1 CHAPTER 1: As a Noble!

" Close the eyes, you will see the meaning of life" I muttered in the cold and darkroom. There was absolutely nothing in this room. It only had cold and darkness.

"I died. " I laughed even though I didn't have any physical body or I could feel anything. There was only me, here and there was nothing here.

" What an average life " I muttered with a nostalgic thought. I was trying to think about my life before I died. It was a simple and boring life. I grew up in the average family and friends. I didn't have outstanding hobbies and talents, just a simple and cowardly kid.

" I'm really a coward! " I thought back with a smile.

I wanted to be a villain and I wanted to open my darkest desires. I just wanted to have break other people. In reality, I had an inferior complex and a wimpy kid who was crippled by the irregular disease.

" If there is next life, I will live without regrets "I muttered as I felt tears flowed from my eyes even though they did not exist. I felt desperate feelings and my mind was messed up.

Suddenly, I felt tired and my consciousness went to eternal sleep or that's I thought.


" Ahhh " I screamed due to the massive headache of my head. I felt unimaginable pain that wandering around in my brain. It hurt me a lot.

I opened my eyed as I looked at around. I saw the fancy furniture and classic paintings. The room was elegant and neat on many levels. It also had unique wall paintings.

My gazes wandered around the room as I inspected the room in the details. The bed I was lying on was very big and the was made with the finest material which looked expensive. I could tell from the single glance because it's emitted an aura like ' Looks, I'm expensive '.

' Did I transmigrate? ' I muttered. That was only logical reasoning and I could feel the pain in the daylight so I was pretty sure that I was dreaming. I knew that I was dead and I could even retell how did I die.

I stood up and I felt a little bit of dizzy so I leaned over the bed. I went in front of a full-body mirror and I was surprised by my appearance.

' Oh! I look handsome. ' I muttered as my hands touched my face and my body. I was wearing a simple white shirt with trousers. I had a bandage on my head. It wrapped around my head skillfully.

I had black curly hair with crystal blue eyes. I had a flawless face and my face looked gentle and caring person vibe. I inspecting my new appearance as my head felt a sudden headache. My height was around 173 centimeters and my body looked slim.

A lot of new memories entered into my brain or it would be more correct, my memories came back.

My name was ' Altum Haming' and I was born in the Noble Family which held a lot of power in the Kingdom. At the same time, my mother was Royal so I was half-royal but I was not in the line of succession of the throne. Because ' Hamming ' was the father's family name. But still, the fact would not change that I had a Royal bloodline.

' What a wonderful life. I transmigrated in the Fantasy World ' I muttered as I suddenly laughed loudly.

" Hahaha. What a blessing. " I laughed like a madman as I felt the pain in my stomach.

" Young Master, did something happen? " I asked a woman's voice. As I looked in the direction. I found a beautiful woman who wore a beautiful maid dress. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes. Her height was around 187 centimeters and she looked very gorgeous with her roundly ass and medium breasts with beautiful curves. She had a mole beside her left eye, and she looked cold and cruel woman. But she looked worried. Her age was around thirty years and she looked like a twenty.

" Nothing. Mira. I just thinking how lucky I'm " I replied to her with a smile.

" Yes Young Master. I already contacted the master that you're awake. " Mira said as she bowed her head and prepared to leave but I stopped her.

" Mira, you're beside me since the day I was in this world. Correct? " I asked her and I sat on the bed. She was definitely a beautiful woman. Of course, I desired her. My older self may see her like a mother figure or big sister figure but clearly, I was not. Besides, the older me didn't show his feelings too much. He hid his feelings very well because he was designed to succeed this family by default. But I wasn't planning to become the family head of this family. I had half older-brother but his status was much more lower than me so I was the head of the house by default.

" Yes, Master. I have been beside you since the day you're in this world. I am proud of that. " Mira replied with a cold tone.

Of course, she was not an ordinary woman. She used to be Royal Guard Vice-Captain so she was extremely strong. Also, she used to be my mother's guard back in the day so my mother decided to recruit her for her newborn bodyguard. My mother was a little bit possessive toward me because I was only her son.

" I see. Will you do everything for me as a maid as a bodyguard? " I asked her with a smile. I looked at her intensely.


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