged by just the explosion's burst and not the flames.

Cinderielle spoke flatly. "My flames naturally don't burn plants if I don't want to."

Ariel's lips twitched as she took back two steps to dodge an incoming sword strike. "Naturally, of course, naturally fire doesn't burn plants. How silly of me!"

Cinderielle sent a fireball behind Ariel, hitting a bandit who was trying to sneak attack her. "Focus!"

While Cinderielle fought, she saw that two of the 30 bandits were rushing straight at her. She looked at them quickly and managed to see their level and ternary essences.

Level: 8

Aether Mana Shards: 1345/1605

Phoer Body Shards: 1520/1800

Anima Energy Shards: 1498/1584

Level 9

Aether Mana Shards: 892/1054

Phoer Body Shards: 2901/3358

Anima Energy Shards: 945/990

Then, with a quick glance, she checked hers.

Aether Mana Shards: 4921/5363

Phoer Body Shards: 2847/2847

Anima Energy Shards: 2650/2847

With practiced motions, Cinderielle unsheathed her sword on her waist while spinning her staff and placing it on her back.

The Level 8 approached first, using a complex footwork that made his body blurry. Cinderielle snorted and stomped the ground.

While lifting her leg, fire energy gathered around her leg, and after her foot powerfully landed, it created a loud explosive sound.


The Level 8 thought that it was just an intimidation tactic, so he didn't react much. However, what surprised him was seeing Cinderielle's body using the counter force from the explosion to launch herself forward while thrusting her sword.

His face changed to one of horror as he realized that he couldn't dodge. Thankfully for him, his partner was much sharper and managed to react, swinging his own short sword toward the path Cinderielle's body was taking.

With inhuman reactions, Cinderielle stomped the ground with her other foot, sending herself sideways and dodging the incoming sword strike.

Her ability to react was primarily due to her <Blazeleaf Robe>, which gave her a passive skill that decreased her reaction time by ten percent, making her motion vision ridiculously detailed.

 However, Cinderielle didn't stop there, as after spinning her body in a very precise way, she quickly created another burst, lunging at the Level 8 from a tricky angle at an incredible speed.


The Level 8 certainly didn't expect such a movement that almost defied the laws of inertia. However, he had no time to mourn as Cinderielle's blazing orange eyes were locked on his neck.

Cinderielle shouted. "DIE!"

The bandit screamed back as he used his all to move the sword. "YOU WISH!"


The collision of swords was followed up by a massive fiery explosion created by Cinderielle.


Cinderielle clicked her tongue. 'Too shallow!' Her back felt chilly as her senses warned her, but it was too late.

"The one to die is you."

Reacting as fast as she could, she summoned a ball of fire on her back and exploded it.


The blast threw her body forward, allowing her to dodge the sword. However, she did around 200 damage to herself with that attack.

The Level 9 that almost got her frowned and quickly followed. 'Even if she has thrown herself forward, she is destabilized. I can still finish her off.'

Cinderielle's mind quickly analyzed her situation, and she gritted her teeth. 'Should I use it now? But if I do, I won't have it for the exploration!'

Still, she didn't have to worry as Ariel appeared and blocked the strike coming at her with a loud metallic sound.

Ariel smirked. "Hey, oh mighty Sylvan, need help?"

Cinderielle didn't lose a single second as she spun her sword three times and created a spiral of flames that rushed forward. "About time that you came."

Ariel wanted to roll her eyes, but she was exchanging blows with Level 9 and couldn't get distracted. Felling the heat coming from her back, she sidestepped right as a flame spiral brushed past the place where she stood before. 'Huh? That will miss-'


The attack exploded mid-air, hitting the similarly confident Level 9 at the side.


Ariel grinned. 'Not bad.'

Then, both women started battling by each other's side, quickly shaving off the Phoer Body Shards of the Level 8 and Level 9.

After a few exchanges back and forth, Cinderielle managed to spot an opportunity and rushed forward.

After Ariel dodged the attack from the Level 8, she lowered her body while spinning in place to release a powerful swipe kick that hit true.

The acceleration of her leg lifted the Level 8's feet off the ground, and Cinderielle took the chance. "Die!"

Her sword descended, piercing his chest, and then, Cinderielle ruthlessly exploded flames inside his chest.


The man's insides expanded as his eyeballs almost popped out comically. Of course, the result was not comical at all.

[Congratulations on defeating <Shadow 8 Feet Human Level>. You've gained 10 Experience Points.]

With the Level 8 dead, the Level 9 hesitated for a second before looking around. 'We are losing? Huh? What is that?'

The place he looked over to was where the handsome man stood. His bodyguard at the side took out a giant mace and swung it in a descended arc toward an approaching Level 7.


The loud sound echoed on the battlefield, forcing many to look over at the absolutely raw results of the attack that turned the attacker into a pulp.

The handsome man who was being protected smirked. "Quite an interesting thing. This is my first time receiving a bandit attack."

Cinderielle and Ariel saw the Level 9 pausing and then turning around to flee, confusing them. Looking over to the place the bandit was looking, their lips twitched as their food almost climbed up from their stomach to say hello.

Ariel said after gagging once. "Ugh! No wonder he fled."

Cinderielle's lips were twisted as she nodded. "Yeah…"