Ascension of the Immortal Asura

On the Yuan Continent, monstrous beasts and powerful cultivators reign supreme. Their immense power is capable of shattering mountains and emptying oceans. On this continent lives John Fenix, an unfortunate youth who is unable to cultivate and wield such immense power. He could only look up powerlessly at others and watch as they soared to heights unseen. One day, after a fortuitous encounter with a mysterious and dangerous object, John finds himself able to cultivate and wield this immense power. Determined to never feel powerless again, he sets out on a journey filled with danger, excitment, joy and strife. A journey to push through his limits, rise through the ranks of the martial world, and ascend above all as the Immortal Asura. Novel Discord : https://discord.gg/95nDYr56HZ TikTok for novel videos: https://www.tiktok.com/@rrandomwn

rRandom · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1150 Chs

Arriving At The Auction House

"So, how have you enjoyed your stay in the city thus far?" Caz asked as the two walked through the busy streets, back towards the Mystic Trade Hall building.

"It's been…interesting," John replied after thinking it over. "I can see why you say the Dao of Business is a thing. This city seems to think of business and nothing else, as if making money is all that matters in life."

"It's not just about money, at least not for me" Caz replied calmly, his gaze staring forward.

"Then what is it about for you?" John asked curiously.

"My goal is the same as yours," Caz replied as a glint of resolve flickered in his eyes, and his demeanor seemed to change, becoming much more serious.

"The same as mine? How can we share the same goal, when our paths are so different?" John asked curiously.

"What is your goal? Your ultimate goal?" Caz asked John.