4 Trail Of Carnage

Ciara closed her eyes as she finally succumbed to being violated and eventually sold off.

Her life would end at that very moment and she would live a new one worse than death… Only despair awaited her.

"What's this that's going on here?" A voice came from outside the cave.

"Who's there?" One of the goons asked as he unsheathed his sword and faced the owner of the unrecognized voice.

The strange figure entered into the cave and they all saw the young man who stood before them. Ciara opened her eyes as she saw the man who interrupted the men's attempt at an orgy.

The young man appeared to be not much older than her with only about five years between them, he had dark hair, and his eyes were entirely black, however, they glowed despite their color. He had a slightly tall figure, and he was expressionless.

"That young lady with you. Her name is… Ciara, or am I mistaken?" The young man clad in black asked.

"Hey… I don't know what those men think they're doing down there, but how the hell did you get up here?" The goon with the sword said angrily, as the rest of the gang just looked at the man.

"Oh, the men below… I killed them!" He said with no expression.

His answer shocked everyone present, and the impatient man closest to him couldn't withhold himself anymore.

"Y-you're dead meat!!!"


The assaulter charged at him with his sword.

"[Aura Blade]. [Super Speed]. [Super Strength]." He yelled as he lunged at the mysterious young man.

As his sword lunged at him and made contact with his cloth, the entire blade which glowed with yellow aura broke into large pieces.


The assaulter's eyes widened with surprise, but before he could react, his body exploded—sending the bloody parts flying throughout the large, well-lit cave.

"W-What just happened? Was that a Spell?" Another goon asked in shock.

The Boss, who had left Ciara's side and moved toward the rest of his men—staying behind them—had observed what had happened.

"It was no spell… He just hit him… And he exploded…" The Boss said.

"What? Impossible! What Enhancement did he use?" These were the questions that flowed out of the mouth of the gang members.

"No need to know all that. It's simple… We just have to kill him!" The Boss said with confidence, as the remaining four goons—excluding the mage—agreed.

The Mage kept chanting and hiding himself behind the Boss, at least until his incantation was complete.

"Attack!!!" The Boss commanded and the four goons launched themselves toward the stranger.


Their glowing bodies were fortified with Enhancements, and their swords were also strengthened with Enchantments.

"HAAAAAA!!!" They yelled as they came at him from different directions.


In a moment, all their bodies exploded, and their shattered swords clanked on the cold cave ground.

The blood of the poor souls that attacked splattered toward the various directions their bodies were sent in.

All four men were dead.

"All that's left are you two. Let's get this over with…" The man said, showing boredom.

"Cocky runt!" The Boss said in anger, as he awaited the mage's completion of an ongoing spell.

The Mage gave the signal that he was ready, as a red mana circle appeared in front of him.

"Kek! About time!" The Boss quickly dashed away, exposing the Mage to the stranger.

The dark-coated man remained still, watching everything transpire with his jet-black eyes.

"[Dark Flame Burst]" The Mage yelled as a whirling storm of dark fire surrounded him, and then they concentrated on the mage's staff


The blast was directed at the young stranger in black.


The dark flames flowed and burst toward a single line, with the young man directly at the center of the attack.

Extreme heat filled the cave as the flames lunged at the man. The destructive surge even found its way outside the crack in the mountains—causing a massive explosion to erupt.

If one was miles away, such a person would be able to see the magnitude of the dark flame blast that had just just been cast.

"Huff… Huff" The Mage huffed wearily.

"Using a Tier 5 Spell within such a short time is too draining. I won't be able to cast any formidable Spells in a while."

"That's too bad… But it seems like we are in the clear."

The Boss looked around to see charred rocks—cinders and smoke too. No one could have survived something so devastating.

"It's regrettable that we lost the entire group, but it's their fault for being too weak. On the bright side, there's more reward money for us!" He let out cheerfully.

"Is that so?" The stranger's voice once again appeared.

A momentary moment of silence pervaded the cave… and then shock emerged.

"W-What? He's not dead?" The Boss' eyes widened in unfiltered surprise.

"I-Impossible! Even Boss can't survive that one…!!!" The mage bellowed in fear, sinking slowly into despair.

"I admit it got a little hot, but your Spells won't work on me…" The stranger appeared through the smoke, completely unscathed.

"He's not damaged… even in the slightest?" The Mage said in surprise.

"Now… is that all you have?"

"That does it! I'm using the last scroll!" The Boss responded in desperation.

"B-But we're only to use that if our lives are nearly lost!" The mage said hesitantly.

"And what do you think this is?" The Boss snapped angrily as he brought out a scroll and threw it into the air.


Suddenly, a bright orange light shone, and a massive surge of mana appeared.

Everything swirled around the Boss, who was glowing orange at this point.

His muscles started twitching, as his size grew twice as large as it was. His trousers ripped, and he was left with his torn undergarments.

His hair grew longer and his muscles grew bigger. His skin turned shiny orange, and his hands grew claws.

"This is… [Body Transformation]?" The dark-cladded stranger retorted.

"Indeed, It's the 6th Tier Magic kind, involving Enhancement and Runes. This is the end of the line for you!" The Boss said with a wild smile on his face.

"Now you get to witness my trump card!"

"This is your trump card?" The stranger asked in disappointment. "Unimpressive… I guess I should wrap things up here."

"What?! How dare yooouuuu!!!" The Transformed Boss roared, shaking the cave.


He dashed toward the stranger, pushing the both of them outside the space within the cave.

"Now there's more room for us! I'll show you my strongest move!" The Boss roared.

As they floated mid-air, more power began rising from the bulkier man.

"This is the same attack I used on the Captain, and even he could not withstand it. Plus, with my transformed state, my power has increased over tenfold!"

"[Ultimate Aura Burst]" He roared, causing a massive surge of energy.


Like an energy bomb, the blast enveloped 1 kilometer of the entire area, decimating everything in its path.

"What a destructive ability… but it doesn't matter. It won't work on me." The stranger calmly uttered.

He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and finally let out the words—

"Bloodline Magic: [Null]"

Immediately, the energy surge disappeared— revealing the young man to be unharmed, and then the Boss, whose transformation had already been undone.

For a moment, the Boss showed pure shock as he stared at the man. However, the truth soon dawned on him.

"I see now… So you also possess a Rare Bloodline. I never had a chance to begin with huh…" He uttered in despair, and then his own body finally burst to pieces.

The strange young man landed on the ground safely, as the chunks of meat from the Boss rained down around him.

Despite the gory shower, none of the entrails fell upon him.

His clothes were, however, already soiled with the blood of the enemies he had killed for the past minutes.

He looked up, toward the entrance of the cave, then he glanced around him. Pieces of the people he had killed before he went inside the cave were scattered around.

Twenty dead mercenaries encompassed him—their entire bodies splattered apart—just like the ones in the cave.

He sighed, and then he looked back up.

"Next… is that Mage, and then, the young lady." Noir murmured, and his black eyes glowed darker.






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