Ascension of the Monster Queen

Nessa was transported into a new and completely unfamiliar world where monsters roamed free and survival of the fittest was the supreme rule for the majority of them. In this world, which was beautiful yet dark and cruel, she was given an opportunity.  An opportunity to build her own nation after becoming the leader of a few peculiar monsters. Will she be able to overcome those who oppose her, threaten what she is creating, and demonstrate her power to the world in order to achieve peace and acceptance, or will her efforts in this world be futile? [System notifies] Come join Nessa and a few kind souls on their journey to create a nation where monsters, humans, and other creatures can coexist and live happily. This novel contains elves, orcs, ogres, goblins, dwarfs, succubus, etc.  Please keep in mind that this book was inspired by one of my favorite anime, that time I got reincarnated as a slime. There are a few scenes that are similar. Read at your own risk. Other tags: Overpowered MC - Smut - Fantasy Creatures -Mature - revenge- Magic- survival- Beautiful female lead.

Darkswan · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
434 Chs

To carry out

Everyone left staring at Nessa and her eyes narrowed with a piercing look in them and the demon scoffed as she looked at Kyle.

Mikala couldn't believe what was happening, nor could the others at the time, for Nessa had never acted this way before and she exhaled deeply and looked at what was happening before her, to her people for she as well as everyone, were still able to see them. 

The girl looked at Riki and the others fighting and her eyes narrowed as she looked at the situation carefully and exhaled deeply. 

"I should have been more careful, this is on me... That's why, I will kill those that caused it, as for you Kyle, I will not kill you as yet..." She said with a smile and his eyes trembled as he felt the immense pressure coming off of her and she lowered her head.