1 New World

New World

"10,000 years ago, our world was invaded by dimensional creatures from another world ."

"Humanity was on the verge of extinction due to their various attacks,"

"This went on until the dimensional creatures became arrogant, thinking our race would soon be extinct, so they returned to their dimensions and dispatched the weakest of their race to deal with us."

"What they didn't expect was that instead of killing us, they gave us a chance to fight back." Because the dimensional creatures were the weakest of their race at the time, with no masters among them, a man from our race was able to kill one and unlock a power we call the "System," becoming the first human to kill a dimensional creature and unlocking a Divine grade hidden class, "GUARDIAN."


[Adrea POV],

While listening to the 'History' lesson taught by the professor, I looked at my surroundings.

In a classroom filled of futuristic technology, a bunch of uniformed students that appear to be 15 to 16 years of age were currently listening to the lesson being taught.

Despite the fact that the information being taught is common knowledge, they listened intently because tomorrow will reveal their place in the world.

My name is Adrea Dark, and I am not from this world. I transmigrated in this world three days ago and, and depending on what happens tomorrow, I'll be either blessed or royally fucked.

After being in this world for 3 days, I did my research concerning this world and I found out that, humans aged 15 and above will need to perform an awakening ceremony to be initiated to the system.

What is the System?

The System is a power that all creatures and lifeforms are blessed with, from the day they were born.

The System allows them to evolve into higher lifeforms while giving them power and class.

What is a class?

Class is the most important thing to humans because depending on how powerful the class is, followed by its grade will determine how powerful you are in the future and how fast you cultivate to that level.

Grade is what qualifies the power of a class. Grade= White, Blue, Green, Purple, and Gold being the highest. Like the 'GUARDIAN' class, for example, it's a Divine golden class making it extremely powerful among the same class level.

If not for the Strongest human having this kind of class and power, the neutral dimensional creatures like the Elves and Dwarfs would have never helped us drive the opposing side away if they did not see the strongest human as an investment and a possible friend.


???: Yo, Adrea?

Adrea: What's up john?

John: What do you think about tomorrow?

Adrea: If we get any class below B and C, we're fucked.

John: Damn Adrea, can't you be more optimistic?

Adrea: And get my hope's up and reality shows me who's boss and gives me a lower class? No thank you.

John: ...True. But I hope we get a better class tomorrow.

Adrea: Me too.

John: Bye Adrea, see you later. I have a date with my girlfriend.

Adrea: Bye John.

After the discussion of class with my desk mate who's also a close friend, I could not help but pray for a better class in tomorrow's ceremony. We have 12 Class levels in existence:

D Class

C Class

B Class

A Class

S Class

SS Class

SSS Class

Earth Class

Heaven Class

Divine Class

God Class

Supreme Class,

And Humans are categorized in levels. Human levels that I currently know of:

Level 1 to 10 [Mortal],

Level 11 to 20 [Evolved Mortal],

Level 21 to 30 [Evolved]

Level 31 to 40 [Bronze Mortal],

Level 41 to 50 [Silver Mortal],

Level 51 to 60 [Gold Mortal],

Level 61 to 70 [High Human],

Level 71 to 80 [Arch Human],

Level 81 to 90 [Demi God],

Level 91 to 100 [God],

Don't know if there are any levels above that. These are the only levels available to the public.

I wonder what affinity I'll get tomorrow, I just can't stop thinking.

Magic Affinity can also be classified into Basic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ancient.

Basic magic: Fire, water, air, earth.....

Rare: Lava, Ice, Metal, Healing, Lightning, Beast taming...

Epic: Blood, Summoning, .....

Legendary: Life, Death...

Ancient: Space, Time...

There are so many new and interesting concepts here, so I don't think I'll accept it if something goes wrong tomorrow which I hope it doesn't.

While thinking of all these things, I get ready to head home.

Right after standing up, I saw a professor coming in, Looks like he has something to say.

Professor: I just want to inform you that tomorrow, Representatives from the top 10 colleges are coming tomorrow to scout for new talents. So please, keep that in mind and inform your friends that left the school premises early. I wish you Good luck on your ceremony tomorrow. Bye.

After the professor left the class, it immediately turned noisy.

I can totally understand them because, in this world, social status is everything. And to enter any of the top ten schools is as hard as ascending the heavens. Because to enter you must have status, money, connections, talent, and most importantly, power.

And there are also information stating that the worst teacher in any of the Top 10 is level 70 and remember I said worst.

'Ah', I sighed. After comforting myself that everything is going to be okay, I head out of the school gate.

Seeing this scene after so many times passing here still doesn't fail to amaze me. Hovering cars, Hovering Billboard, Skyscrapers taller than earth's tallest Skyscraper, floating roads and bridges, everything is just so futuristic.

I watched and signed in awe after seeing so many new things. This world is so interesting. Am sure there are many other things in this world waiting for me to explore on the condition am strong enough.

After thinking of this, I stopped and said: "I will surely be strong, very strong. I said resolutely and continued to head home."


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