8 First day at Kuoh! 2/ meeting the crimson haired princess

Arthur POV

After leaving the student council room, I made my way to the classroom I was suppose to be set in. '*chuckle* I'm about to meet rias and Akeno! I wonder what they'll be like in real life!?'I carried on walking until I got to the classroom door. I took a calming breath inwards and released it.

'come on Arthur, you got this.' I said to myself, trying to reduce my nerves.

The class had started about 5 minutes before hand, so I knew I would be interrupting whatever was happening inside. I knocked on the door and waited a second, after a couple seconds, a large burly man opened the door, his eyes scanned over my face and to my surprise, he looked...jealous? Envious? And ...Hateful? 'What the fuck! why is he looking at me like that?' I thought to myself. After looking at me for a second he decided to speak to me and said "shouldn't you be in class young man? What can I help you with?" The annoyance in his voice very clear, not even trying to hold it in. 'Fucking knob' I thought to myself after hearing him.

"I'm the transfer student sir, my name is Arthur. A pleasure to meet you" I held out my hand for a handshake. The man looked at my hand with a condescending smile and shook my hand "indeed! I will step back into the class and will call you in when the class is ready" the teacher finished and started walking back into the classroom. "Cunt" I mumbled out with slight hatred emanating from my voice. After a minute I heard the teacher ask me to step in "please come in Arthur".

I opened the door and walked in with my hands resting in my coat pockets. Once making it to the front of the class, I kept my left a hand in my pocket and took out my right hand for a small wave towards the class. My eyes roamed the class and it was clear..so fucking clear! who the queens of the school were. Apart from the fact they were stunningly gorgeous! They release some sort of aura that said 'oi, lay on the floor, lick my feet and be a good boy. Know your betters!' I moved my eyes to the both of them as they were sat next to each other. 'Hehe a good opportunity to show my dominance'. I made eye contact with rias, whilst she looked at me with interest I simply raised an eyebrow at her with a slight frown before looking away disinterested. 'That must be a sucker punch to her ego'. I decided to talk to the class to reduce the curious atmosphere. "Hello..." was all I said. The teacher cleared his voice and said "maybe you'd like to introduce yourself as well?". I looked at him with a raised eyebrow and disinterest but decided to do so anyway. I did a 180 personality turn and decided to smile at them and introduce myself properly with a nice posh, noble attitude that I picked up from my parents when talking with guests.

"Hello, my name is Arthur Liones. I came from the United Kingdom to study here in Japan as I found the culture intriguing. I come from a wealthy family and we lived in London, however I decided to leave after I got enough money from my own business and turned 18. I now live here in the hills of Kuoh"

I kept up my modest facade and smile during the introduction to the class, even managed to pull off a few flexes here and there which I was quite proud of. I roamed my eyes throughout the class, of which the majority were females with only a few males and every so often looked at Rias and Akeno, the latter frowning slightly but still looking intrigued and the former looking at me with ...lust? 'Jesus Christ, she really doesn't hold back' I thought to myself. I made eye contact with Akeno and winked at her, I saw her smile widen a little and her eyes narrow slightly.

I then heard the teacher speak. "very interesting Arthur! Does anyone have an questions for him?" After the teacher spoke I saw quite a few hands pop up as I said "I'll accept only 3 question."

As I looked to a girl with a her hand raised, I nodded to allow her to ask a question. "Hi, my names Yuno." She said with a blush and continued "you speak Japanese very well and your voice also sounds very posh, is that something you picked up during your childhood?".

I thought about her question for a couple second, staying silent, trying to think of something to say involving my backstory for the new world. "Yes. It was required in my family to act and speak like so due to always having to host important guests and friends. I wasn't really allowed to do my own thing so I was never really with people that had my own childish tastes at that age. And even after coming to an older age, people only looked at me and saw my family name and...And not myself" I said with a sad smile looking at the floor before looking up to make eye contact with Yuno. I smiled once more and continued "That's why I came to Japan! To have some fun, get some friends and enjoy the rest of my teenage years before I have to carry on with my duties towards my family and no doubt thrust into a situation I'd rather avoid. *awkward chuckle* haha shi...oh sorry, pardon my language. *clears throat* I'm sorry for telling you my life story, got a little deep there. Swiftly moving on, next question please" I once more saw hands rise. But before picking someone I looked around the classroom to see there expressions to my life story, I focused on Rias to see her expression also. Colour me surprise when I looked and saw her with a gaping face with a look of shock on her face. Noticing me looking at her with a sad smile, she could only nod at me with the same sad smile on her face.

Looking around the classroom once more trying to see who to pick, I came upon a boy with his hand raised and an arrogant look on his face. I nodded towards him with a smile gesturing for him to speak. I saw him smirk and start asking his question "that's a pretty sad story bro, but erm, who?

'This guy must think he's some slick piece of shit. Give me another reason to fucking remove you from the face of the earth, trust me you cunt, I will' I decided follow along. I rose my eyebrow with a kind smile while tilting my head slightly "who what? I'm sorry, I don't quite understand." I saw a few people in the class grimace, including two beauties that had frowns on their faces, most likely knowing what was coming.

I saw the boys face rise, his grin almost elevating above his brows 'ughhh, don't cite the deep magic to me boy! I was there when it was written!' I thought to myself before seeing him reply "asked man, no one wanted to know your sob story man HAHAH".

I noticed a few girls gained frowns because of the boy and looked at me with worry on their faces. I then heard the teacher say in an angry voice "that is enough kazuma, that was extremely unnecessary" he was about to continue before hearing me laugh next to him, he looked to me with a confused face before I waved him off "Hahaha, its not necessary to scold him sir, he was only joking I'm sure!" I looked at him and carried on "huhuhu, that was a good one! I haven't heard that before! You'll have to teach me a few at some point maybe?" I said with a smile on my face, though on the inside I was infuriated 'mhm, imma fuck you up. Watch your back kid'.

The boy looked at me with a confused and irritated look but sighed and said "yeah sure man, whatever" I smile in return.

I decided to cut the questioning period short "teacher, how about we start class? I'm sure I've used enough of your time!" I said politely with a sincere smile. He smiled back and nodded "go pick any spot you like then Arthur".

I noticed the protagonist spot was open just to the left of Kazuma. I walked over to the spot near the window, took off my overcoat, hung it on the back of my chair, and put the bag I had on the floor. I looked at Kazuma and gestured for him to come closer so I could whisper to him, he looked slightly annoyed but did so anyway. When he was close enough, I out my hand on his shoulder with a firm grasp, I heard him let out a grunt of pain so I decided to speak "Pull that fucking shit on me again and I'll have you put down, you feel me 'bro'?" I spoke to him with a calm voice. He pulled away and looked at me shocked as he nodded. At his fear, I released a small smile and look forward again towards the teacher.

I saw rias turn around to look at me, I looked back at her in interest 'wow, she is incredibly hot! I really can't wait to get to know her more and find out what sort of person she is in real life.' We looked at each other for a while, just looking into each others eyes. I decided to show her a warm smile and for one in return. I looked back to the teacher again with Rias's gaze still on me, before pog she turned to the teacher as well.

'*sigh* this is going really well' I thought to my self. I then heard the teacher "right then class, let's get things going p, we're at a late start as it is!

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