89 To improve power

Sabrina was facing the full view mirror as her own stylist was fixing her silver-red gown. The lower part of her gown has a resemblance of a dragon. It also has real sapphire and ruby stones attached but just few of it and few of it are rhinestones and its hard to detect if it was fake. Her hair was fixed into a messy bun with real sapphire stones attached on the pins.

Her makeup was light but she wore a red lipstick. She is also wearing the diamond earrings he bought for her when he came back from US just to match her silver part of the gown. She didn't wear any necklace as her earrings and ring is enough.

"Boss, you are so beautiful." Brandon couldn't help but to tear up from his master piece. And as he compares it to Gabriel, it was a perfect match. Gabriel stood and admire his loving wife. He reach his hand to her and she gracefully took it as she walk closer to him. "They look so perfect." Brandon said.


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