1 CHAPTER 1 Just Another day as a Mad Overpowered Conquer hellbound on killing all Life

Before Death.

"My name is Emi and I am 28yr old. I lived a decent life had loving parents got a degree got a boring job . Then when I was 25 both my parents passed away in an accident".

Although I was Sad my father on his death bed told me "I have lived my life to its fullest it's your time, do what you want, and when you die make sure don't have any regret"

Well, I was a fan of MMA sports so I learned MMA fighting. And I also became a UFC fighter. I gained fame, money everything a person can ask for I also did pretty shady and dark things. I used all my free time watching anime, manga, and Movies. Also, I was a playboy so I got all girls I wanted.

Well, life was good until one day during my first ever championship fight an accidental punch caused serious injury. My manager told me that I should stop the fight or else I can get permanent damage. I still continued the fight and won but as soon as the fight finished I collapsed. I was taken to hospital but still died. But I died with a smile on my face because I did not have any regret. I fulfilled my dream of becoming a champion.


I was in front of an old man. That old man did not have anything extraordinary about him. But I know that if that old man wants he can eradicate me with just a thought.

But I was not afraid of him. The reason is somehow I know that this old man will not hurt me it's just the intubation I have.

MC," So who are you old man"

God," You can call me God, Creator, Supreme being whatever you like"

MC," Ok god so I guess I am dead then"

God," You are taking the news pretty well "

MC," I don't have any regret left from my past life, I wanted to be a champ and I became one"

God," Yes you created a world record in MMA"

MC," Really"

God," Yes your Reign lasted for 1hr and 25 min, the shortest recorded in history"

God laughed and MC's face turned black.

God," But you made me admire when you chose to fight at the risk of your life"

MC, " Thanks I guess"

God, "ok enough with this. Let me explain to you your situation"

MC, " Let me guess you are going to reincarnate me"

God, "Smart one, yes but you don't have the luxury of getting wishes nor do you have a chance to decide where you will go it all be decided by" "Snap" as the old man snaps 3 giant planet-size wheels appear beside the old man. "Wheels of Fate and Destiny"

Mc: "So the generic terms

1 wheel for place

2 wheel for character

3 spins for a cheat/ golden finger right"

God, " definitely a Smart one, yes so do you want me to do it or would you like to do it?

Mc: "I will do it it's my fate my choice." I said as I will to the first wheel to spin and it started to spin There are so many names on the wheel like one piece, Naruto, high school dxd, fate, MHA, one punch man, & so much more. There are games like DND, the world of warcraft, GTA, and Overwatch; there is so much more. Likes of Marvel, Dc, image, so much.

So wheel spinning and spinning for I don't know how much time. So it's getting slow. It's slowly stopping on Marvel.

A fully messed up world for me to go without having anything I could die at any time as once I will be there it will not be a comic anymore where no one truly dies. So it is nothing more nothing less only marvel which reality who knows let's just wait and hope for good I thought while looking at the next wheel.

God: So marvel doesn't know if you got lucky or unlikely as power gain is easy if you got the balls and will to do it now onto the next.

I nodded and spin the next wheel that has billions of characters' names on it. so here it is. So I spin the wheel, it's spinning and spinning, and spinning it down on Darkseid Avatar with everything Darkseid carries himself with.

Fuck that is one hell of an OP character anywhere I can think of even if it's not true from Darkseid it's still op and I getting his weapon plus fucking mother Box. Hahaha, yes, something to work with. With this, I can become one of the top 10 most powerful in Marvel. Yes, thank gods/goddess of luck hahahahha

God- well, Yong men, your luck has worked well. So let's finish it with your cheat.

Mc- Yeah, let's end with something good, please fate so I spinn the last wheel & it's spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning its Stop at Traveling System.

Mc- this is something new I don't read or hear in fanfictions, I thought. So I asked God what is this.

God- well, young men, it's a system that helps you travel in the multiverse after you reach a set power level it also gives you your own space a pocket dimension that can grow stronger and bigger with your power of short.

Mmm, nothing much but still pretty useful. I thought.

God: Well everything is set in motion but before you go I will like to inform you of some things. And the first thing is it will be transmigration you will not be full-on reincarnation.

God: Second you will not only going to get the Darkseid body and powers but also his will inherit Darkseid's will or consciousness or essence whatever you call and also you also receive the memory of the being your will replace with.

God: So three of you will combine and become a new you but don't worry it's not like it will change things you will still be you but this time with two more different life experiences.

Mmm, I nodded after hearing him it's not that I still have to control Darkseid's darker problems of ending all life & replace them with parademons. But it's not like I am against conquering Omniverse and corrupting beauties and getting them for myself.

Plus I will get his Wisdom, Will, Experience, and his vast knowledge about everything. I thought. As the old man saw me nodded so he continues.

God: And the last thing is that you will be mutant as I can't just pass you in that multiverse without invoking the wrath of Cosmic beings upon you and have you dead before you are even born which I dont want as I am watching you. So as mutants are anomalies and neural sources of power and with my some handy work they will think you are a natural born that goes beyond their expectations.

Like Wanda Maximoff or Jean Grey.

Mc: Mmm that's a great old man I don't want to die so soon either So thank you for doing this.

God: hahaha haha no problem kid you can say I also don't want to go through all this again. So let's end here. He said and I nodded.

Then "Snaps" he snaps I felt sleepy and I lost consciousness.

3rd Person Pov.

God: Well that looked a pretty promising kid hope he entertains me better than the last one who died so so soon plus he got pretty promising power and personality.

As we see a white room with blood and scratch marks on white walls without any windows or any facilities.

On the steel bed without any mattresses with chains attached to a young man, we see a fragile man with many deep cuts on his body he was so skinny that his muscles were cant be seen by human eyes only small bones.

He has his one eye missing while his left leg was bent the other way around which shouldn't be possible by normal means continuously blood was leaking from his severe wounds that looked so bad that even flies will avoid it if they will be in the room.

And he looked no older than 40 which shows how cruel can humanity be. And if we looked deep enough he looked dead more than alive. As even his heart seems to give up on him as it was slowing down. But then "Boom" (energy dispersion around the world) he opens his eyes and his heartbeats increased like a locomotive as new energies of unknown origins flew into his body changes started to take place in the room.

"Aaaaaaa Aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa" as you man's body was transforming not just from outside but everywhere to his every molecule every atom and subatomic level. As if his old body mind and soul were gone and now reforming itself into something better or itself and worst for the world the Universe the Multiverse the Omniverse something this world has never seen or will see.

And at the same time, we go to a Far-Far away area in front of us was a giant mansion where we can see many many kids with some adults were running around doing their own things but they were not doing normally like some walk on water while some controlling it some we're burning floating some we're floating other things some don't even look humans as they have different color skin and looks and so on.

In the mansions underground we see in a giant door with a big X on it and inside the room, we see 4 people one was a young handsome man with handsome looks with a body of an athlete wearing red glasses. much better than the man we saw before. Looking at the man beside him him

He was also a handsome man with a bald head wearing a helmet that was attached to a machine. He was looking in front of him even if nothing was there. He was sitting in a highly advanced wheelchair.

And his other side was an extremely beautiful woman with White Long Hair,  and sea Blue Eyes, she has an extremely attractive figure with Blackish Skin. She has a slender, curvy body, with strong, toned legs, a very nice torso with a blend of muscularity and femininity, as well as a large bust and strong arms. She is wearing a white costume with a cape attached to her hands and long boots. She looked like a Goddess. She stood nearly 5' 11, and 127 lbs.

And behind 3 of them stands one more beauty, this beauty has the appearance of a beautiful Caucasian woman who appears in her late thirties. She has gorgeous, velvet red long hair and shimmering emerald green eyes. Her skin is a gorgeous blend of fair and tan. She has a slender, curvy body, with strong, toned legs, a very nice torso with a blend of muscularity and femininity, as well as a large bust and strong arms. She has perfectly vibrant lips, a small nose, and delicately gorgeous eyelashes. She is 5'6" and 115 lbs and is very graceful, yet firm in her movements. she is wearing a full green costume with green boots with yellow stripes on them.

And as the man was looking in front of him "Boom"

energies of unknown origins pass through only registered by very high and special level equipments and people with a high level of energy manipulation.

Or a high-level mutant that is an Omega-level telepath. "Aaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaa" as the man in the wheelchair started to scream in pain and seeing this all three people reacted intently.

"Professor Professor what happens?

Asked the lady with white hair while others try to shake him but it was useless as no matter what they do the man continued to scream in pain.

And seeing this other woman had no chance as she put her hand on her mind and fry the technology circuit in the room she turn off the machine and everything shut down beside the light.

As the man stops screaming and sees this they sign in relief as the man who runs away comes with a blue money bear man with a glass of water.

As they give him the water and the man drinks it in one go as his breathing became normal.

"What happened there professor why are you in so much pain?" asked the blue furry man.

"Something that I never felt before something that shouldn't be existed in the first place so much range and power a Mutant has just awakened his power and it was so vast and endless that I never felt before not even in Jean's or Wanda's case before."

"He far surpasses anything before something if walks on the wrong path he can destroy everything on his way and his anger and pain were so much that I felt I will die and I was inside only for some seconds before his mind kicked me out." said the professor with trembling body in fear.

And seeing and hearing from the man the other 4 don't look anything good but they don't have as much fear as Professor.

"So should we prepare jet Professor after all he just announced his arrival and I am sure now most of the world knows this." Said the woman wearing a green costume.

"Yes, Jean do it at this instead and informs our most powerful people they will go with us as I am sure now Stark, Reed, Shield, Hydra, Brotherhood with Magneto and Hellfire and most of the government, know about this and they will be there. So let's go. He said as she nodded and run away fast while both following her.

"And Ororo activates all the emergency protocols I don't want to leave children defenseless in our absence," said the man to the white-haired woman.

And we get to know that White hair Woman is Ororo Munroe or should we call Storm Beautiful Windrider, Goddess, Weather Witch while another Woman is Jean Grey or should we call Marvel Girl,

Cute Tomato, White Phoenix of the Crown.

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Samuel L. Jackson's appearance was used as a design reference for the character Nick Fury.

Before the films for the Marvel cinematic universe were made, Nick Fury's earliest concept art already had an uncanny resemblance to Samuel L. Jackson. When Samuel himself saw this resemblance, he immediately contacted his lawyers and Marvel Studios to secure his roles for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic films. 


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