Ascension of the Monster Queen

Nessa was transported into a new and completely unfamiliar world where monsters roamed free and survival of the fittest was the supreme rule for the majority of them. In this world, which was beautiful yet dark and cruel, she was given an opportunity.  An opportunity to build her own nation after becoming the leader of a few peculiar monsters. Will she be able to overcome those who oppose her, threaten what she is creating, and demonstrate her power to the world in order to achieve peace and acceptance, or will her efforts in this world be futile? [System notifies] Come join Nessa and a few kind souls on their journey to create a nation where monsters, humans, and other creatures can coexist and live happily. This novel contains elves, orcs, ogres, goblins, dwarfs, succubus, etc.  Please keep in mind that this book was inspired by one of my favorite anime, that time I got reincarnated as a slime. There are a few scenes that are similar. Read at your own risk. Other tags: Overpowered MC - Smut - Fantasy Creatures -Mature - revenge- Magic- survival- Beautiful female lead.

Darkswan · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
433 Chs


"You don't know, I see, we just assumed you were one of the hunters or something, especially at your speed," The girl said as she untied the horse and it stood up.

"Sorry, where are you going?" The girl inquired.

"Um... anywhere with people," She replied.

"You are definitely not from around here," The girl said, and Nessa smiled nervously.

"Things get pretty nasty sometimes, it's good to know how to fight for your life, I hope you find your way, my name is Dalia," She said and Nessa smiled.

'Dear god, save me, I have no idea what I am doing, any more surprises and I will probably die from a heart attack,' She thought.

"You are correct, I am not from here, my name is Nessa, nice to meet you," She said as she shook Dalia's hands and Dalia's eyes widened as they glowed purple then she moved away from Nessa, smiling nervously.

'I am an idiot, I know nothing about these creatures,' She thought, 'but for some reason, even though I am scared, I am not terrified, I guess it's my survival instincts kicking in.'

"I am sorry," Nessa apologized as the other ogres stared at her.

Dalia was tall, with a black horn on the side of her head, long black hair, purple eyes, big boobs, a slim waistline, and fair skin.

"Don't apologize, the horse is magical, I can tell, it will guide you, stay with it and stay on the path, I hope to see you again sometime soon Nessa," Dalia said with a bright smile, and Nessa's eyes widened as she stared at the girl while realizing that the monsters are not all the same, even ogres can be friendly and they were not like the books she read made them out to be.

'Well they were just fairytales, maybe all those monsters actually do exist in this world, I want to live and see what my life can be like here,' Nessa thought.

"I am sure we will see each other again, see ya," Nessa said as she got back on the horse and rode off.

"That girl, who is she?" A guy asked and Dalia looked at him.

"Let's head back to the village, I got a change of feelings, maybe it's a good one, that girl is filled with hope, that's for sure," She responded as they rushed off into the mountains.

Nessa finally arrived in a city after a short journey.

"Wow," She exclaimed as she gazed out at the vast city in front of her and the villages in the mountains.

"Where am I?" She wondered as she rode her horse through the city and noticed how crowded it was so she got off of it. 

"This is a kingdom," She said, looking around and noticing the castle at the very back of the city by the hilly areas.

"It's kind of amazing to think all of this actually exists," Nessa mumbled as she bumped into something and her eyes widened as she turned around to see a huge rabbit standing behind her.

"M- monster," She said quietly.

"I am not a monster; I am just a magical animal," The rabbit explained as Nessa fell to her knees before him.

"What's the matter?" The rabbit asked, grabbing her arm and pulling her up.

"How can someone who isn't from here survive?" She asked as the rabbit stared at her.

"Are you a summon?" It asked and she looked at him then sighed.

"Come, let me talk to you, you need to know something about this place," The rabbit said, pulling her into an alley with him, and she sighed.

"I can tell you're not a reincarnation, you didn't die before coming here, maybe you were summoned by mistake, but now that you are here, there's no turning back, you have to find a way to survive, these things happen a lot, this world is filled with magic, good and bad, a creature like me belongs to someone, not all but most, you have a lot to learn," The rabbit said and she frowned.

"Kid, you have hope in your heart, longing for a new adventure, this is your chance, use it wisely, here," Said the rabbit as he handed her a whip.

"Use it as you please, to protect yourself, a beauty like you will need it in a world like this, see you around, Nessa," It said and her eyes widened as it shape-shifted into a tiger and ran off.

"Beauty?" She asked as she walked out of the alley, looking for a place to eat in the city when she caught sight of herself in the glass windows of a cafe and her eyes widened in shock as she stared at herself.

'What the hell? my entire appearance has changed,' She thought.

Nessa's hair was long and white, her eyes were pink, and she had the same big breasts and curvaceous body with fair, glistening skin.

"Not bad, I need to change my clothes too," She said as she entered the cafe, and everyone stared at her as she sat down by the counter.

"Can I have a cup of coffee, please?" She questioned.

"Coming right up, would you like milk with it?" Asked the barista.

"Yes," She replied, and he went to make her coffee, she took a deep breath as she noticed people whispering.

"Are you new around here?" He asked.

"Yeah... I am not from around here," She replied, and he smiled before handing her the coffee.

"How much is it?" She inquired, with her gaze fixed on him.

"Since you are new around here, it's on the house, welcome to the kingdom of Astlar," The barista said as he went to tend to his other customers, and she smiled as she drank her coffee and got a pastry to eat.

After finishing, the girl left the coffee shop and continued walking through the city, looking for a place to stay because the sun was setting and she didn't want to spend the night outside in a place she knew very little about.

"I am tired, I have traveled all the way here and I feel weak for some reason," Nessa mumbled as her vision blurred. The horse approached her and shoved her on the arm with his mouth, and she smiled and petted him.

"Thank you for bringing me all the way here," She said, smiling as she braced her head against his.