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Every DxD fan knows that there is only one pure blooded living Lucifer that is Rizevim livian lucifer but what if he had a brother who was a 18yr old high schooler in his previous life and by some chance of fate he became Cain livian lucifer. Follow cain as he becomes the strongest in DxD while enjoying life and giving hell to his enemies. This my first fanfic I am writing with preparation so give it a go. Thanks. Created a discord server join if you want the high quality enhanced pics or if you wanna ask some question about the fic. https://discord.gg/9bHCngP74Y

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Planning a walk in the Vatican

Third person POV

In the castle of the lucifer a maid with black hair and stoic face can be seen walking eagerly towards the place her lord is generally at this time. If one looks carefully they can see the maid is in a state of panic under the stoic mask. She walks briskly and reaches infront of a door and knocks it.

A charming voice of a boy answers " Come in."

Getting the permission the maid walks inside the room and looks at her lord and like a vampire dying from sunlight all her worries die instantly seeing her lord fine.

"What happened Vanessa why are you sweating did something happen ?"

The maid, Vanessa didn't answer for a while then spoke "My lord the servants who were responsible for checking the perimeters of the castle found 3 bodies of devils killed and thrown in the forest behind the castle."

"Oh they did. Well there is nothing to be scared of ,maybe some fools ventured into the forest and got lost and then got killed by one of the beasts in the forest."

" But my lord you also sometimes go into that forest for hunting tge demonic beasts. If the beasts can kill three adult devils than it can harm you too."

"Calm down Vanessa I am much stronger than any average adult devil and there is no demonic beast stronger than me in the forest. The devils who got killed be must be some weaklings. You don't need to worry about me. On the other hand you should sometimes go out with Grayfia in the forest and get some combat experience by hunting the demonic beasts."

Hearing the logical answer from Cain, Vanessa calmed down and was about to leave until her eyes landed on a shiny dagger.(Image here)

She asked "Where did you that dagger my lord."

"Found it in the basement of the castle it was lying there on some table thought I could use a weapon."

"My lord didn't I and Melissa warn you not to enter the basement."

"Indeed you both did but just because you warned doesn't mean I have follow your warning do I?"

Hearing that Melissa was taken aback as her lord generally listened to her and Melissa this was one of the few times she had seen him using his authority of a lord. Looks like her lord is growing fast.

After that Vanessa left the study and Cain went to reviewing the documents of the clan lucifer and the business it had in the human world and he had one thing to say the money that the clan gained through the human world was ridiculous and he had to manage all of that because he was the heir. All of this was previously managed by the house of Lucifuge but now that there are heirs to the house of lucifer Gerhard just appeared on my 13th birthday and dumped all this paper in my study and called it a birthday gift.

After sometime Cain put the paper back and simply sat there looking out of the window. The underworld had no system of day and night the sky was eternally purple. The only way to keep track of the time was to look at a watch.

Looking outside Cain started talking to himself.

Cain POV

" It's been 13 years since my birth. I have grown in multiple ways physically, emotionally and mentally. This world has changed me a lot. This is a world of be killed or be a killer and I chose to be the latter. I have thought multiple times about the plot but I have watched only the anime and read some fanfics about DxD so my knowledge is limited and the current year being centuries behind of the cannon the plot doesn't matter much to be honest."

"The 3 devils in the forest were killed by me yesterday. I was hunting since beasts and they tried to ambush me but failed miserably and me who has decided to be a killer not be killed, sent the 3 foolish devils to their death. And after killing that I felt nothing looks like my mind has changed after becoming a devil. Normal human morals don't apply to me."

"I still wasn't able to figure out the one behing the attack but they will reveal themselves sooner or later as I foil all their attempts on my life. I also went into the restricted area of the library of the castle and found many books but the books were weird. It was like they resonated with my bloodline and whispered in my ears about devils and killing all other supernatural beings but I kept my head straight and went deeper and found a secret entrance in the library."

"It connected with the basement and just as I entered the basement the weird feeling disappeared looks like the restricted books in the library had some sinister dark magic imbued in them forcing anyone with devil blood to become more and more evil. It probably only gives a way not alters their personality like Rizz even after spending years in there daily only has his ideology changed and he didn't become a complete maniac."

"Anyways the basement is huge and even after exploring it for hours without stopping I found no end to it. I found this dagger inside and it looked cool so I bought it out with me. Melissa and Vanessa told me that there are some dangerous items in the basement which can kill even ultimate class beings but I doubt it and even I there is such a thing it will be in the deeper part not the top part."

Nothing much has changed much in the past year but other than sleeping with two beautiful womans daily, I also managed to make Grayfia drop her cold facade around me but only when we both are alone. It happened after I talked to her like a friend not like a lord she was supposed to serve and after a few training sessions and telling her that I also like maids we hit it off. She literally had stars in her eyes when she was talking about maids and with that i managed to get past the Ice Queens emotionless mask and make her act normal around me but she still has that mask when other are present.

Other than that I finally managed to reach low ultimate class in combat power while my energy reserves have reached high ultimate class due to me emptying them almost daily.

And Rizz had asked me If i had free time. Looks like he need to talk to me about something I can feel it in my balls that it is something bad for me so I need to make sure that this time I repay I kind.

I called Grayfia using a magic circle. She appeared by teleporting inside my study.

" Greetings lord lucifer, you called for me."

" Ah, yes Grayfia i had job for you. I need you to go talk to Euclid and tell him that you are not satisfied with me being your lord show him that you do not like me."

" Pardon me Cain but why would I do that. I am quite happy with you as my liege."

She stared talking to me as Cain not lord but she is still to green when it comes to underhanded plots.

" Just go and do it you will come to know what will happen at a later date when the time is right."

" Fine just explain to me your schemes at a later date."

She went after that and I was thinking of how will Rizz react to this will he take the bait or not. If he accepts the bait and tells her about his plan even superficially it will be enough to make enough counterplays.

I need to give him a warning that you can't expect me to stay silent if you attack. Well I hope this time it will be enough for him. He is still my blood related brother in this world I had no other family members in my previous life so I will prefer I have not to kill him but I after this he still doesn't understand I will unfortunately end his life.

Third person POV

After that everything went well and Rizz took the bait. Grayfia's acting is really well. And the plan he made was ridiculous. He wants to go inside the vatican in the main church and search for documents about the great holy war. Is he out of his mind if we get caught accidentally we will die and restart the war again. But if we succeed I can get a proper proof that God is dead and if I am lucky I can get some notes on how to deal with divinity as all other powers have a way to be dealt with but divinity is very troublesome. Let's hope that Big G had a way of that.

With that me and Rizz planned about the trip which was bordering on the line of reinstigating the war maybe he want's it but in the end me Rizz ,Grayfia and Euclid are going.

Well let's see what you have planned for me my dear brother.

AN:- This is the new chap. The MC finally goes out for his first adventure and it is in Vatican. Oh the irony. In the next chapters there will be some action and interaction between MC and Grayfia. And Rizz will get a nice warning to not mess with the MC.

Also the pic of dagger was provided by Mr.Cuak. Thank you Mr. Cuak for supporting te story so far.

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