Ascension of the Monster Queen

Nessa was transported into a new and completely unfamiliar world where monsters roamed free and survival of the fittest was the supreme rule for the majority of them. In this world, which was beautiful yet dark and cruel, she was given an opportunity.  An opportunity to build her own nation after becoming the leader of a few peculiar monsters. Will she be able to overcome those who oppose her, threaten what she is creating, and demonstrate her power to the world in order to achieve peace and acceptance, or will her efforts in this world be futile? [System notifies] Come join Nessa and a few kind souls on their journey to create a nation where monsters, humans, and other creatures can coexist and live happily. This novel contains elves, orcs, ogres, goblins, dwarfs, succubus, etc.  Please keep in mind that this book was inspired by one of my favorite anime, that time I got reincarnated as a slime. There are a few scenes that are similar. Read at your own risk. Other tags: Overpowered MC - Smut - Fantasy Creatures -Mature - revenge- Magic- survival- Beautiful female lead.

Darkswan · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
434 Chs

"Let the building begin!"

After Nessa had her meal, she freshened up and got into the clothes she first came with into the world then sighed.

"I have to go shopping, the first thing that needs to be taken care of here is shelter," Nessa said as she climbed into her bed, and the girl fell asleep a little while after.

When Nessa awoke the next morning, she stretched while yawning, then got out of bed and freshened up. When the girl finished, she changed into her clothes and left the house, only to find that everything about the creatures had changed except their colors.

"Good morning my lady," They said when they saw her and she smiled nervously as a muscular goblin approached her.

"W- Who are you?" She asked and the goblin chuckled.

"Tehitos, my lady," He responded, and she left staring at him.

"Just yesterday, you appeared to be an elderly man on the verge of collapsing, but now you are strong and appear younger!" She exclaimed as a young handsome goblin approached them, laughing.

"Relax, my lady; we just evolved," He said softly, and she leaned in closer to him, looking at his gray hair.

"Zietaz!" She uttered and he grinned.

"Yes, my lady," He said, and she sighed before turning around to look at the others, sensing something breathing heavily behind her, and when she turned around, her eyes widened as she saw Akio standing tall, looking at her.

"Akio!" She screamed, and he and the other wolves howled as Isamu approached them, and she sighed as she saw how big they had grown. Akio had a red lightning mark on his forehead, and he had a horn along with a red crest on top of his leg and the fox had the same crest, though it was only the leaders of the packs that evolved so much the rest gained new abilities but was not as big, they had the same size as before.

"Miss Notice, please." "Would you like to explain?" She asked as the wolf hit her in the air with just his tail, and she gasped before Zietaz caught her and passed her down to the other goblins, who had all evolved, and she laughed as they threw her up in the air and caught her.

"Thank you, my lady," Tehitos said, smiling then they set her down and she looked at Akio who was standing right beside her, and everyone sat on the ground.

[Male goblins have evolved into hobgoblins, while females have evolved into goblinas.]

'I understand, thank you,' She thought.

"Are you okay with sitting on the ground my lady?" Akio asked.

"I'm fine, thank you; shall we begin the day by establishing some ground rules?" She inquired.

"Sure," Zietaz replied.

"Now, I take it you haven't had as much contact with humans as you have with other creatures who are also feared, am I correct?" She inquired.

"You are," Tehitos confirmed.

"I see, well, I'll start with the first rule, which will be no attacking the human or engaging in any dispute with them," She said and they exchanged glances.

"Go on," Zietaz replied.

"Are you sure? You guys can ask questions," She said and Tehitos smiled.

"It's fine, my lady; we'll wait until you're finished," The young goblin replied.

"Second rule: No belittling other races just because you have gotten stronger now."

"Third rule: No fighting among yourselves. This may be difficult for some of you, but I don't want anyone fighting over who is stronger than who because sometimes it breeds bad blood."

"Fourth: There shall be no abuse of authority, that's all for now," She said and they smiled.

"All right," Tehitos replied.

"My lady, I have a question," Zietaz said.

"Zietaz," Tehitos said.

"I accept all of the rules, and I promise we will do our best to follow them, but why do we have to get along with humans? I want to, but I want to know why you want it. Is it because of your dream, my lady?" He asked and she smiled, knowing he already knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it and he wanted the others to hear it as well.

"Because I am part human, despite having these powers, and that will not change, I like humans too, but I am also saying this because some of them are unpredictable and if you go into a dispute with them, things might not go well, they will come back in larger forces, get stronger just to get rid of you, but not all of them are like that," Nessa responded, and they all bowed their heads before her.

"Got it! Thank you for responding " Zietaz said, Nessa got up with them and looked at the houses as one of the goblinas bumped into her and Tehitos grabbed her arm.

"I am sorry," The young lady replied and Nessa left staring at her and her friend's exposed bodies.

"Now that I think about it, the clothes you guys make are..." Nessa mumbled and Tehitos chuckled as the young lady leaned in towards Nessa, who drew back in surprise as she looked at their exposed bodies.

"Tehitos, we are going to need proper shelter, food and clothing, no one is going to continue living like this, it's not healthy," She explained and Zietaz tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around to look at him as the wind blew hard and shook the houses which she left starting at as they wobbled and she smiled nervously.

'I would have been seriously injured if I had been sleeping and it had collapsed on me, good grief,' Nessa thought.

"Good thing you weren't in one of those, my lady," Isamu said, causing her to flinch.

"Y- You're right, Isamu; how about we go shopping and look for artisans while we are at it guys?" Nessa suggested.

"That sounds good to me," Zietaz said.

"The same here, we need them if we are going to turn this place into something else," Tehitos responded.

"Well, I say, let the building begin!" Zeitaz exclaimed, and they laughed as Nessa looked at them with hope in her eyes.