175 An Abundance of Women's Gold Hairpins! Is this a Princess's Tomb? (1)

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"Greetings, Brother Chao!"

"Greetings, Sister Honey!"

Luo Feng was overwhelmed; why did so many big shots show up?


The platform invited them over to attract even more traffic to my event?

Otherwise, I definitely would not have the influence to bring them in myself.

Wait a minute...

My net worth now is around 20 billion now, right?

I should stop being so humble.

I'm rather popular within the wealthy social circle now, anyway.

With this in mind, Luo Feng was no longer surprised.

"Host, start the raffle! Why all the chatter?"

"Are you fawning over these big shots just because they've appeared before you? You're not usually like this!"

"Haha, what a bootlicker!"

In truth, after glancing at the messages the big shots had sent him, Luo Feng realized that it was not him fawning over them, but rather the roles were reversed, and they were trying to get in his good graces instead.


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