Army of True Salvation (English) Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Army of True Salvation (English)


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It was an unexpected situation. They were just quiet, listening in class, then suddenly, the world changed. Zombie Apocalypse. Are you ready to survive, fight for your life, and strive in order for you not to die? Are you willing to carry a knife, hold a gun, and kill zombies even though they may be your family, friends, or someone you know? It's your choice. You may choose to survive or if you are too scared, you may choose to die and become a zombie. But if you have chosen to survive... You are already part of the "Army of True Salvation." ~ Credits to Janrae Mendoza for creating the book cover. Want to further show your support? Send me a ko-fi~! ^^ Link: https://ko-fi.com/mysticamy

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