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Otaku who want to be reincarnated in the world of One Piece, hm. Trying to go on an adventure in his second life, hm. Enjoy everything in the new world, hm. This is a synopsis, hm. Hm, that's it. ------- ^_^ ------- I am a beginner writer so don't expect too much. English is not my native language. This novel is just fan fiction and the only thing that comes from me is all the new characters and places that I have added. Cover is based on [ K - Yashiro Isana ] and [ Akatsuki no Yona-Kija ], I got the images from google and merge it. Just a try at the suggestion of my friend to create a ko-fi account and this is a pure donation without additional chapters. I want this fan fiction to be completely free, so it's really for those who want to donate to me. ko-fi.com/elpe_x


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