64 Revenge Plan

This voice, it seems a bit off, doesn't it?

Alexander paused his movement slightly, yet maintained a serious demeanor and sternly commanded:

"Heart-Eater, I order you by our contract that under no circumstances can you harm Su Rong and me!"

After saying this, Alexander was still a bit worried.

For the Black stockings Heart-Eater, taking a slash might not be considered harm, it could even be considered love!

Didn't she mention wanting to dry him out and hang him up?

Thinking this, Alexander hurriedly added:

"I mean under any circumstances, whether it's love or hate, absolutely no violence!"

"Mmm~" The Black stockings Heart-Eater curled up on the ground, her body trembled for a while, then she suddenly straightened her legs with convulsions. It took quite some time for her to stop. She raised her head and looked at Alexander with blurry eyes.


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