As long as you have the courage, fierce ghosts go on maternity leave.

Alexander, a world-class sales training expert and a holder of the Social Tyrant certification, found himself transported to a parallel universe, entering a world that seemed straight out of a horror story. However, this world wasn't as terrifying as he had initially thought. In this realm, being a social maestro meant you could do almost anything you pleased. Leveraging his exceptional social skills, Alexander turned even the most fearsome ghosts into friends. Moreover, as his rapport with them grew, he received additional rewards. Affinity Level 60 Headless Ghost: "If you like, I can give you this head as a keepsake." Affinity Level 100 Female Ghost Teacher: "Darling, stay with me tonight, and let me show you what the Ice and Fire truly feel like!"

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I'm already one of them

Suddenly, Alexander dropped the two jade feet that had been hanging over his shoulders and, without any hesitation, his body, strengthened by ghostly power, dashed towards the bedroom like lightning.

"Big brother Alexander!"

As Alexander rushed into the bedroom, a petite and gentle figure leaped up and threw herself into his arms. Her arms tightly encircled his neck, and her two snow-white legs clung to his waist, embracing him like an octopus.

It seemed like nothing was wrong!

She must have encountered something like a cockroach or a bug, right?

Alexander and the arriving Isabella both breathed a sigh of relief.

"Sofia, don't be afraid, your big brother is here!" Alexander quickly tried to comfort her and wanted to reach out to gently stroke Sofia's back, but his hand stopped in mid-air, a look of embarrassment on his face.

Sofia had been changing clothes just now, her white short shirt and suspender jeans were placed on the edge of the bed, along with a yoga suit similar to Isabella's.

At the moment, Sofia was wearing nothing on her upper body, only a pink cartoon underwear covering her lower half. Sofia's chest was soft and delicate, possessing an elegant and enchanting charm, with her nipples resembling charming, adorable cherries.

The seventeen-year-old girl's chest had already developed to a significant size, and her milk-like skin pressed against him was too much for any man to bear!

Although her chest was beautiful, it made Alexander feel extremely awkward, especially since her mother was standing right behind him.

"Sofia, come down! You're too old to be so jumpy. What did you see that scared you so much?"

Isabella hurriedly took a coat from the hanger and almost forcibly pulled Sofia off Alexander, saying impatiently, "Last time you saw a cockroach, you stepped on it right away. Did you see a mouse this time?"

Unexpectedly, Sofia seemed not to have heard her mother's words at all. Like a marionette, she allowed herself to be pulled down and let her mother drape the coat over her. Her small face was pale white, her lively, large eyes filled with dullness and fear, and her petite body shivering uncontrollably.

"What's the matter with you?"

Isabella quickly realized something was wrong and hurriedly asked.

From a young age, her daughter had been lively and active, with more courage than most girls her age. She spent her days playing wildly, following Alexander around, and was only afraid of mice among snakes, insects, and rats. But even seeing a mouse wouldn't scare her like this!

"What happened?" Alexander also opened his eyes, which he had been pretending to keep closed, and seeing Sofia like this, he immediately realized something strange was going on.

Following Sofia's frightened gaze, his eyes scanned the room, and when they landed on the desk, his pupils suddenly shrank.

Taking a few steps forward, Alexander picked up a piece of paper on the desk.

The material was thick, somewhat like the flyers handed out on the streets. There was a job advertisement printed on it.

However, apart from the advertisement, the entire paper was splattered with blood.

Strangely, as Alexander picked it up, the blood on it began to slowly slide down, dripping onto the floor.

As the blood slid away, the contents of the job advertisement were revealed.

Fierce Ghost Restaurant Job Advertisement

Located in the center of Ghost City, the Fierce Ghost Restaurant, known for its strict rules and booming business, is now hiring ten waiters.

Recruitment conditions: attentive, courageous, attractive appearance, with healthy limbs, tender flesh, and willing to contribute to the restaurant.

Please make the necessary preparations if you have received this recruitment notice. On the last day of the month, you will be guided to enter.

Recipient: Sofia

At the bottom of the job advertisement was a picture of the restaurant.

The black and white image depicted a desolate, dilapidated street with traces of dark red, seemingly dried blood everywhere.

The worn-out signboard flickered with a dim yellow light, and on both sides of the blood-stained restaurant door were two bronze statues of girls, who looked to be only eleven or twelve years old.

The girl statues knelt on both sides of the restaurant, their eyes wide open, bellies bulging. From their navels, a copper pipe extended downward, leading to an oil lamp. The dim yellow light from the lamp suggested that the oil seemed to flow from the girls' stomachs.

Eternal Lamps!

Alexander seemed to have seen them in a book in his previous life.

However, the difference was that these two girls appeared to be made of brass, but their eyes seemed as lively as those of living people. Even though it was just a picture, it still gave Alexander the feeling of being watched.


"What is that?"

Seeing the blood dripping from the recruitment notice in Alexander's hand, Isabella screamed and courageously approached.

When she clearly saw the content of the notice in Alexander's hand, her charming and lovely face instantly lost its color, and she collapsed to the ground.

Alexander hurriedly held Isabella by the waist, catching her.

Even though her delicate body was in his arms, Alexander's heart was devoid of any romantic feelings.

He had mentioned before that there were many ways to enter a horror-themed instance, with the most common being directly chosen at the age of eighteen.

The most bizarre method was the one they were experiencing now.

Death notices, admission notices, recruitment advertisements, supermarket discount coupons...

The reason why this method was bizarre was that it was unpredictable and had no age limit.

It was possible that you would find a hundred-dollar bill on the street, excitedly step on it, pick it up when nobody was around, only to discover it was an underworld currency.

The Ghostly Restaurant instance was well-known, not only among the chosen ones but also among ordinary people.

This type of instance was called an open instance, also the most terrifying type, and a graveyard for newcomers.

No one knew what they would encounter after entering, just like the video Alexander watched at school, where the vengeful ghost had been cut into countless pieces by her boyfriend. The ghost was full of resentment, and its power was at least at the level of a fierce ghost, if not higher.

Even experienced individuals who had been through several instances had died in such instances.

"What do we do... What do we do..."

Isabella clearly knew this as well, and her body went limp in Alexander's arms. Her face had no color, tears the size of beans continuously fell, and she seemed to be in a dazed, soulless state.

"Don't worry! Isabella, I might have a way!" Alexander said hastily, seeing that the mother and daughter might go insane if this continued.

"Really?" The mother and daughter looked at Alexander simultaneously. Isabella broke free and knelt down in front of Alexander, hugging his legs tightly and saying excitedly, "Alexander, do you really have a solution? Please save my daughter!

As long as you can save Sofia, I will do anything for you! From now on, everything of mine is yours, and I will do whatever you want!"

Isabella was clearly panicked and kept begging. She even grabbed Alexander's hand and pushed it towards her chest, saying excitedly, "Although I am older, I am very obedient. If you save Sofia's life, my daughter and I will be yours."

"Isabella, don't be like this! I will definitely save Sofia, and if necessary, I will take her place!"

Alexander quickly withdrew his hand and spoke up.

"You'll take her place?" Isabella was slightly taken aback. She hadn't expected Alexander to suggest such a method and said excitedly, "No, that's called the most dangerous novice instance. And once you enter, even if you survive, you will become a chosen one, having to experience it at least once a month, and it's almost certain death!"

"No!" Sofia also rushed forward, holding Alexander tightly and saying, "The horror world is too dangerous, and this recruitment notice is for me. Alexander, I won't let you die!"

"Danger often comes with opportunities, and besides..."

Alexander gave a bitter smile, rolled up his sleeve, and revealed his arm.

"I'm already one of them."

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