7 First day at Kuoh! Pt 1

On the way to school, Arthur received many looks from the people around Kuoh, some with awe, some with confusion and some ... with a fair amount of hatred. To be fair, the man was going around on a ninja h2 without a muffler and considering that it was 8 in the morning and most hadn't fully woken up yet, it also didn't help the fact it was Monday.

Arthur was following the directions that his phone was showing him. After 13 minutes of riding at a reasonably slow pace, the school could be seen from his point of view in the distance and the first thought that entered his head was 'fucking hell..its so big!'. Arthur young master Liones had arrived!

Arthur POV

I rolled into the school's car park on my bike, revving loudly, before coming to a stop in a spot designated to motorbikes. I could feel my body react to the intense stares and a slightly shivered, thought it was not noticed by anyone. However there were two stares I cared the most about 'Jesus, I'm actually quite nervous to meet them!' One being Sona Sitri, heir to the Sitri clan and number two being the queen of said heiresses peerage, Tsubaki Shinra.

I got off my motorbike and removed my helmet and place it on my bikes seat 'and now, the curtain rises'. I turned around slowly, observing the eyes of the people stealing glances and staring at me, whilst running a hand through my hair '*chuckle* good first impression? CHECKKKKK!' I carried on viewing the people around my 'yes, yes, notice your king hahaha! Kiba! I'm coming for you and your undeserved title! No! fuck the title of prince..OR king for that matter! Why be a king, when you can be a GOD!'

Let it be know that before I was reincarnated, I was a solid 7-7.5 in the looks department But now? HAH! Incomparable. Simply incomparable! After becoming a high human, my skin cleared up, now looking like porcelain! The features of my face got sharper and my muscles more defined! I was now a little 9-9.5, at least! So now I am a pretty boy with silky golden blonde hair, emerald green eyes and a muscular build!

I observed the crowd once more. And then I saw the stares of the two people I cared about the most in the crowd, Sona and Tsubaki. The two were beautiful, much more then described in the light novel and more than shown in the anime. Sona was a somewhat short bespectacled young woman with a bob cut and violet eyes that suited her cold calculating look perfectly,maybe 5ft 5, with a slim but fine figure! She had well rounded hips and and gorgeous thighs, not to mention her smooth porcelain skin.

Tsubaki on the other hand was taller than sona, being around 5ft 8. She had silky long black hair with split bangs to accentuate her lovely features, this included her gorgeous heterochromic eyes and smooth porcelain skin just like Sona. She also had a lovely figure, her long milky white legs and good chest size completing her beautiful form.

Sona POV

My school day had started as usual, scolding at leats one of the perverted trio followed by me and my queen Tsubaki standing at the school gate awaiting the imminent arrival of all the students that attend at Kuoh academy. It was going perfectly fine, or at least it had been until a thunderous engine which sounded like it belonged to a motorbike could be heard nearing the academy.

I had noticed many of the student looking towards the car park and the school gates, hoping to get a view of whoever was on the loud vehicle. Tickle my slightly surprised when I saw it was a man dressed in the Kuoh uniform with an overcoat arrive in the academy's car park on an expensive looking bike. I could hear the student mutter around me. From the boys I heard a lot of these types of comments.

Random boy 1- "Oh wow, look at the guys bike, it's so nice" the first boy muttered with envy.

Random boy 2-" yeah, he's even wearing our uniform, maybe it's a new kid" the second boy asked questioningly.

Random boy 3-"I just hope he's not some stuck up , pretty boy rich kid" that last boy said with a tinge of jealousy and hope.

And from the girls I could hear.

Random girl 1- "he's wearing our uniform! I hope he's good looking and kind! One girl asked with hope.

Random girl 2-"if he is, I'll be taking him for myself fufufu" this girl sounded...


Random girl 3-"His motorbike is really nice! Maybe he would ask me on a date and take me for a ride. The last girl said happily.

Meanwhile as sona was listening to the comments of the students, she was also thinking to herself 'I knew a new student was arriving some time this week, but who would've thought they would appear like this! Revving the engine of his vehicle just for attention. *sigh* just another problem to add to the pile, and a rich problem at that'

The boy then got of his bike and took of his helmet and placed it on the seat. He had golden blonde silky, slightly messy and wild hair. I was waiting for the boy to turn around so I could talk to him, introduce myself and comment on his loud arrival to the academy. And then he turned around, my eyes roamed his form, starting from the bottom and upward. 'At least he dresses nicely' I noted as I looked over his school uniform as well as his other clothing items and accessories, such as his belt, watch and shoes. And finally I arrived at the boys face. No, that is poor wording choice! This mans face! He had clear skin with sharp features, you could also see the outline of his muscles underneath his tight fitting shirt. He also had emerald green eyes that were glistening in the sunlight.

I turned to Tsubaki seeing her just as dazed and surprised as me. "We should go introduce ourselves Tsubaki" I said to my queen. Tsubaki quickly replied "yes president".

Me and Tsubaki made our way over to the new student joining the academy.

Arthur POV

I could see both Sona and Tsubaki making there way over to me. I roamed my eyes over the people still looking at me with curiosity and decided to smile to each person I looked at to give them a good first impression.

Sona and Tsubaki had confronted me after deciding to talk to me. I turned to look at both of them and smiled. "Good morning m'lady " I said to Tsubaki. I extended my hand towards Sona. She looked at my hand for second before extending her hand to connect it to mine, and when it did, I bent down and kissed the front of her hand and said "princess". I rose and looked her in the eye. I could see the unnerved expressions on both of there faces after me calling her by that title and rose my eyebrow in mock confusion.

"Good morning to you too Arthur, I am souna Shitori" I assumed she knew my name from looking at my file. Though what the file said I had no clue. Sona then carried on "May I ask why you called me princess?". I looked to her and replied "it is good manners to call a princess by her title, is it not?" After saying so, she froze up and they both took a step back, looking at me defensively. Seeing them both concerned, I followed up by concluding "After all, aren't you the student council president, second to only the headmaster of which In reference to the hierarchy table I would call the king or queen and you the princess?" I said this with a large grin on my face after seeing them both visibly deflate at me informing them on why I would could her by that title.

Sona looked at me with a slightly crooked smile "I suppose that is true. It seems you already know of me, may I ask how?" I looked at her with an innocent smile and said "it is on the website of the school with your picture and name. As to not cause any disrespect". I started saying to Tsubaki and thinking to myself. 'Hehe, I'm quite lucky I looked at the website during my relaxation with Nabe this morning or I wouldn't have had an excuse to pull this off. Though now I think about it, isn't it a massive safety risk to have her name and picture open for all to see on the website?' I thought to myself. "May I have the honour of knowing your name?" She looked at me whilst raising her hand towards me and replying "my name is a Tsubaki Shinra, student council Vice President" I close my hand over hers and kissed it as I did with sons and replied to her with a smile "A pleasure".

I noticed that a lot of the people who hadn't yet gone to class were now intently staring at the three of us, me in particularly, with shocked expressions. 'I only kissed Sona and Tsubaki's hand. So why are they looking at me like I just assaulted them?'

Sona noticing everyone's gazes decided to ask "How about we go to the student council room so I can give you your timetable?" I looked to her after taking my gaze of Tsubaki and the people around us "That sounds perfect President, lead the way" I gave a a kind smile to her. she turned away but not before nodding at me in confirmation.

TIMESKIP to student council room

The three of us had arrived to the student council room and I noticed everyone from the anime was here other than Saji. 'Hm I suppose he hasn't joined yet has he, he joins around the time Issei joined Rias'.

Sona walked to her desk at the end of the rook and sat down, I decided to sit opposite her. She was the one who decided to start talking, she pulled out a folder, I assumed this was my file, "Hmm, Arthur Liones, last school, redacted. Country of origin, UK. Residence, redacted. Family members, redacted. *sigh* there really isn't much information on you so there Arthur" I looked to her and hummed in confirmation "indeed, and truthfully I'd prefer it stay that way". Tsubaki and Sona both looked at me with a look of confusion but decided to move on. Sona then proceed to hand over my timetable and tell me where I would be going, she also mentioned that we would be in the same class.

Before I dismissed myself, I gestured towards the chess board on her desk and asked "do you play?" . Sona looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said "yes, do you?" I smiled and said "indeed, it was quite a common thing to play with my friends and family. I was brought up playing chess. My mother told me it was what all children of my stature should play. That it was a game amongst nobility to decide things and could be used to get things, or the opposite, get out of them *chuckle*" Though it was not the full truth, with that being my family and I generally liked to play it in our free time. I thought adding the nobility thing would increase the common ground between us and would be good to add a little interest to my back story for them ' heheh, this is quite fun actually' if in the future I needed to explain, I could just say my parents had a lot of money, we lived in London and played chess against people of equal stature as a few families in London were counted as nobility if they had enough influence and money. It is not the full truth but also not a lie.

Sona gave me a knowing look at me and we smiled at each other 'well that was fairly easy. Well then! Time to commence operation, Sonalicious'. Sona then said "if you'd like to, we can play some time." I quickly replied and said "sure, it would be quite enjoyable, and even though I haven't played for a while, I hope to serve as a memorable opponent for you Sona "

That was the end of our meeting, I left the room and headed towards my classroom. Even though it was the same classroom as Sona, she still had a little work to do, it was fine if she stayed in the student council room, according to her, she had express permission.

'One heiress down. onto the next I said with a chuckle to myself.

Tsubaki POV

I looked over to Sona who was still staring at the door Arthur had just left out of. "What do you think of him Sona?" She looked over to me and sighed. "He's nice, speaks honourably and likes chess, forced into it by his parents from a young age. He mentioned something about his mother and nobility. Me and him are quite similar"

'I would agree, apart from the fact we are devils and he is a normal human'

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