As the Wind Blows Your Scent to Me Book

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As the Wind Blows Your Scent to Me


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[COMPLETED] "Meow~ Meow~" The orange tabby cat sneaked out of the house, bringing back with it a little girl to resurrect the faint link between two people who had just crossed paths together once. Three years ago, Kato Himari was forced to end her first love in order to cherish herself more. In the early moments she faced her own heartbreak, she met him in a series of strange events. At the same time, Hayashi Kazuya was compelled to assume a crucial role after tragic events kept on befalling his loved ones. There were things he had to let go of and there were things he had to hold on to. Unknown to them, a funny companionship of a cat and a little dumpling led them to meet again. Would their encounter give them second chances of gaining more hopes in the face of the future? Would the reappearance of Himari's first love break the ties of their Fate? And, what was the secret that Himari concealed even from her loved ones? "Uncle, when would you give me an auntie?" "Uncle, why don't you marry Teacher Kato home?" "Teacher Kato, do you find my uncle handsome?" Both of them exchanged glances before they hurriedly looked away with the tips of their ears reddened. The little girl grinned and gave thumbs up to the orange tabby cat next to her before she looked at her back. "Big Brother, look! I've found us an auntie!" "Meow~ Meow~" The orange tabby cat happily agreed to the little girl's words. --------------------------------------------------------------- Commissioned cover by yuuri_e (Instagram). Exclusively for this book. Entry for Spirity Awards Spring 2021 for Slice-of-Life and First Love themes My other books: Spring Blooms When I'm With You [Completed] The Ocean Beneath Her Feet [Completed] For Our Happier Path [Ongoing] Get Rid of Him (Ongoing) Discord: hansora#1507 Instagram: hansora_author Enjoy!

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