Ascension of the Immortal Asura

On the Yuan Continent, monstrous beasts and powerful cultivators reign supreme. Their immense power is capable of shattering mountains and emptying oceans. On this continent lives John Fenix, an unfortunate youth who is unable to cultivate and wield such immense power. He could only look up powerlessly at others and watch as they soared to heights unseen. One day, after a fortuitous encounter with a mysterious and dangerous object, John finds himself able to cultivate and wield this immense power. Determined to never feel powerless again, he sets out on a journey filled with danger, excitment, joy and strife. A journey to push through his limits, rise through the ranks of the martial world, and ascend above all as the Immortal Asura. Novel Discord : https://discord.gg/95nDYr56HZ TikTok for novel videos: https://www.tiktok.com/@rrandomwn

rRandom · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1150 Chs

Astral Empire

Kadin's normally calm and cool face lit up with surprise as he watched the girl enter the portal. He had not expected such an action by her, and had been hoping to court her to join him. He was used to getting everything he wanted in life, but knew the girl was something that he could not obtain easily. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the portal, and after a moment of silence, his figure flashed as he left the area.

The crowd looked at Kadin who fled, before they gazed back at the Dao Transformation portal. Everything had happened so fast, and they could tell that the situation was not as simple as it appeared. 

"Did you see that? Did that girl actually revive that boy?" one of the disciples asked as the conversations started up.

"I think so. We could all tell that his life ended, but then she used her power and brought him back. Just what was that power of hers? It was unlike anything I've ever felt before," another replied.