85 She watch every scene

She woke up, wash her face in the bathroom and then reach her phone. The message was from Veronica so she played the video and laughed when she saw how scared Marga was. It just made her day. She went to her gym and started her yoga poses.

It didn't take long when the butler came with a tablet on his hand.

"Lady Brina, a call from New York." The butler turned the screen where she could see her husband already in his pajamas.

She took it and the butler left. She went to her room and jump on the bed, lying flat on her stomach and admiring the handsome face of her husband.

"Hey wife, it looks like something keeps you in a good mood today."

"Something did. Plus you called so I couldn't help but to feel over joyed. But anyway, I can't wait for you to be home."

"In a few hours, my dear, the plane will land in the country."

"So you are already on board?"


"I'll pick you up later!"


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