Ascension of the Sylvan Cosmos

Follow the story of Tianlian Liu Shu, a tree who didn't know anything at first and struggles to survive and extend her roots through the cosmos. The World she lives in is filled with fantastic sights and strange new cultures, and there is something everybody in this World has: A system. Moreover, even while she is a tree, she has people who will fawn over her...? "Tiantian, does the Sun feel good on your leaves today?" "Liu Liu, I've found this delicious compost made of natural extract~." "Tian'er, does the wind feel good on your branches?" Tianlian Liu Shu, a female tree, didn't really know what to do with these fawning women. patreon.com/Mortrexo Uploading also on Scribblehub. Uploading also on Wattpad. Uploading also on Archive Of Our Own. Uploading also on Royal Road. Discord: discord.gg/RsEAYd6Xak Novel Cover: patreon.com/posts/ascension-of-97475506

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Chapter 47. Level 10 vs World Tree.

When Flor came out of the <Lignified Vault>, she saw a nervous Rose Fairy flying around and waiting for her. "Leader! We need help! The Thornstrides are back but with many more creatures than ever!"

The Rose Fairy's anxiety was palpable, her voice trembling as she called out to Flor. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Flor turned to Liu Shu. "Liu Shu, I must leave immediately. Be prepared to defend yourself if needed."

Then, our World Tree saw many Rose Fairies fly off her vision radius while Flor called the combatants and brought them out with her. Flor chose to leave Clavel and Zinia behind since they were strong and influential enough to guide the Rose Fairies in case of an emergency.

Clavel spoke aloud, calling all the Rose Fairies left behind. "Come and gather around Liu Shu. It seems that this time, the situation is dire! Remember to follow our words and avoid getting too far away."

The Rose Fairies gathered around while Liu Shu looked at them with a pondering expression. 'Hm. I wonder if they will be able to fight this time. Flor looked quite worried.'

As she thought about that, her <World Tree Eye> caught movement, and she hastily focused on that area, trying not to be as noticeable as she was when looking at Rose Fairies. While <World Tree Eye> was a powerful skill, it also carried her presence. So, while observing creatures as a whole was possible to do relatively silently, when she focused on something, that creature would feel her gaze.

<World Tree Eye> worked by manipulating the energy in the air to be transmitted through her roots and transformed into images. As a World Tree, Liu Shu didn't really have a "brain" like a normal creature.

Her entire body had the ability to "think" while her <World Tree Heart> served as a place to keep her knowledge safe. In short, while the whole body had the capacity to process and hold information, <World Tree Heart> was the place that constituted Liu Shu's core.

'Hm? River Beavers?' Liu Shu focused and saw increasingly more creatures entering her detection range. Moreover, they just didn't come from one direction. While this tactic didn't work on her since she had 360º spherical vision, that was not the case for the Rose Fairies.

Looking at Clavel's face, Liu Shu was quick to understand that she hadn't realized yet. She sent a message with the feeling of "Danger" so that she would realize that something was wrong.

Clavel was looking around when her brain was hit by a powerful energy wave that screamed danger to all her instincts. She was momentarily confused about why Liu Shu would do something like that, but her eyes widened as she realized. She shouted. "Quickly move toward the <Lignified Vault>! We are being attacked!"

Liu Shu was quick as well, opening the heavy door with her roots and allowing all Level 4 and below Rose Fairies to rush inside. The rest stood outside.

While the combatant Rose Fairies numbered less than 15, Clavel and Zinia were wearing one of Liu Shu's amulets each. Moreover, they were the Level 4 ones, increasing their strength a notch. Their Aether Mana reserves and attributes were equal to Amapola's, who was a Level 9 creature one tier higher than them.

Clavel and Zinia were F Tier creatures, while Amapola was a Level 9 F+ Tier powerhouse. The amulet's ability to make them close to that was enough to leave Clavel and Zinia with astounded expressions when they first wore them.

But even with two "Amapola-level" Rose Fairies, their faces were not relaxed at all. The reason was that a larger-than-normal river beaver appeared. This creature's eyes were much sharper than the others, and its body felt strong at a glance.

Clavel's face became ashen as she bit her lips. "Why is he here…?"

Liu Shu's <Charm of the Seedling> triggered.

[[<Charm of the Seedling> has attracted a <Level 10 River Beaver>. Proficiency increased by 100.] 

The World Tree's aura made a change as Liu Shu's entire being utterly focused on the task ahead. A Level 10 was a threat that she had to take seriously, no matter how strong she currently was.

Her mind sharpened, her processing speed increased, and when her entire attention was gathered, she became cold and threatening.


All River Beavers paused when the almost 7-meter-tall tree's aura released. A feeling of mortal danger overcame everyone as all creatures within Liu Shu's <World Tree Eye> felt as if a superior being's eye had just opened above their heads.

Some weaker beavers took a few steps back, looking up at the clear sky in fear. Clavel's eyes widened as well because Liu Shu's aura was indiscriminate due to her lack of control.

While she knew that Liu Shu was a friend in her mind, her body couldn't help but flinch and sweat coldly. Clavel, Zinia, and the other Rose Fairies moved a bit away from her and turned around to look at the tree with flabbergasted expressions. Clavel stuttered. "W-When did she become so strong?"

Zinia commented with a solemn expression. "Even with the amulet… I feel like I'm nothing but prey in front of her."

The Level 10 River Beaver that appeared with an army of 40 other River Beavers paused, his feelings of taking it easy disappearing right when the aura hit him.

Unlike the Thornstride leader, this Level 10 was not an intelligent one. While he was much cleverer than a typical beast, it was to the level of a smart dog. Moreover, while Liu Shu felt threatened, the Level 10 beast had some pride in it. After all, it had lived as a king of the river for quite a few years already. It wouldn't be his first time fighting a relatively mighty tree.

But just in the same way that he fought other trees, thinking he would win, he had no way of knowing that the one standing tall in front of him was none other than a Sapling World Tree.

Clavel snapped out of her daze and hastily commanded. "Remain around Liu Shu. While she might look imposing right now, remember that she is a creature who has housed us for many months and given us all the berries you carry in the pouches. Trust in her!"

The rest of the Rose Fairies took a deep breath, and in a burst of trust, they all flew and floated by the currently imposing World Tree. In the first seconds, they were terrified, but after not feeling any enmity from the prominent being, the feeling of Liu Shu completely changed, becoming extremely reliable and motivating.

Zinia smirked. "It feels as if Flor never left."

Clavel grinned. "40 River Beavers? Tsk, tsk. They should've doubled the numbers."

Right after, the Level 10 River Beaver made a sharp yet penetrating battle cry.

All forty beavers, the smallest the size of a large dog and the biggest being the Level 10, looking like a small horse, rushed forward.

Clavel shouted. "Focus on the high-level ones and weaken them! The low-level beavers can't hurt Liu Shu! Also, wait until-."

As Clavel ordered, the beavers entered Liu Shu's attack range.

<Willow Strike>


A single branch tore through the air and flew like a powerful whip, landing on a Level 7 River Beaver.


The creature's body literally burst into blood as its life ended in a single instant.

After reaching Level 4 and gaining the Sylvanium Branch and Flor's pollination bonus effects, her Physique stat had reached an absurd 73 points.

Remember that creatures like that River Beaver had around 9 Physique stat points. The difference was abysmal.

However, this didn't stop the mass of creatures that were motivated by the Level 10 River Beaver. Liu Shu looked at them rushing at her with an extraordinarily cold mind. 'Foolish. Creatures that come and attack me shall become nothing more than fertilizer.' Her eyes locked on the Level 10 River Beaver, and her energy moved at once.

'Feel regret. <Willow Strike>.'

The Level 10 River Beaver managed to see the motion but was too late to dodge cleanly.


The branch ended up landing on the side of the beast, throwing it sideways for several steps as a large [-624] appeared. This lowered the River Beaver's Phoer Body Shards from 6524 to 5900. The eyes of the creature widened, not expecting to be hit from such a distance away. One could even see a clear gash appearing on the side of the beast that spewed blood.

Angry, it tensed its limbs and lunged forward toward Liu Shu.

Clavel saw that, and her lips arched further. "ATTACK!"

All 15 Rose Fairies moved their Aether Mana and sent a wave of sharp wind blades toward the rushing creatures, aiming at the five Level 8s and two Level9s.

Sounds of their attacks colliding were heard, sung by the distinctive echo of flesh being cut.

Clavel's and Zinia's attacks landed on the same Level 9, slicing around a quarter of their Phoer Body Shards. Liu Shu and the fairies shot a second volley, this time managing to score a few fatalities.

 The Level 10 River Beaver was ready for Liu Shu's attack, but being closer, dodging was much more challenging, and he got hit either way. He managed to dodge it somewhat, so it didn't land on any vital part, resulting in a smaller damage number of 502.

Soon, the beavers crossed another landmark.

Energy rushed from her roots and coiled upward, rushing through her trunk in a fantastical sight of pure raw power and enveloping a few of her branches. Then, Liu Shu activated <Willow Strike Barrage>.

Eight branches independently moved as if they had a mind of their own and attacked the closest eight creatures; between them, the Level 10 and two Level 8s were present.

All beavers tried to dodge, still without success.


Seven bodies were instantly splattered on the ground while the Level 10 roared in pain as another 778 Phoer Body Shards were sliced off, leaving behind two-thirds of his entire Phoer Body Shard pool.

However, all this effort paid off as it managed to close the distance enough to attack finally… Or so it thought.

When he was about to lunge at the trunk and use his powerful teeth and claws, the floor before him burst in an explosion of dirt as roost covered in blue energy veins coiled around his entire body, holding him in place.

This was Liu Shu's new <Root Manipulation> skill being used. Then, the Level 10 River Beaver felt fear for the first time as the same phenomenon that happened before repeated.

Energy rushed from the ground toward the canopy of the World Tree, and the River Beaver could feel the utter disdain from the tree as the branches moved.

<Willow Strike barrage>

















[Congratulations on defeating <River 10 Beaver Level>. You've gained 35 Experience Points.]