[Mature Warning!] Our MC is transmigrated into Marvel Comics by A God as none other than Super... oops. I mean, Darkseid. He is a newly awaken mutant. His predecessor got experimented on by humans. Now he Awakens as Darkseid's strongest mutant ever seen or will be seen in Marvel Omniverse. Mc is as strong as Darkseid Avatars, not the true form of Darkseid, and Mc also inherits Darkseid's will or consciousness or essence. So he got his hunger for Power, Destruction, and conquest with a lust to collect a good specimen of the females no matter the species. And he also got the memories of his body past self go went through Gruesome experiments by Humans to awaken his X-Gene. a task and his life on the line, he decided to say "fuck it!" and do whatever was necessary for him to survive, and get the girls there no low to low for him. And what are expecting he Is DARKSEID. He was in Marvel, and the women were non-other than the girlfriends, partners, or wives of the characters he knew. To top it off, he doesn't want to mind control them or force his way in them no. So, will he take the girls for himself or will he die trying? So you can imagine there is No humanity left in him and Mc was himself no good man when he got transmigrated. It's a Pure Evil Mc is pure evil so dont expect him to do good and even if did he has alternate motives behind it. As for Harem for not pure love but for power and having females his, it looks like you never heard the line "AS THE UNIVERSE INFINITELY EXPANDS SO TO DOES THE HAREM" so it's going to be Big, Bigger, Biggest, and more Some warnings so I can save you time: Yes, Incest. Yes, Harem. If you don't like it, I'm sorry to waste your time. ~OMNIVERSE fanfic. Worlds Planned: The Boys/ Invincible/Most Of the Superhero Super Villian Supernatural Magical Worlds/ HOTD/Outer God Realm/ Akame Ga Kill/ Tensura/ Overlord/ Danmachi/ Highschool DxD/ Kumoga Desu/ Helltaker/ Dragonball Super/Fate/One Piece/ Hunter X Hunter, Fairy Tail, Code Geass, Seven Deadly Sins, MHA, Teen Wolf, Vampires, Transformers, Umbrella Academy, The Walking Dead, Lucifer, Witcher, Halo, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Some Good Comic worlds, Some Good Game Worlds, Most of the Anime Tv series Worlds and many many More. So Mc will visit these worlds and Conquer them and take Waifus for himself So expect a pretty Giant Harem No Pokemon Harem - proper romance will be there. There will be occasional adult scenes in this novel. Expect action, the lewd, and Science lots of lots of Science and philosophy. Disclaimer: Harem, system, and world-hopping with a twist, no ntr, yes stealing girls, very lustful and pretty aggressive MC. Not really his fault though. He's not dumb either. No RAP* Harem mind control I hate that No Rape, No NTR, No Yuri, No Yaoi ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Expectation I am not a native English speaker So, try to overlook or help me fix a few mistakes that might occur by mentioning them in the chapter's comment section. I will fix it ASAP. This you already should know so don't expertise me a write like a professional No I am not but it will be much better than Chinese garbage which is very hard to read so if read Chinese fiction it's good for you. What you could expect is a good story and I am very knowledgeable in comics and anime so it will be a very good story. I am not earning anything from this it's free so don't go too hard on me Thanks. [Action] [Romance] [Gray MC] [Strong MC] [Multiverse] [R-18] [World Hopping] [Slice of Life] [Omniverse] Disclaimer: I do NOT own the artwork for this fic, nor do I own any part of them, Marvel Comics, DC or any

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There are always multiple motives for what I do even if I can easily defeat them as I don't want to be a being of Unlimited power looking at it with interest it only spells doom.

While I was looking at her, everyone was looking at me. What is so different about this clone? Why did I have an interest in her when I killed them so soon and so brutally? These questions, especially in Jean's mind, are so special about this clone and there is some jealousy in her eyes.

Essex: "What is she used for she is a defective piece even after uploading all her memories in her she doesn't show any signs of being alive or even being a Mutant." He asked me with interest as he wanted to know what I will do with her.

Darkseid: "Here is the problem, Essex even after all your science you still lack a basic understanding of the rules of the Universe creating life." Cronus Device. This machine was built as a contingency in case you died. The Cronus Device could take a surrogate and wipe their mind and body clean, allowing you to imprint his mind and physical matrix onto it. However, for the machine to work, the surrogate needed your DNA attached. With this in mind, you implanted your DNA seeds into Brian Xavier and Kurt Marko, making their descendants' viable surrogates. But in all your knowledge if your soul is wiped you cease to exist.

Do you see this I said while pointing to Zelda?  He nodded with an interest he wanted to know. " She is a living computer she is alive like you and me she has her own free will, Unlike the AIs you create that, are just some living Data and could easily be wiped if memories make a Human, a Human then it means if I wiped that he will be doll no he still be a human that will still able develop memories and his own free will.

But If I do the same with an AI it will be nothing

and the clones you create are nothing more than puppets to be in your control even after having all the memories of Original No you can't create life without two alive life forms conceiving it there is science behind it just you don't understand. But unlike your clones, she is alive and dead at the same time she lacks the spark of a soul of her own. She needs that and if you provide it will live like you and me like Jean she will be her own person not like the Golems you created. giving the spark to Madelyne, granting her a life force she will be her own.

Like you, you think when you change bodies you think you are just transferring your consciousness but no it's the Soul that is going with it that you transfer why do you think Death didn't come to you in a world where if you look you will find Death God walking around it's just your soul has learned to survive unlike mortal souls that is the body is gone you're gone no it's not like this if you want you could live forever as universe didn't put an age tag on you but he put a limit on them their bodies and surpassing those limits is not that hard as if humans did do this colonialism, war, and developing Weapons of their own extinction they could easily live thousands of years but like most species, they are flawed and don't see the big picture our logic for them is a mad man's thoughts. This is true for most immortals they learn to survive.

So I can have her life just like the Original with her own personality, experience, and everything with it." I said while looking at her after Zelda did inspecting the Golden Sentry Serum I have her Scan Madelyne also so I can put some better genetics in her after all Zelda can do this for 5 to 6 people before she runs out of charge and then go in charge mode so doing with one will be very easy and it will not take more than 2 days before she will be her current power level again.

As Eye of Agamotto does not have a battery on its charger like Arc Reactor it channels the mystical energies to power up Zelda. But after getting her nearly 52 percent it can't go up as it's not strong enough to channel more energy.

Once all is said and done I put her intubation tube in my dimension as it is the safest place to summon Phoenix.

Darkseid: "Now you will be going with me as your obsession with Grey and Summers has made you a forceful part of the family. After all, you are all over the place when it comes to both families' histories." I said while hovering him into the force field while I also throw golden sentry serum in my dimension. After I was done hovering up on the ground while ignoring who now people were staring at Essex. I then boom tube to our next Location while creating a force field around the whole town as I am sure GOVT will come here after the BOOM.

Time skip

So we were done with picking up most of the Members of the Summer family now we are at our second last stop outside of a nuclear facility in Alamogordo, New Mexico, as I was entering the area Guards came running towards us. I was hovering in the air and behind me is all the Mutants that are with me on this journey then Both Parents, Essex, Fontanelle Gloria Dayne long aunt of Philip even as a aunt who is younger than Philip Summers who is the Grandfather of Summers family Deborah Summers and they also able to Identify me just by some glance and here we are pick last alive member of Summers family.

Alex: "What are we doing here in public you know you must be declared a State if not the world Terrorist"

Darkseid: "You do know  I had just massacred at least a billion people of a race that has the technology of Type 5 civilization while also giving them a warning I will wipe everything to every last atom if they didn't give me a good reason to let them live. Do you think I care about some corrupted people thinking too highly of themselves and what they can do the most? Nuke me, I can eat that in my launch. Maybe you don't know the laser they fired at me was powered by a mini singularity and Dyson Sphere? you didn't feel that because they created it so it could be highly concentrated while reducing the damage done to the planet. so even a single speck of heat doesn't go out of radios damage. Now, do you really think I care about them?"

I said while glancing at them and I saw what I thoughts all of them are in fear besides some who had now known how much I didn't give a fuck. while those who affect had a hard time controlling it as and most of the X-man now realized what they had just witnessed before was a genocide of a race. and how monstrous I am not to be affected by even that. As I move forward and anything that comes in front of me turns into liquid and dies. and one minute later when everyone's minds were settled down while we continued to move forward it was nearly evening.

Darkseid: "We are here to pick someone very ancient in the Summers family we are here to pick our lovely great-great grandmother Right, Essex,"  I Said while looking at them as everyone's mouths were wide open after getting to know this, especially Summers's family, after all, it was a shock for them. 

Darkseid: Why are you so shocked longevity is no big thing after all we had three people with us who are even older than her Essex himself is nearly two hundred years old then there is Logan who is nearly 250 and he had fought in all major wars and world wars of current history he even fought beside Captain America then there is oldest of us Raven Darkhölme nearly 300 years old. I said while continuing to move down was a big area after all this place had experimented on thousands of mutant children.

I also shut down the whole facility now one is going out or coming in. I also vaporize anyone who came in front of me. This place was worse than any weapon X program I thought while glancing at them.   

Now, this was more shocking for all of them. Especially for two Logan who didn't remember anything now getting to know he is that old and fought in wars and as for Raven now everyone was shocked even though only a handful of people knew her true age and all of them are Cosmic beings like the man that even now watching me. while Raven was looking at me with great interest as her true age was her greatest secret.

Darkseid: "Essex, why don't you tell them your side of the story? I am sure it's a long way and you know that very well don't you" I said while moving forward as everyone once again put their own thoughts aside and also looked at him.

Essex: "You can't blame me for that. I can't let such a great chance slip from my hands," He said with his usual smile as everyone glared at him so he could stop playing games and look at the glares Sigh... he sighs and speaks again.

Essex: "Some of you may know The Black Womb Project" Some nodded as rage appeared in the eyes of Erik, Charles, and even Raven while the younger didn't have any clues so ignoring the looks he continued. " I entered into an arrangement with Mueller where she married a man and became pregnant, then feigned miscarriages so that I could take these mutant infants and study their genetic material. And Mueller was well compensated for her efforts. Believe me it was no small money.

Essex: "This cycle continued for a long but after some decades she was found out and declared the Black Womb killer. our ties broke then Because of her mutation, Amanda was extremely long-lived. Just some Decades ago The Black Womb Project was a secret government research project based in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Its main purpose was to research the genetics of mutants and study thousands of mutant children."

Essex: " I was spearheading the project with Dr. Amanda Mueller, and neither one was worried about the morals of it. Officially, Amanda Mueller was the head of the project, but I never miss an opportunity to collect genetic data on mutant DNA so you know."

Essex: " Amanda Mueller is no saint herself and was as ruthless a scientist. Mueller was born in the 19th century with a genetic mutation that allowed her to age slowly. She was married to Daniel Summers at one point, which makes her the ancestor of the Cyclops, Havok, and Vulcan. but recognition doesn't stop there because Brian Xavier and Kurt Marko were both on the Black Womb Project team as well. If these names sound familiar, it is because they are the fathers of Charles Xavier and Juggernaut, respectively. As part of the research team, they allowed Mueller and Me to perform experiments on their kids.

Essex: "Don't look at me like that Raven as even your so-called dead soul mate was part of this Irene Adler was the archivist for the project. She was also known as Destiny. And these are just known names. There are thousands of people who were born in multiple generations who were part of this project funded by ever-changing human Governments and rich people. So it was a pretty big project and it all started with Governments, Rich, Great-Great Grandmother of Scott, and of course Me" Siad Essex.

Which shocked everyone as even I don't know full knowledge as it was one of the most controversial things to happen to mutants just near the Genosha Mutant massacre killing more than 16 million mutants, The Mutant Registration Act, Operation: Zero Tolerance which had Prime Sentinels that looked like humans and received government permission to capture or kill all mutants, The Weapon X Program even I am part of this kidnapping buying the mutant children living around the world then experimenting on in hopes of perfect weapon that will kill mutants. M-Day was caused by the sexy Red witch's unstable mind and with 3 words she stripped 91.4% of the world's mutants of their powers. They are No More Mutants, The Purifiers' Killing Of Depowered Mutants, then there are whole timelines where most mutants died. They are The Days Of Future Past Timeline and The Age Of Apocalypse Timeline in which all hope dies.

But Now nothing like this going to happen here when Daddy Darkseid is here what Some Sentinials can do against me and even Zelda I can't have them killing my 16 million mutants soldiers even if it's hard to believe but Zelda is the strongest Computer out there she is even advance then Celestial Tech because she comes from fourth world were Gods are bigger than even the Multiverse and if she had a connection with the Source she could alone able to one Shoot the Beyonders but she can't which is a disappointment but not that big as there is no point in becoming super God from the start no I want to enjoy this still she is an ever-evolving living computer so she can intricate any tech in her no matter how far in future or whose it is.

The Mutant Registration Act, Operation: Zero Tolerance fuck you I am here. The Weapon X Program next I will handle while also conquering every secret organization in this world, Sexy Red Witch just needs some training and an immortal daddy to control her. and if time remains I will travel within those timelines and everything will be fixed. I thought as we reached our destination in front of me was a large slab of metal but unlike my old one, this was made of a cheap copy of Adamantium, its Carbonadium. This is less durable than true adamantium, but still nearly indestructible for them. This is highly radioactive and a very small amount, if ingested, has proven capable of dramatically slowing down the healing factor. but there is a limit. Now I know its structure I can create unlimited amounts of it.  I thought while completely deconstructing on Subatomic levels. turning all of it into nothing but quarks that they were before this. 

As I walked inside the whole area was filled with ready guards who will be fired at us but like everyone their bodies were trembling There is many scientists of all ages trembling in fear as now my face is all over the world this was the main lab so it was filled with gore and all gore come from Mutant babies' Head, Eyes, Blood, Bones, Skeleton, Skin, whole bodies alive or dead inside glass tubes that was filled with blue liquid. 

In the center of it all, she was laying on a big bad chair that was very advanced, monitoring everything in her body with more than 5 blue liquids attached to keep her alive providing her everything needed to be alive she looked husk without mussels just bones that sees so fragile that a kid can break them she looked more of a monstrosity than the beauty she was in her past. This happens to the human body when 

longevity renders her essentially Immortal but not immune to the effects of Aging so her age continued to show and affect her appearance over time and now she looked like this. So regeneration is what someone needs to live longer, not longevity. 

Darkseid: "It's something to see you again." I said as she looked at me and then behind me her eyes were wide open because she was all her family, if it could be called a family. As Essex who just gave her a smile like his usual behavior. 

Amanda: "So you're finally here, it's so long since I last saw you, and when I saw you I was the one who told you Sinister about you but like every Stupid Human they were afraid of what you can do and here we are and How right they were but you didn't come alone your brought the whole family and even Sinister so what are doing here I am Sure Gods like you have much to do" 

Darkseid: "For sure I have but first I want a family meeting and even if you are not what humans describe a member and I am doing this because I need some simple answers that even with my infinite Wisdom I can't get Answer or the human side is not ready to hear the truth but what even the case is It I need the answer and If I want something I will have it even if I had to snatch them from hands of Death itself." I said while reversing her aging effects on her but only temporarily. 

I didn't give her time to even react to what happened to her before putting her in the force field while I didn't give her the freedom of moving a single inch. "Don't think I did to you no I will give you worse death than you can imagine I did because I don't want anyone to vomit when they look at you and you don't die before this." 

I turned around and I saw their eyes were bloody even Charles's with so many bodies of you kids and from all the stores so seeing my chance I spoke again. 

Darkseid: Eric. 

Import to read

So some if not all poeple dont know, Apocalypse is the smartest when it comes to genetics and Mutant X Gene most of you think he is all because of Celestial tech but you should know he is frist born mutant with thousands of years experience with it anf if you count his money he will be trillionaire as he was a farrow of Egypt, and you can imagine rest if it in fact, any true older person with enough brain will have enough money to put Tony stark in shame.

Now he is using Celestial for years imagine we gave him a cave man our tech he can use it but can't explain how it works and how its do so he be called smart or dumb this is what Apocalypse place and he can use frist because he got knowledge from a Celestial but remember he is using it for thousands of years and he had learned it even if he can't explain it like how many of you explain what internet is.

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